Consensus On Census: Door To Door Is Deadly


Everywhere, US– It is Census time in the US.

This very important initiative occurs every 10 years.

Census Forms, which are filled out an returned, began mailing in February of this year. For those that either did not execute the survey, or receive it, you will be on the list for a vist from a census worker.

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Posted May 20, 2010 by
Crime | 2 comments

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    2 Responses to “Consensus On Census: Door To Door Is Deadly”

    1. super dave on May 21st, 2010 7:11 am

      so far, obama’s census workers have committed
      fraud, rape, attempted murder, had their dogs
      attack citizens.
      some of these workers are convicted criminals
      just loke the ones acorn hires. some convicted of
      rape, child molestation, drug dealers.
      this is your illegal kenyan president’s idea
      og goverening.

    2. Keeley on May 23rd, 2010 9:26 am

      My boyfriend worked for the census and they were extremely strict. One woman was called into the office like 4 times to verify her background. They say they are just looking for certain crimes on the FBI check but really if your name comes up at all they will not let you train. There is also no mention of social security numbers. I know Blink was saying there should be an online form, but it really isn’t that easy. There are some things the census calls “other living quarters” which could be a garage or another structure with a separate entrance. You can’t find out about this unless a census worker physically drives by and identifies it. And you have no way of knowing if someone is living in the garage unless you go knock on the door and ask someone. The census workers are not even allowed to ask what your address is. To me it is much more dangerous for the census workers. A few times I was parked on the side of the road and people would ask if I was lost or needed help. Luckily I live in a neighborly community and it’s pretty normal to talk to strangers but it does concern me that some of the female census takers could become easy targets. There is a crew leader that census workers have contact with in their area, but it would make more sense, albeit would be less cost effective, to send census takers in pairs.

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