The Tea Party, Yes They Can … Christine O’Donnell Defeated US Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware Republican Primary


Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama … how do you like the Tea Party now?

Tea Party 1 - Establish Republicans 0 in the DE Republican Primary:

A shocker out of the Delaware GOP primary this evening. Tea Party backed challenger Christine O’Donnell has defeated the GOP establishment candidate in tonight’s Delaware Republican primary. AP called the race for the upstart O’Donnell that will reverberate across America and the GOP establishment. As Hot Air calls it, RINOgeddonNow with 99% of returns in, O’Donnell has 53.1% of the votes counted; Castle has 46.9%.

Christine O’Donnell, the Tea party, Sarah Palin backed candidate has sent a clear and present message to the establishment, mainstream Republicans in DC. Everybody is so quick to say that O’Donnell cannot win the general election in DE, why? We are witnessing a historic revolt by the American voters against establishment candidates and the Democrat party in power. Americans are fed up with tax increases, Obamacare, high unemployment and record federal deficits like never before. They are sick and tired of a Democrat party that has refused to listen to the American people and gone against the will of the people. Now they expect their vote? In the political environment of 2010, anything is possible, including a Christine O’Donnell victory in November.

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports: Christine O’Donnell, the Sarah Palin and Tea Party backed candidate, dealt a stunning blow to the Republican establishment Tuesday night, defeating the moderate, party-favorite veteran Rep. Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP senate primary.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting as of 9:21 pm, O’Donnell had 53.2 percent of the vote to Castle’s 46.8 percent.  AP projected O’Donnell the winner.

Castle’s impending loss immediately casts doubt on GOP chances of winning the senate seat, which had been held by Democrat Joe Biden for 36 years, and could close the door on a Republican effort to gain control of the Senate in November.

UPDATE I:  American voters want authenticity. That’s why Murkowski lost. That’s why Castle lost.

UPDATE II: Running election results on other Sarah Palin backed candidates at Conservatives4Palin.

UPDATE III: O’Donnell upsets Castle in GOP Primary. Hey Republicans, this is a message to you, shape up or get your moving plans in order. We are no longer going to have Republicans acting like Democrat light. More at American Power, I would be very careful of those who think that this is an automatic win for Democrats. Those who do, including Carl Rove, have no understanding of the Tea party movement or the anger that really exists in this country over entitled, establishment, fat cat politicians. The LEFT may not want to celebrate too early, after all polls shows that most Americans identify with the Tea Party and not Republicans or Democrats. Just because some one is new to the process, that makes them a lunatic? Hardly. On both sides America needs new blood, but we see what Democrats think of that in reelecting ethics challenged Rangel back again.

What this political environment has shown is that all things are possible when a pissed off electorate gets fed up with the same old, same old. And that means the GOP just as it means Democrats. WE THE PEOPLE are tired of no representation and politicians that act like they should be in another party. If the GOP establishment is not willing to respect the vote of the people, then that makes you no better than Democrats.

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    12 Responses to “The Tea Party, Yes They Can … Christine O’Donnell Defeated US Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware Republican Primary”

    1. Greg the Mongoose on September 14th, 2010 10:49 pm

      Castle voted for ObamaCare, and Cap and trade! The Delaware GOP endorsed Castle. Madness!
      Now the Delaware GOP endorses the Democrat.

    2. RussVet on September 14th, 2010 11:01 pm

      There is no doubt America is going to throw the incumbent bums out… OK Piglosa’s ObumaScare, now it’s time for America to get a vote.

    3. billb on September 14th, 2010 11:49 pm

      Principles, morals, Constitution, Will of the American people……Looking forward to the conservative sweep ushered in on Nov 2nd…..

    4. Greg the Mongoose on September 15th, 2010 3:43 pm

      Castle was a Rhino. The Rhino Republicans and Democrats have run this country long enough.
      Rove only wants Rich Rhino Republicans. Christine O’Donnell has the same problems most Americans have experienced. Like Ronald Reagan her only sin is being POOR.

    5. ramon chenloo on September 15th, 2010 3:50 pm

      Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama … how do you like the Tea Party now?

