Iran Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri Defects to US


Breaking News, or is it …

Win one for the good guys.  Missing Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientists, disappeared last June in Saudi Arabia has been found to know by the CIA’s new best friend. According to an ABC Exclusive, has Shahram Amiri defected to the CIA and been resettled in the United States.

An award-winning Iranian nuclear scientist, who disappeared last year under mysterious circumstances, has defected to the CIA and been resettled in the United States, according to people briefed on the operation by intelligence officials.

The officials were said to have termed the defection of the scientist, Shahram Amiri, “an intelligence coup” in the continuing CIA operation to spy on and undermine Iran’s nuclear program.

A spokesperson for the CIA declined to comment. In its declassified annual report to Congress, the CIA said, “Iran is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons though we do not know whether Tehran eventually will decide to produce nuclear weapons.”

Although the news is great that we have a defector and the CIA should be congratulated for their fine work, is this news really an Exclusive, and is it really news? Hot Air seems to think the timing is rather coincidental.Why is ABC News doing Nancy Grace-like bombshell reporting of news when the UK Daily Telegraph reported the news four months ago?

A couple of things. One: This is just the latest reminder that the CIA’s doing some bang-up work these days (no pun intended). Hats off to Panetta and crew. Two: This isn’t news. Amiri was suspected of having either defected to the west or been kidnapped by western spies right after he went missing, for obvious reasons. The Sunday Telegraph reported four months ago that it was indeed a defection and that he’d given up the goods on Iran’s nuclear program — specifically, the inner workings of the formerly secret site at Qom that was revealed last summer.

Could ABC’s reporting be in conjunction with the White House’s agenda and the joint presser with Obama and Sarkozy or is it just coincidence? Hard to tell these days with the state run MSM.  Does any one really think Iran gives a hoot about UN sanctions? They will laugh them off like they have done all the rest, but I guess this time the UN and Obama really means it.

With the president of France at his side, President Barack Obama declared Tuesday he hopes to have international sanctions against Iran in place “within weeks,” not months, because of its continuing nuclear program. But he acknowledged he still lacks full support at the United Nations.

“Do we have unanimity in the international community? Not yet,” Obama said. “And that’s something that we have to work on.”

Of course we should all be appreciative that a weak approach by the Obama Administration with Iran for one year now presents the fact that Iran capable of producing nukes.  Way to keep the pressure on nuts like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his obsession with obtaining nukes. Way to protect the interests and national security of the United States with this passive at best foreign policy on Iran. However, as Atlas Shrugs states, “Obama is too busy stealing from the working, from the private sector, and from our children to fund his communist revolution to be concerned with national security.”

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