GIANTS TAKE MANHATTAN … Giants Brandon Jacobs Tells NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan, “Time to shut up, fat boy!” & “shut the F@#K up”


Jets coach Rex Ryan told,  ”Time to shut up, fat boy!”

I can remember during my informative football years my coach told me two life lessons, “pretend like you’ve been there” and “let your actions talk for your mouth”. Too bad NY Jets coach Rex Ryan and Giants RB Brandon Jacobs didn’t both learn those same lessons …

Yesterday following the NFL battle of New York, or should we say New Jersey, as the Giants dominated the Jets winning 29 – 14,  Jacobs deciding to do a bit more talking than the Giants did on the field telling Jets coach Rex Ryan,  ”Time to shut up, fat boy” & “shut the F@#K up”.

Per the (New York) Daily News, Jacobs also sent a “shut the (expletive) up” to Rex, who reportedly countered with “go (expletive) himself.”

Ryan’s take from his postgame press conference when asked about Jacobs?

“We had a private conversation. That’s all I’ll leave it as,” he said.

“He doesn’t like me. I respect him, but I couldn’t care less about him.”

JETS post game press conference.

This is not the first time Rex Ryan has had a potty mouth. Actually, it happens often and it is old. However, when that’s all ya got, what else would one say?

Honestly, at this point its time for Ryan to eat some humble pie.  Although both sides are in the wrong on this, what else does one expect this to come to when Jet’s coach Rex Ryan has been all mouth and no game pretty much all year. Of course that is Ryan’s shtick, but his act has grown old and tired. Especially when his team has rarely backed up his big mouth this year. The Jets were supposed to win the Super Bowl, maybe they should have started that be beating the Patriots, who they lost to twice this year by embarrassing scores of 30 – 21 and  37 – 16 .  The Jets were so hellbent this year to beat the Pats and win the AFC East that they forgot one thing, to win the games.

Although it was not Brandon Jacobs place to tell Ryan to put a sock in it, maybe it is time for him to do so. For the media, NY Sports talk radio and ESPN Rex Ryan is a gold mine, for those that say “SHUT UP AND PLAY”, he is a fool. Sorry, but even Jets fans must be tired of his act.

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