Tennessee College Republicans from the Obama Generation to “The Debt Generation” … Welcome to Obama’s Generational Theft


Obama’s reelection bid is no longer and promises of “hope & change,” its about running on his record …

Barack Obama has pretty much disillusions ed every one that voted for him in 2008, no voting block more than the college age youth.  They have gone from the Obama generation in 2008 to the “DEBT GENERATION”. Watch the video below from the Tennessee College Republicans, aptly titled, ” The Debt Generation”. Check out the Debt Clock.

The Debt Generation

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

In 2008 more than 2/3 of America’s youth voted for Barack Obama; however, little did the naive college kids know that Barack Obama would hang them out to dry and create an out of control debt of political gifts that they would be responsible for. Many of them now regret that they ever voted for Obama. The One handed out gifts like Santa Claus; however, Santa does not charge you for the gifts he gives, Obama does. Fewer young voters see themselves as Democrats and unlike 2008, the Obama magic is gone. The bloom is off the rose and Obama is not perceived as “Hope & Change” but instead the same old, same old of an establishment politician.

Welcome to the “generational” theft of Barack Obama. The result, Obama has lost the luvin’ feeling of America’s youth.

UPDATE I: A blast from the past from Vanderbilt from 2009 … And the Obama gang thought we would just forget.


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    One Response to “Tennessee College Republicans from the Obama Generation to “The Debt Generation” … Welcome to Obama’s Generational Theft”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 28th, 2012 4:11 pm

      I feel sorry for these young people who were duped and taken in by lofty empty slogans in 2008.

      What a terrible lesson to be learned about politicians who will use any pretext to get themselves elected.

      Now all of us must pay the price for the youth’s ignorance of reality. The youth will pay for this mistake all the rest of their lives and perhaps the lives of their children.

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