Classless … Barack Obama Jokes with Jon Stewart on Daily Show About Iran Nuclear Deal



The Comedian in Chief is at it again … How sad is it that Barack Obama is only comfortable going on a comedy show to discuss life and death matters like arming Iran with nukes? It is pathetic that a president is allowed to go on a non-serious show with such important topics and lie through his teeth about this lousy deal with Iran. To make matters worse, its not like Stewart is going to confront him on his lies, instead Stewart just makes a joke about it because after all, its a comedy show.  How is allowing a radical Islamic, state sponsor of terror country like Iran a laughing matter.

President Barack Obama used a playful environment Tuesday to hit his critics on the Iran nuclear deal.

He said that critics of the deal apparently think, “if you had brought Dick Cheney to the negotiations, everything would be fine,” according to the White House press pool report.

Check out the 6:05 mark of the VIDEO where Jon Stewart may have gotten in the zinger of the night in a not so subtle way as Obama takes a breathe and thinks to himself, its good that he is on my side. Obama says of Iran, “But with respect to Iran, look this is an adversary. They are anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, they sponsor terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Jon Stewart mockingly replies, “Sounds like a good partner for peace” and then basically laughs in the president’s face. Honestly, that is the Iran nuclear deal in a nutshell. It is no laughing matter that Obama has provided a legal pathway to a nuclear bomb to Iran and yet one just shakes their head as this terrible, terrible and dangerous deal.

Jon Stewart Talks with Obama for One Last Time

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    2 Responses to “Classless … Barack Obama Jokes with Jon Stewart on Daily Show About Iran Nuclear Deal”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 22nd, 2015 12:41 pm

      Barry is a narcissist that believes he is the smartest man in the room no matter where he is present. The sad truth is he is just an evil man who behaves like a spoiled child when questioned.

      He folded like a cheap suit in negotiations with Iran. He accomplished nothing to protect the United States or the rest of the world from the evil acts Iran will try to carry out.

    2. Teresa on July 22nd, 2015 3:33 pm

      we have one sorry president… I have no respect for him

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