      They are loving it….
      I normally vote republican, but can’t stand these people backed by retard palin.
      So much for taking back the senate.

    6. A Texas Grandfather on September 15th, 2010 7:07 pm

      The very first Tea Party that I attended on the first national Tea Party day, it was established that since “we the people” could not count on our congress critters having the guts to produce term limits, we could do it for them by Not voting for long term incumbents no matter what political party.

      I Think that is what the Democrats and the Republicans are beginning to see.

    7. Political Ad Material for O’Donnell Courtesy of Harry Reid …Delaware Senate Candidate Chris Coons, “He’s my pet” | Scared Monkeys on September 16th, 2010 6:43 am

      [...] the victory of Tea Party backed Christine O’Donnell in the Republican Primary in DE, Harry Reid, what does Democrat Senate Majority Leader from Nevada [...]

    8. Dolf on September 16th, 2010 9:06 am

      nice candidate….lol

      fical errors
      financial misshaps
      lying about degree
      questionable religious views

      what was in that tea???

    9. Scott on September 16th, 2010 1:25 pm

      #9 nice idiot…lol…

      keep reading Politico and the other left winged websites that have no proof; only allegations.

      you want to go down the road of Democrats and “fical” errors; btw it’s FISCAL moron.

      Rangel, Dodd, Frank, Geithner and about 20 of Obama’s czars.

      Questionable religious views in who’s eyes? your beadie ones? LOL. Go bow down to Allah and blow yourself up.

    10. NGBoston on September 16th, 2010 1:35 pm

      Dolf—Listen—when are you going to stop cracking them on us as Americans? Don’t you think we all know how messed up many of our own Politicans are?

      There is corruption- EVERYWHERE. I am sick & tired though of many Europeans constantly shit talking America and Americans.

      The Netherlands, specifically that piece of corrupt swampland,,,oops- that corrupt beautiful Island of the Dutch Antilles, Aruba—now one of the only things it is famous for is the Sociopath Murderer Joran Van Der Sloot. That place sucks!

      Amsterdam is cleaning up it’s act a bit, but hardly anything to be proud of. And, France, I will never forget them wussing out right after the US was attacked on 9/11 so I guess that T-Shirt I saw some guy rocking that said “THE FRENCH ARE P*SSIES” was 100% correct. How’s the Euro holding out these days, Dolf?

      Europe certainly is a pretty country to travel to, but last time I was in Naples & Milan Italy, I noticed how extremely expensive EVERYTHING was and it doesn’t appear as if their economy is any stronger than ours. In fact, the financial experts everywhere are reporting it is not.

      Stop hating on America and Americans, Dolf. Here’s the thing—so many FOREIGNERS and ILLEGAL ALIENS come here and all that seems to come out of your mouths is bitching and complaining. We know we have lots of work to do to help get America back on a healthier path to recovery—but here is my question of the day, Dolf.

      If America sucks so bad—why do all the ILLEGALS and folks like you come here?

      Here’s a solution if you don’t like it—GET THE HELL OUT.

      Thanks! Proud to be an American, No matter What!

    11. Dolf on September 17th, 2010 3:34 am

      The euro is holding up fine, still gtting stronger. How is the USD these days?

      FYI: Europe is not a country, hell the whole “union” is bs.

      And what we here in NL say about France: beautifull country, a shame the French live there.. (the t-hirt is pretty lame, seen much better ones).

      I agree the US economy is better then the 1 of (mafia plagued) Italy. Good example.
      Yes, everything is more expensive here (here in NL even more then in IT), stil we have 25 paid day off a year, good and afforable healthcare.
      Damn we must suck.

      We also have illegal issus here, our laws make your laws look like a walk in the park.
      We kinda throw the in jail or boot them home.

      and I don’t hate Americans, never said I did.

    12. WOW, Connecticut US Senate Race Between Blumenthal (D) & McMahon (R) A Moved to Toss Up | Scared Monkeys on September 17th, 2010 7:08 am

      [...] the idea that a commoner and Tea Party backed candidate like Christine O’Donnell have the audacity to win the Republican primary in Delaware and take on liberal Democrat and Harry Reid’s pet Chris [...]

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