Gallup & Rasmussen: Republicans Up Big With Likely Voters over Democrats & GOP More Trusted on Issues Ahead of 2010 Midterm Election


So much for all the hype and spin from Democrats and the MSM that they were catching up with enthusiasm gap with Republicans. Obama’s campaign rhetoric falls flat with the voters. Obama is in for a long midterm election eve.

It must be my message … maybe I can blame the teleprompter!

According to the most recent Gallup poll, with just two weeks to go before the 2010 midterm elections,Democrats have not cut into the GOP lead and in fact Republicans have an overwhelming 17% point lead among likely voters. With Republicans with such large leads in the generic Congressional ballot, there are going to be many surprises election eve as House races that no one thought would be Democrats losses are going to be pick ups for Republicans

For Republicans to lead, or even be at parity with Democrats, on the generic congressional ballot indicates they are in a good position to win a majority of House seats in the upcoming elections. This is because of Republicans’ typical advantage in voter turnout, which in recent years has given that party an average five-point boost in support on Election Day.

 If the elections were held today and roughly 40% of voters turned out — a rate typical in recent years — Gallup’s Oct. 7-17 polling suggests Republicans would win 56% of the vote — 8 points greater than their support from registered voters, and 17 points ahead of Democrats, at 39%. If turnout is significantly higher, Republicans would receive 53% of the vote (a 5-point improvement over their registered-voter figure), and the Democrats, 42%.

 As Jammie Wearing Fool asks, how’s all that Barack Obama campaigning working out for you Democrats? Wasn’t Barack & Michelle Obama to the rescue supposed to stem the tide? America wants change and its not Obama or Democrats.

To make matters even worse for Democrats, Rasmussen has the GOP with a 9% lead over Democrats in the Generic Congressional ballot. Oh wait, it gets even worse, Republicans trusted on 8 of the top 10 political issues of the day including the economy, health care, illegal immigration, taxes  and national security. Um, Democrats polled higher of ethics? Voters, wake up … did you miss the fact that Pelosi & the democrats pushed off the ethics hearings regarding the scandals of Democrats Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters until after the election?

This is shaping up to be a historic night for Republicans.

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    2 Responses to “Gallup & Rasmussen: Republicans Up Big With Likely Voters over Democrats & GOP More Trusted on Issues Ahead of 2010 Midterm Election”

    1. rightknight on October 19th, 2010 1:21 am

      When this guy started out, who could have imagined
      the extremes he would go to in order to beat We
      The People into submission to his distorted dreams
      of what this great country should be?

    2. brie. on October 19th, 2010 5:23 pm

      There are some pictures and video’s of Obama campaigning recently shown on the internet. There’s one in particular that is scary, he’s yelling and making two fists. Headlines say he looks demonic. Maybe he also needs 3 6′s across his forehead.

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