Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly Hurt Deomcrats in 2010 & 2012


How’s that “Hope & Change” working out for you America? Obama is losing all voters …

A note to democrats and the Washington Post … THIS AIN’T 2008, the American voters have buyers remorse, a majority of Americans are already tired of Barack Obama’s blame GWB, lack of leadership games and they is fed up with the Democrat control of the US House, Senate and Presidency. Two of the three can be remedied in 2010, the Obama Presidency can be cancelled in 2012.


The WAPO article, ‘Democrats hope Obama 2008 model will help stem midterm losses,’ has to be one of the most desperate and foolish attempts at self-serving liberal MSM bias is a while. Seriously, Democrats hope the 2008 model will help them not get annihilatedin the 2010 midterm elections? Are you joking! Sorry, but Obama’s and Democrats chickens are coming home to roost. All polls show that Republicans are ahead of Democrats in the generic ballots, forty seats in the House seems extremely reachable and the once unheard of winning 10 US Senate seats could become a reality.

Barack Obama’s 2008 model does not even work for Barack Obama in 2010.  The days of Obama BS rhetoric are over. No longer can “The Chosen One” stand in front of his teleprompter and provide words to WE THE PEOPLE and the mere words be accepted as Presidential leadership. At this point Obama’s words are barely accepted as the truth. Obama may have cut into the white vote in 2008; however, those days are over. Less than two years in office and the Obama bloom is off the rose. Obama has lost polling ground not only with Whites, but across the board. The “independent” vote is all but gone.

Four years after Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) lost the white vote by 17 percentage points, Obama lost it by 12, according to exit polls. While the 2008 gains were generally attributed to Obama’s strength with young voters — he won by 10 points among whites 18 to 29 years old — he managed to improve on Kerry’s showing with white voters across every age demographic.

Fast-forward to today. With the November midterm elections less than four months away, Obama’s standing among white voters has sunk — leading some party strategists to fret that the president’s erosion — and the party’s — could adversely affect Democrats’ chances of holding on to their House and Senate majorities.

Let’s face it … the election of Barack Obama was a one hit wonder. Obama was all hype and no substance. What little substance was there is rejected by a majority of the AMerican people.  So many “whites,” especially liberal, lily whites votes for Obama due to liberal guilt. Some how electing a black man in their minds would erase the sins of the past of slavery and racism. Such thought by these folks are about as foolish as electing a woman who has no qualifications to be President merely because we have never had a woman President. Needless to say, the lack of leadership, a socialist/Marxist agenda and a President over his head has put an end to the social experiment.

Is the Washington Post just figuring out that Democrats are going to be slaughtered in the 2010 midterms? President Barack Hussein Obama is not on the ballot but he might as well be. The 2010 midterms will be a referendum and repudiation of the Obama agenda. Across the board on every political topic, Barack Obama is on the wrong side against the majority of the American people.

Why is Obama and Democrats so worried about ‘Whitey”? Do you really wonder why suddenly Obama is playing politics with the “illegal immigration” issue? Obama had no plan to deal with it this year, there is no legislation, he barely referenced it in his State of the Union address, yet suddenly Obama looks to attract the Hispanic vote out of desperation. Border security means nothing to Obama, nor did the illegal immigration issues … until he plummeted in the polls and needed new voters.

In Washington Post-ABC polling, Obama’s approval rating among white voters has dropped from better than 60 percent to just above 40 percent. In a June poll, 46 percent of white voters under age 40 approved of how Obama was doing, compared with just 39 percent of whites 65 and older.

Still, Obama’s numbers among white voters have some Democratic strategists with an eye on the fall elections decidedly nervous.

One senior strategist, speaking candidly about his concerns on the condition of anonymity, noted that white voters made up 79 percent of the 2006 midterm electorate, while they made up 74 percent of the 2008 vote. If the white percentage returns to its 2006 level, that means there will be 3 million more white voters than if it stayed at its 2008 levels. That scenario, said the source, “would generate massive losses” for House and Senate Democrats in November because of Obama’s standing with that demographic.

Maybe if Obama wants to court the white vote, he and his minions will stop calling them racists just because they disagree with his policies. Nah, that would be too easy. Let’s get some things straight, it takes a lot more than just to elect a black President to end racism. It might have just made some white liberals feel good about them self. It also takes more when the black President divides a nation down racial lines.

Democrats and Barack Obama will be voted out of office in 2010 and 2012; however, I predict even the Cris Matthews of the country will look back on it and say, “he did it to himself. Like GWB, Barack Oabamawas afforded a great opportunity to do great things and he squandered it. Obama has no one to blame but himself.” Obama’s lack of leadership is not lost on the LEFT, especially when dealing with one of their main platforms, the environment.

If Democrats come out of the 2010 midterms slaughter blaming “whites” for not voting as they did in 2008 and play the race card, there will be a Democrat political turkey shoot in 2012. Personally, I believe that one of the issues Democrats will face in 2010 is that they will not be able to mobilize the “black” vote as they did in 2008. With no Obama on the ballot, many who never voted prior to 2008 will just stay home. Just a thought.

