Tea Party Candidate to Challenge Harry Reid in Nevada Senate Race


The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the Nevada Tea Party is going to run a candidate against Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in this years Nevada midterm election. This is where the Tea Party movement hasn’t a clue and fails in its long term goals. If the Tea Party wants to be a third party all they will accomplish is electing Democrats by splitting the vote.

Sun columnist Jon Ralston is reporting that the Tea Party has qualified as a third party in Nevada and will have a candidate in the Senate race to battle for the seat held by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The party has filed a Certificate of Existence but needs to get 1 percent of the electorate to vote for its candidate in November to permanently qualify, according to the report.

Ralston reported that Jon Ashjian will be the Tea Party’s U.S. Senate candidate on the November ballot. Ashjian still must declare his candidacy.

According to the Tea Party’s constitution, the Tea Party of Nevada will “promote this nation’s founding principles of freedom, liberty and a small representative government. That’s nice, are you also for another Reid reelection? Because your Tea Party candidate will only harm the Republican that wins the primary who faces Dingy Harry.

Harry Reid already faces a strong Republican challenge that includes former state Senator Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian and former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle. According to recent polls, Reid trails all of the Republican challengers in his bid for reelection.

I say the following as a fellow Tea Party member … The Tea Party’s job should not be to reinvent the wheel, but to make the existing Republican Party better. Or if there is a worthy Democrat candidate/Independent, then to support that person. The Tea Party has an opportunity to be a great voice and an influential one. However, not if they shoot themselves in the foot and act like they are some group that is suddenly going to be elected into office just like that. That mentality will only act as a decisive measure that will ensure Democrats and in this case Reid’s election.

I had an opportunity to meet and hear Republican candidate Danny Tarkanian when he came to Nashville, TN with The American Liberty Rally with Joe the Plumber, et al. The voters of Nevada need to support whomever wins the Republican primary, that includes the Tea Party. Not blind support, but make your voice be heard and which candidate will follow the closest to the bylaws of the Tea Party. Do not run a third party candidate, you will do nothing but harm the very cause you wish to effectuate change.

Danny Tarkanian speaking in Nashville, TN

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    6 Responses to “Tea Party Candidate to Challenge Harry Reid in Nevada Senate Race”

    1. Registered Independent on February 14th, 2010 5:34 pm

      H. Ross Perot, take two… I wouldn’t be surprised if the dems contribute heavily to Jon Ashjian’s campaign.

    2. Scared Monkeys on February 14th, 2010 6:47 pm

      #1, I would agree with you 100%.

      The Tea Party diminishes itself when it picks a 3rd party candidate in a high stakes political election like this.

      It is one thing to start on a local level and build up to creating a party, but in this case they should be co-opting the Republican candidate that best meets their views and principles.

      I will not give a dime or support to the Tea Party candidate and I am a Tea Partier, but will the primary winning Republican.

    3. Bruce Overson on February 16th, 2010 10:58 am

      Good ole Ross Perot must be hanging out in Vegas for the duration. I can think of NOTHING MORE STUPID for a conservative to do than to run a third party candidate against Reid.

      The guy allegedly heading up the Tea Party is an attorney named Barry Levinson at 702-836-9696. Maybe some people should call his law office and tell him what they think about this hatchet job….it’s either a liberal plant/plot or the result of inflated egos….either way it is just plain WRONG.

      I have given megabucks to the Tea Party movement….and if this kinda crap keeps up a whole bunch of us are gonna stop doing that.

    4. Mike Meeks - Villa Rica, Georgia on February 18th, 2010 8:56 am

      I agree 1,000% and am horrified that
      at this point someone may dilute the chances of getting Harry Reid out of office and new leadership installed in the Senate.

      EVERYONE across the country, including Tea Party loyalist, should rally their support, financial and otherwise, behind whomever wins the Republican primary in the unified effort to oust Reid.

      If known, could someone please post Jon Ashjian’s e-mail address so that very concerned citizens, like me, can strongly urge him not to throw his hate in the ring in the November election.

      And then let’s turn our attention toward getting Nancy Pelosi removed as the Speaker of the House. She will NEVER be voted out of her San Francisco district, but if the nation sends more Republicans than Democrats to Congress this November, at least she will no longer be Speaker, and 3rd in line to be President!

    5. Fed Up on February 23rd, 2010 9:39 pm

      This alleged “Tea Party” is NOT affiliated with the Tea Party Movement. Is it possible that this TEA PARTY is financed by the DNC and perhaps by Reid himself so to split the vote here for the right?

      The left will say or do anything to gain/retain power. And if that means dishonesty, lies, ending the Constitution you can rest assured NOTHING will stand in their wicked way.

      Open your eyes America, the truth is right under your noses.

    6. Doug Rodrigues on February 26th, 2010 11:40 am

      The person running as a candidate of the “TEA Party” is unknown to the people who are the actual demonstrators (I am one) in the real TEA Party movenment. This is more than likely a set-up by the Harry Reid people in attempt to split the vote. I’m sure after the background of the fake “TEA Party” group is investigated, we’ll find out it’s Harry Reid’s people.

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