Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Halt Your Hubristic Hubrishness Jose Baez.. We Are All Stocked Up Here


Hold The Hubris Pass The Humility

The saga begins as follows:

Aging local *legend in his own mind* defense attorney gets “defendant envy” when he sees the dude he thought was the busboy at all The Florida Bar functions, making more on his first big case, with more media face time, than Or lawn do has ever seen. Seasoned barrister signs on for his professional *see alice*, if you will.

Wait, kidding, not the saga in question, my bad.

Read the rest at Blink on Crime:

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    One Response to “Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Halt Your Hubristic Hubrishness Jose Baez.. We Are All Stocked Up Here”

    1. ChattyCathy on April 6th, 2011 10:58 am

      JB is nothing but a juvenile playing a game,He brown noses when he has too otherwise it’s a game to him!
      This video shows his actions are not appropriate and just how serious he takes the case!
      It is so obvious to watch him and kc from the mark 2:49!
      Watch caseys hands direct him first to the left,then to the right…and he blocks the cam while she thinks she’s getting away with giving the court the finger! While they laugh!
      It is soooooooooo Obvious!
      JB this is Caylee’s justice and not a dang playground for you and your snickers and games with the mother of a child whose dead!
      You are the lowest form of life there possibly can ever be……jmo!

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