Hope & Change? Barack Obama Sinks to Historic Lows Among Blue Collar Men to 28% … Issue with Independents as Well


Yet another record for President Barack Obama. As reported at the National Journal, Barack Obama sinks to historic lows among white blue color workers. According to the Quinnipiac and ABC/WAPO polls, Obama has sunk to 29% and 28% respectively among this demographic. Wow, is it possible that Obama could have polled worse than Jimmy Carter … Yes he can!!!

The new Quinnipiac University and ABC/Washington Post national surveys out this week converge on one key conclusion: as the election nears, President Obama is sinking to historic lows among the group most consistently hostile to him.

Throughout his career on the national stage, Obama has struggled among white men without a college education. But in these latest surveys, he has fallen to a level of support among them lower than any Democratic nominee has attracted in any election since 1980, according to an upcoming National Journal analysis of exit polls from presidential elections.

Though pollsters at each organization caution that the margins of error are substantial when looking at subgroups such as this, each poll shows erosion within that margin of error for Obama with these working-class white men. The new Quinnipiac poll shows Obama attracting just 29 percent of non-college white men, down from 32 percent in their most recent national survey in April, according to figures provided by Douglas Schwartz, April Radocchio and Ralph Hansen of Quinnipiac. The ABC/Washington Post survey found Obama drawing just 28 percent of non-college white men, down from 34 percent in their May survey, according to figures provided by ABC Pollster Gary Langer. Romney drew 56 percent of the non-college white men in Quinnipiac and 65 percent in the ABC/Washington Post survey.

But we all know what Obama refers to these folks as … racists.

However, Obama may have even more significant issues to deal with Independent voters. Obama finds himself  trailing Romney badly with Indies which makes this poll some what suspect as how can Obama be so far behind with Independent voters in the ABC-WAPO poll and yet it be a tie? Hmm?

Digging into the crosstabs of our ABC/Washington Post poll it’s clear that Obama has a significant problem with independent voters. On every measure, independents are significantly more disappointed with the president and more open to a Mitt Romney message.

While 45 percent of voters overall say they approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, just 37 percent of independents believe that. Obama has a 12 point advantage among all voters on the issue of “who has presented a clearer plan for dealing with the economy – Obama or Romney?” But among independents that flips to an eight point advantage for Romney.

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    1. paula on July 12th, 2012 11:26 am

      Please God let this trend continue. Four years of Obama is more than enough.

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