Mass Governor Deval Patrick Says Obama Critics are “almost at the level of sedition


More liberal hypocrisy …

When a Democrat criticized President George W. Bush it was an act of patriotic dissent; however, when Barack Hussein Obama is criticized … “it is sedition”. So says Deval Patrick, the liberal governor of Massachusetts.

Governor Deval Patrick, even as he decried partisanship in Washington, said today that Republican opposition to President Obama’s agenda has become so obstinate that it “is almost at the level of sedition.”

The Democratic governor, who is close to the president, made the comments at a forum at Suffolk Law School’s Rappaport Center, where he was asked by an audience member about partisan battling in Congress.

Patrick said that even “on my worst day, when I’m most frustrated about folks who seem to rooting for failure,” he doesn’t face anything like the opposition faced by the president.

Welcome to the wonderful world of liberal hypocrisy, where only the LEFT is allowed to be critical. Only the LEFT is afforded the free speech to question government. Of course the LEFT’s constant criticism of GWB, the Iraq war and comparing him to Hitler was perfectly ok to the likes of Patric. UNREAL. By the way my dear Mr. Patrick, it is “WE THE PEOPLE” who are saying NO to the Obama socialist agenda.

“I think that the number of people in the Grand Old Party who seem to be absolutely committed to saying ‘no,’ whenever he says ‘yes,’ no matter what it is, even if it’s an idea that they came up with, is just extraordinary,” the governor told reporters after the forum.

As Hot Air states, the following ad by Republican upstart Les Phillip, who’s running against Parker Griffith in an Alabama House primary must be considered treason.

This is a NEWSFLASH to Duval Patrick and his ilk, if you the the criticicsm of Obama is sedition now … boy are you in for a rude awakening as Weseal Zippers states … YOU ‘SEEN NOTHING YET!

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    8 Responses to “Mass Governor Deval Patrick Says Obama Critics are “almost at the level of sedition”

    1. Dawg1948 on May 24th, 2010 10:41 pm

      More BS from the leftist in this country. If “The One ” can’t take the heat he needs to get out of the Kitchen.

    2. CHATA on May 24th, 2010 11:25 pm

      The leftist must all be afflicted with insanity…they think they won with BO but they are are losing and whining about it to boot.

      I am ready for the pendulum to swing back.

    3. Greg the Mongoose on May 25th, 2010 1:28 am

      Duval Patrick used government money to payoff his friends. He should be in jail.

    4. kitty on May 25th, 2010 6:28 am

      Scott Browns victory was an eye opener for our State and living in Taxachusetts country is a challenge for those of us who pay into the dysfunctional system called Government…

      These politicians are finally awakening and realizing that there’s a lot of folks out there who are angry, tired of the B.S. and those sucking off the system ~ the illegal alien issue ~ our Presidents agenda, etc…

      Read or the Boston … it’ll bring you into the ballpark of hot topics talk radio is humming here and Howie Carr is on a roll on WRKO…

      Patrick Kennedy’s recent comment regarding illegal aliens (being a Human Rights Issue)… about set us all off ~ and he needs to leave office.

      the Tide is turning.

    5. bandit on May 25th, 2010 7:50 am

      But Deval says it was just a rhetorical flourish – meaning he gets to threaten Obama’s critics then say it doesn’t mean anything.

    6. super dave on May 25th, 2010 9:46 am

      who gives a rat’s ass about what Devil Patrick
      has to say. he is in the same circle jerk with
      Kwame Kilpatrick. both criminals and little more than street thugs raping the taxpayer.

    7. NewGirlBoston on May 25th, 2010 9:23 pm

      #4-Kitty—you are so right! However, since we both know this State bleeds bright blue—I’m concerned that Patrick (Obama Clone) will actually get re-elected.

      While current sentiments and many in this State are not really pleased with the job he has done in office– what are our alternatives in November? That is the real question.

      Also, while the tide may be turning…..look at our State—a complete HAVEN for illegal immigrants, extremely high cost of living vs. nationwide averages, taxed up the ying-yang, etc. etc. When Deval comes out and makes comments like this about the GOP—he actually makes Mayor Menino sound like a Brain Surgeon. I can’t stand either one of them. Throw in Barney Frank for the triple play of Lummoxes while we’re at it.

      Lord help us! Somebody has to.

    8. kitty on May 26th, 2010 12:55 pm

      Oh, I about hit the floor laughing about your comment NG regarding Duval making Mumbles look like a Brain Surgeon ~ things are lively here in BeanTown!.. for sure!

      The Governors election will be interesting and unfortunately the vote will be split up with Brown, Cahill and Duval… there may be a 4th candidate in there as well…

      the incumbents are very vulnerable for their office jobs on the hill as folks are very angry and upset with politics as usual and with many politicians not listening to their constituents… (and of course, taking care of one another) they are very shook up and wondering if they will hold onto their seats… nepotism exists and with the recent probation department being exposed ~ that is going to shake things up even more!

      I do feel, that only the Lord CAN help us NG… serious.

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