2010 Midterm Elections:More Bad News for Democrats, CBS Polls Shows Republican Gains in Generic Congressional Poll


Grim polling data for Democrats …

Just 25 days out from the 2010 midterm elections and the Democrats have more bad polling news. According to a new CBS poll, 45% now state they will vote for the GOP in this years midterm election, while only 37% say they will vote for Democrats. This represents a 6% gain for Republicans over Democrats since last month.

Republicans have widened their lead against Democrats among likely voters in the generic ballot for the House of Representatives by six points since last month, a new CBS News Poll reports.

Republicans now hold an eight point lead over Democrats in the generic ballot, with 45 percent of likely voters saying they would support the Republican candidate for the House, and 37 percent saying they would support the Democrat. Last month Republicans led Democrats by a margin of only 2 points, with 40 percent saying they would vote for a Republican and 38 percent saying they would vote for a Democrat.

As the elections get closer, it is rather interesting how more truthful the polls become. No one in the end wants to have skewed results, even if they did most of the year leading up to the elections. This CBS poll is no different. They are all starting to look the same, which spells doom for Democrats.

What is the Democrats worst nightmare this election cycle … the economy and Obama’s poor job of handling it. As this CBS poll further points out, Obama’s poll numbers on handling the economy are dismal and lower than last month. Only 38% approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, while 50% oppose. This poll was taken before the September job numbers which were again a disaster.

… his ratings on the economy are lower than ever before: 38 percent of respondents approved of his handling of the issue, while 50 percent disapproved. Last month, 41 percent approved, and 51 percent disapproved.

As CBS cannot fudge the hideous poll numbers anymore for Obama or Democrats, they look to go after the Tea Party instead as seen at News Busters. How original, more bias in the liberal MSM.

However, as much as the MSM and Democrats want to spin it just 25 days from the 2010 midterm elections, there is no resurgence in Democrat enthusiasm. Try as Obama might in begging the LEFT to the polls, the answer is no. Republicans by a wide margin look to head to the polls in 2010 and Independents favor the GOP by a 20% margin as well.

But while Democrats have lately been making widespread efforts to diminish the so-called “enthusiasm gap” between Republican and Democratic voters, the poll, which was conducted from October 1 – 5, indicates that the gap has in fact expanded. Sixty percent of Republicans said they were more enthusiastic than usual about voting this year, while only 40 percent of Democrats said the same. Last month, 47 Democrats and 58 percent of Republicans said they were more excited than usual to vote.

At forty-nine percent, Independents are now more enthusiastic than Democrats, the poll indicates.

But according to the poll, Independents are largely dissatisfied with their choices in the upcoming election: While they favor Republicans by a 20 point margin, 61 percent of Independents polled said they wished there were other options on the ballot.

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