Incumbent US Rep. Alan Mollohan Defeated in WV Democrat Primary by Mike Oliverio … “I supported Obamacare” … Good Bye


It would appear that it is not only the Republicans who are telling incumbents don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Now if only the MSM would cover these stories in the same way.

Pretty soon we might be putting “Incumbents” on the political endangered species list, if they are not already there. The latest to feel the wrath of the American voters was US Rep. Alan Mollohan who lost handily to  Democratic state Sen. Mike Oliverio in the West Virginia Democrat Primary.

Mollohan hadn’t faced a serious primary fight in more than a decade and was seen in some circles as unbeatable given that the 1st district seat had been in his family since 1968. (His father held it from 1968-1982 before handing it off to the son.)

But, Oliverio, who served a single term in the state House of Delegates before being elected to the state Senate in 1994, ran hard against Mollohan’s entrenched incumbent status and the lingering whiff of ethics problems that had dogged the Congressman for years.

Blue Dogs are learning, it’s not good to support Obamacare.

Interesting, this self proclaimed pro-life Blue Dog Democrats in the Stupak coalition who voted for the abortion-fund and Obamacare loses in a Democrat primary. Can you only imagine how these folk will fare in a general election? Blue Dogs have been added to the endangered political species list as well. The 14 term US Rep is out as state Sen. Mike Oliverio won 56% to Mollohan’s 44%.

As the Weekly Standard states, if this was a Republican primary the MSM headlines would say Mollohan “purged” instead because of media bias they merely read he lost.

Of course, if he were a Republican, I would write that West Virginia congressman Alan Mollohan was “purged” instead of “defeated.” Per the Wall Street Journal: “With 82% of precincts reporting, Democratic state Sen. Mike Oliverio was already leading by 12 points, 56%-44%.”

With the mood of the country in this political season … Mollohan will have plenty of company this year as the GOP looks to take back the US House of Representatives.

HAHAHA or should we say NANANA, priceless from RED STATE!!!

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