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    8 Responses to “Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly Hurt Deomcrats in 2010 & 2012”

    1. Ross Wolf on July 6th, 2010 1:47 am

      Americans Don’t Trust Obama

      How could Americans trust Obama. Obama lies repeatedly to their face, perhaps pathologically; duped Democrats to elect him President—then wrecked their Party, ordering Democrats to support suicide economic policies, spending trillions of tax dollars on senseless economic/public programs destined to bankrupt America; while Obama was endeared by his constituency of Socialists/Marxists. Obama has done more damaged to our national and economic security than any known spy working for a foreign Government. Because Obama has little understanding of economics, endemic of leftists, it is not surprisingly Obama’s only solution to the economic crisis, is to keep borrowing and spending until everything collapses. Despite Obama’s poor performance as president, Obama’s latest poll has leveled off at 45%, the same percentage of Americans that pay no taxes.

      Is it a mistake for Americans to believe Obama represents the United States? If Obama is an extreme leftist, America is in trouble. Historically extreme leftists support a Marxist ideology—that mandates crushing democracies and individualism, forcing socialism or communism on Citizens—even if that means destroying their economy and certainly their Constitution. If you look at Obama’s past life, it is apparent he has associated with Communist/Marxist groups and like individuals. Many Americans believe Obama’s allegiance is first to a leftist ideology, not to America. At a time in history when Americans needed a great President, they got their worst nightmare.

      Openly some in the Obama Government admit they support dismantling capitalism. Whether or not their endgame entails destruction of the United States, dismantling capitalism will cause the majority of Americans to become unemployed, many forever.

      When Americans voice their objections to the direction Obama is taking their country, Obama response is to propose laws to arrest Americans with no probable cause or evidence see Sound-Video: and support gag legislation such as the Disclose Act. Obama’s Neomarxists intend to drown out your voice, the voice of America with Obama propaganda, enforcing new regulations that will cripple bloggers and other alternative media disseminating information, free speech that grass-roots among other organizations and Citizens depend on to make informed decisions. How dare this person who calls himself President act to curtail Americans’ right to know, restrict American’s right to communicate via the Internet or other medium. Obama’s leftists if permitted, will brainwash your Children before they gain prospective what life is about, with Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that will restrict the flow of information. Historically when leftists have attempted or taken over a country, their first step is to control the media and all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations.

    2. Tweets that mention Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly Hurt Deomcrats in 2010 & 2012 | Scared Monkeys -- on July 6th, 2010 3:22 am

      [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Brandon Roark. Brandon Roark said: Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly …: Barack Obama's 2008 model does not even wo… [...]

    3. super dave on July 6th, 2010 7:53 am

      these white independents now are seeing that trying to impress their black friends with their obama votes only got them laughed at.
      time to turn the power switch back on and get things on track . thesed same idiot voters have almost cost us everything so now they owe us big time.
      now is the time to sever this hold that the obama thug party has on our freedom and let him know that in no certain terms that this is our country and not the playground for a black illegal communist.

    4. A Texas Grandfather on July 6th, 2010 11:12 am

      Those that choose not to work and choose to live off the labor or others should NOT be allowed to vote. Why should the American tax payer support a lazy class of ignorant people who clamor for the same living style of those who work?
      This forty-five per cent is the left wing liberal base of the Democratic Party. They will always sell their vote in order to continue their lazy ways.

    5. super dave on July 6th, 2010 11:39 am

      want to see the truth behind the Democrat Communist party ? read the story printed in the Cypress Times on 1-6-2010. seems the democrat party is the party of murder, racism , and hate.
      it’s a real eye opener.

    6. USS Yorktown on July 6th, 2010 10:49 pm

      Obama has to realize, he is just a politician, not some King from the Middle Ages.

    7. Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly … « The Daily Conservative on July 7th, 2010 1:58 am

      [...] more: Barack Obama Losing White Voters (Independents) Will Significantly … Tags: 2008-model, barack obama, barack-obama, chosen, does-not, even-work, his-teleprompter, mere, [...]

    8. Waterboy on July 7th, 2010 10:33 pm

      super dave,

      these white independents now are seeing that trying to impress their black friends with their obama votes only got them laughed at.?time to turn the power switch back on and get things on track . thesed same idiot voters have almost cost us everything so now they owe us big time.?now is the time to sever this hold that the obama thug party has on our freedom and let him know that in no certain terms that this is our country and not the playground for a black illegal communist.

      Your statements so hit the jugular. I knew a youth pastor from the south (Arkansas) that evidently had such a guilt complex, that he went out of his way to put non qualified blacks in a positions of authority. Granted, there were some deserving individuals; but most of his placements and appointees failed so miserable that he looked very foolish.

      He asked my advice once, and I told him he had to be color blind in his selections, and get the best man or woman for the job, and not pick the candidate on skin color. He totally didn’t understand, and all but called me a racist. That was the last time I gave him any advice. When he asked, I no longer participated.

      The world is so full of fools, and they elected such a fool.


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