Joe the Plumber, Danny Tarkanian, Ralph Bristol & Thomas Paine Rock Nashville, TN … The American Liberty Rally


The American Liberty Rally – Nashville, TN edition

The resounding message … WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!

Friday night in Nashville, TN … vocal Tea Party go’ers showed for the American Liberty Tour and rocked the Nashville Auditorium in opposition against big government, big spending, higher taxes, and the socialism of healthcare, business and banking and Barack Obama’s policies. However, make no mistake about it Republicans, you have been put on notice as well … this is an American grass roots movement, if you fail to listen to “We the People” you will get your pink slips as well.

The event speakers consisted of Joe the Plumber, Republican Nevada Senate challenger Danny Tarkanian, Super Talk 99.7’s Ralph Bristol, and Thomas Paine were amount many who reved up the crowd.

Watch a non-astroturf movement in action … Congrats to “You the People” for standing up, making your voices heard and participating in Democracy in action by getting involved. KUDOS NASHVILLE, TN.

American Liberty Rally: Danny Tarkanian – Part 1

“We have a ‘Harry’ problem in Washington, DC and its going to be my duty to get that problem out of DC and send it back to Nevada to stay there”
American Liberty Rally: Ralph Bristol – Part 2
They did not count on “We the People”
Socialized Medicine will not pass, NOT ON THE TEA PARTIES WATCH !
Cap & Tax will not reach the Presidents desk, NOT ON THE TEA PARTIES WATCH!

American Liberty Rally: Thomas Paine – Part 3

It’s not about this [skin color] its about this, AMERICA!
Principle does matter what skin color you are, right is right and wrong is wrong
Two million peaceful protesters are categorized as invisible.
American Liberty Rally: Joe Wurzelbacher aka “Joe the Plumber” – Part 4
“That’s what the Tea Party is here, We need to vote people in that are actually going to represent us as Americans”
“It is the American peoples responsibility to hold your elected officials accountable.”
Americans: Responsibility, Accountability, Education and the Constitution … with those four things we cannot go wrong.

The Tennessee Tea Party was there in support of taking back America. Thank you all for your hospitality.

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    3 Responses to “Joe the Plumber, Danny Tarkanian, Ralph Bristol & Thomas Paine Rock Nashville, TN … The American Liberty Rally”

    1. Tarkanian Sucks on September 24th, 2009 2:46 am

      Danny Tarkanian. The man with out a record. The man who donated money to liberal congresswoman Shelly Berkley. The son of a mom who is a democrat serving the Las Vegas council. The son of a dad who attended fundraisers for Harry Reid. Danny Tarkanain sounds like anouther Harry Reid to me. If I was from Nevada I wouldn’t vote for this son of a ***** ever.

    2. Bill on October 8th, 2009 2:45 pm

      Go! Danny Go! Stick to your guns. We need you to defeat Harry “the Red”.

    3. Tea Party Candidate to Challenge Harry Reid in Nevada Senate Race | Scared Monkeys on February 14th, 2010 5:12 pm

      [...] had an opportunity to meet and hear Republican candidate Danny Tarkanian when he came to Nashville, TN with The American Liberty Rally with Joe the Plumber, et al. The voters of Nevada need to support whomever wins the Republican [...]

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