President Barack Obama Hits New Low in Gallup Poll: 38% Approval … Obama’s September Approval Rating Remains at Term Low 41%


The more President Barack Obama whines about passing his so-called jobs bill, the more his approval rating continues to go down. According to the most recent Gallup poll, Obama is now at a 38% job approval. The Presidents approval rating has continuously been on the downward slide, it is almost impossible to miss the trend.  Democrats like to use the comparison of Reagan and Clinton who had low poll ratings in their first term and later went on to win reelections. However, there is one important difference that they fail to mention, Reagan and Clinton were trending up … not down.

Obama Job Approval: Any one sense a trend?

Adding more to Obama’s polling woes, the President’s September approval ratings one for the records books, a term low of 41%. As seen by the below chart, Obama has serious problems with Independents, the very people who voted him into office, will note him out in 2012.

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  • Barack Obama Falls to New Low in Gallup Job Approval Poll at 42%

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