House Appropriations Committee Chairman Democrat David Obey Will Not Seek Reelection


The writing could well be on the wall for Democrats in 2010 … House will fall.

David Obey (D-WI) House Appropriations Committee Chairman has announced that he will not seek reelection in this Novembers midterm elections, this ending a 41 year House career. This marks real trouble for Democrats in the 2010 midterms.

“I am ready to turn the page, and frankly, I think that my district is ready for someone new to make a fresh start,” Obey said in an afternoon press conference in his committee’s meeting room.

Despite poor poll numbers at home, he insisted that he could win reelection in November but admitted he feared another reapportionment fight in the next Congress and a shift in the public mood against the aggressive public investments which have been his trademark.

Although polling poorly, Obey insisted he could win another election. However, whether Obey could win or not may not be the real issue as to his retirement. The NY Times recently had an article, ‘Democrats’ Long-Held Seats Face G.O.P. Threat’. It appears they were correct.  All polling points to the fast that Democrats stand to have major losses in the 2010 midterm elections, including a strong indication of losing the House of Representatives. If that is the case, why would Obey want to win another election and lose his chairmanship?

As Red State points out, what a coincidence that Sarah Palin would endorse Sean Duffy one day and David Obey calls it quits a day later.

Elect Sean Duffy.

What Obey’s retirement means from MSNBC

Projections for this fall’s midterm show Republicans poised to make big gains in the House, perhaps coming close to or even taking over control of the House. Republicans need 40 seats to win control. Obey, the third-longest serving member in the House, behind John Dingell and John Conyers, may not have wanted another potentially tough race, when his last one was nearly two decades ago.

Actually, all indication show that Republican House victories could be greater in 2010 than they were in 1994 when there was a 54 seat swing. The mood of the country is against incumbents and the party in power, that would be Democrats. Presidents usually lose seats in the first midterm election; however, Obama’s loses could be epic and historic.

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