Carter wants Gitmo shut down


The ex President, lover of dictators the world over, has called for the closing of Gitmo. The most noble James Earl Carter, who negotiated North Korea the time to build nuclear weapons, is good friends with Castro, and seems to think the only illegal elections in the world happen in the United States, wants to shut down our prison in Gitmo over 7 incidents with a Koran.

The same Jimmy Carter who rendered the United States impotant in world affairs during his administration, the man who watched our citizens being held prisoner overseas, now wants the military prisons shut down.

These prisons that are holding detainees that the Geneva Convention says can be shot on the battlefield at will as enemy combatants not in uniform that are complaining about their Koran.

The same prisons kept on an island with prisons run by Castro that make these look like Club Med.

So lets listen to Old Jimmy.

So lets shut them down. Shut down the prisons.

But open them the next day renamed as the Jimmy Carter facility.

That would be a great testimonial to this man.

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    One Response to “Carter wants Gitmo shut down”

    1. R. Hancock on June 21st, 2005 1:31 am

      This post universally applies to any moron that is currently riding the “We are a bad lot and Gitmo should be shut down” wagon.

      Good grief!!! What human rights violations are you referring to . The ones that were violated on Sept 11, the ones violated in the tortcher rooms of Iraq, Kosovo,Sudan, Afganistan, Iran , Bosnia, TREBLINKA, Lubyanka,The killing fields , Battaan OR the POWs that are given 3 hots and a cot in air conditioned spaces, prayer rugs, quorans, and 5 prayer calls a day when what is deserved is immediate and summary execution.
      You say we are human rights violators when our own military broke the Abu Graib story and prosecuted the offenders.
      There have been 60 visits by congress to Gitmo ( how apt a name is that for this), 29 congrssional hearings of fact, and weekly visits by every liberal, modlycoddling , busybody organization on the planet. In all of this “fact finding” one unholy book was miss handled and one kicked across the floor.
      Unless you can bring some facts before congress or the press; you need to shut your pie hole and return a pastime more suitable to your disposition. Your niavete is equal to your ignorance and only surpassed by your disloyalty to the nation which , it so happens, give you the freedom to exhibit both and me the freedom to to expose the utter fruitlessness of your intellectual capability.

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