Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged


Portland, OR- The tangled web that is the life of Terri Horman continues to weave.

In an Exclusive development to, a Portland local, declining to be identified, provides the bombshell revelation that Terri Horman was behind the 5:16PM call to 911 last June 26th.

Read the rest at Blink on Crime:

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    One Response to “Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged”

    1. Brenda on July 6th, 2010 4:52 pm

      Read this information 2 days ago on a blog out of Oregon…that Terri made both calls.

      It is all over if one searches. Stupid Terri is posting using HopeinVA and that red squirrel ID. BUT…even when she changes up she uses that hhahaha stuff and calls LE Huckleberry I beleive it is…so she’s not too bright when it comes to covering for who she is.

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