Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released – Lee Anthony Granted Immunity?


Orlando, Florida– Over 1500 pages of New Discovery have been released by the State’s Attorney’s Office in the Case against Casey Anthony for the murder of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony.

A source speaking on condition of anonymity to, believes almost half of the information contained in the reports relates to Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiancee’.

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    8 Responses to “Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released – Lee Anthony Granted Immunity?”

    1. Carolyn on July 30th, 2009 3:11 pm

      She did it. Put her under the jail. Do not realease her back into society. She did one good thing in her life, then she destroyed it.

    2. Carolyn on July 30th, 2009 3:11 pm

      She did it. Put her under the jail. Do not release her back into society. She did one good thing in her life, then she destroyed it.

    3. Greg the mongoose on July 30th, 2009 4:29 pm

      Lee Anthony Granted Immunity? Why? He must have ratted out his sister, mom, and dad.

    4. Melanie on July 31st, 2009 6:11 am

      It is such a disgrace that they now want to frame Jesse Grund. Uhm..did Casey not say she left the little baby at the babysitter? So how the hell then does Jesse fit into the picture? It truly is despicable. And its so far-fetched..and over reaching on her side thats its almost laughable if it wasn’t so insane and horrible. That bitch is now seriously starting to make me want her to die…..

    5. l driggers on July 31st, 2009 1:32 pm

      I have been following this case from the beginning. When did Lee Anthony get immunity?

    6. ANewGirl on July 31st, 2009 3:20 pm

      #5- Go to—-but I don’t think it has been 100% confirmed. It was REFERRED to only in a recent document dump of 1500 plus pages from Law Enforcement.

    7. CT on August 5th, 2009 8:44 pm

      I would suspect, that if LEE A was given immunity it was because he had that laptop for more than two hours that night, and he erased things on it. That is what I believe, he is complicit in the attempt to cover up Caylee’s death, just as much as Cindy George and Casey are.
      Worlds worst people. Period.

      Caylee Didn’t have a chance, her chance at Adoption and a safe life was stolen from her by a selfish Cindy A. Game Over.


    8. sus on January 30th, 2010 4:14 am

      wow ct,i appreciate your insight! had not entirely thought this whole situation through in quite some time as the media has moved on somewhat and this whole case has truly(even in this day and age of desensitive~ation,sadly my own included)disturbed me deeply. the idea of that dear child possibly seeing her killer, looking into her mothers eyes wondering why,why am i being hurt?(i am not claiming to know what happened nor that i know for a fact that it was mommy dearest- but come on folks, dont we all know in our broken hearts?)do we think of this anymore- do we actually picture this innocent child in those last horrible moments in sheer terror- so innocently, i will continue to repeat innocently ,hurting inside for her own self,SCARED, wondering what she could have done wrong,because after all,that is how children think,right?we all know that. they think they must have done somemthing to deserve it when mommy and daddy get divorced,let alone when they are being murdered!!!maybe she didnt see her killers eyes, maybe said killer did her the ‘nicety’ of “putting her to sleep” first.maybe to help the murderer swallow this pill easier- maybe to help make it easier to sleep at night, or possibly just to actually make it physically easier on said killer.i do not know how everyone else believes but as for myself i can say that i know for a fact that children are far more intuitive,perhaps “sixth sense~ish”(?) than we turn i believe that however the last moments of this all too short life were spent on earth this precious little baby knew what evil surrounded her.she knew it was there and she was afraid and noone was there to keep her safe,NOONE!alone in her terror she was ripped from this world,murdered,MURDERED at the age of three! alone and murdered!most likely by the one person she undoubtedly loved so completely and always would~~do we get to that unpleasant reality in our hearts and minds anymore? caylee did.
      i realize many folks believe in God,myslef being one of them, and i understand that changes those last moments to some extent. i would assume that would be when the good Lord would wrap little caylee in love and carry her soul safely home~ hence she was anything but alone at those last horrific momnents.
      these conflicting thoughts are just that,a few of my thoughts and feelings. i make no excuses for my inadeqecies and inconsistencies,however i will make a small effort to explain and also to some extent qualify myself.i was stirred by “ct’s” comment “her chance at adoption and a safe life was stolen from her by a selfish cindy” (her grandmother) i too was a teenage mother , my child, who was eventually for all intents and purposes raised by my parents,is now a 22 year old man and perfect(i am aware that this statement is made wearin mommy goggles!)and for that i am eternally greatful. we have a beautiful relationship.this is my reference to make te following comments-when following this case earlier cindy made several comments implying that she knew that casey was not ready for the selflessness it takes to raise a child. this makes ct’s comment very much so on target for me- knowing her daughter long before caylees’ arrival cindy,as the only adult here had a responsibilty to this baby- and in my humble opinion , if she was not willing or able to care for this baby herself then i believe the onus was in her to then either seek out the resources TO rise to the occaision here and raise this baby or to do exactly as ct said and give this child a safe life- A LIFE-and find a family that could. but no- she wanted neither to upset her already obviously screwed up daughter and suggest this, or simply DO this knowing her daughter was MORE than unstable, nor did she ever just take full responsibility and require casey to step up herself before ever even leaving the house with that child. she knew, cindy knew thre was no job, she knew her daughter was galavanting around and not parenting- believe me , she knew. and this CAN be done, could have been done , LONG before this ever happened, and i know because it WAS done to me when i decided to make similar immature choices as that “tot mom”. my mother loved myself and my child enough to save me from myself- and we are all here to tell the tales- tales of pain, sometimes anguish, love, much happiness and joy- but most of all we are ALL HERE TO TELL THIS STORY! as for why i felt the need to attempt in some small way to relive what that baby might have gone through- though i do believe in my heart that God was with her in the end, it is this– i think all to often, myself included, and who knows, maybe only myself, we see these stories and we are so desensitized as to the fact that these are real people and these are REAL babies- hell i dont know- i guess i just wanted to hurt somehow for her in some small way- with her- wanted her to NOT fell afraid- wanted to somehow write her pain and make it real to me- so as to feel that i was with her- maybe i am nuts- i really dont know how to express what i mean- only that not for nothing- caylee anthony was- and she was real, and she was special, and i am sure she was loved- i can plainly see that her grandfather loved her selflessly- not for nothing – she was here, and she was important!

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