Hey Barack Aloha Means Goodbye … Obama Even Struggling in Polls in Hawaii


Aloha Means Goodbye …

Although President Barack Obama has no concerns that he will lose in Hawaii, his poll numbers there show that even the Aloha state Obama is struggling.  In 2008, Obama beat McCain handily in Hawaii by a 72%b to 27% margin.  In March 2011 Obama’s approval/disapproval was at +35 (64/29.) However, Obama’s approval polling number have even hit the skids in Hawaii. Barack Obama’s latest polling data in Hawaii has Obama with and approval rating of 56% with 36% of voters disapproving of the jobs he is doing.  That +20 spread is down 15 points from previous polling from March.\

OUCH!!! That is how bad Obama is polling. He won the state with 72% of the vote and is presently at 56% approval ratings.  That might as well be a loss. As stated at Jammie Wearing Fool, of course Obama is going to win in his state of origin Jakarta Hawaii … but it just shows how weak Obama has become.  If Obama can’t win Hawaii by 40+ percent; how is he ever going to win in battle ground states, let alone states that slightly lean Democrat? Obama is unelectable.

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    1. rightknight on October 21st, 2011 8:33 pm

      The sun is rising and Hawaii is awakening!

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