Acorn, Some Times they Feel Like a Nut and Some times They are Just NUTS!!! ACORN Defeated by Tea Party Patriots


So what does ACORN have against Tea Party go’ers and the facts? Appears to be a lot.

Take a good look how this tax payer funded organization acts … FREE SPEECH and political dissent be damned.  ACORN has received such bad PR for their voter registration scandals, they now have to operate under a new front names, like Acorn affiliate group Act Now. Check out NYGOE,  and see what happens when ACORN types cannot win the battle of facts. Why would ACORN folks feel the need to threaten people like common street thugs? Instead, they try to intimidate and lose that battle as well as they cut and ran.

KUDOS to those that would stand their ground for the facts and free speech

Dealing with the uninformed of America.
ACORN affiliates: Organize For America, ACT-Now, & USA-CAN were pushing blank signatures upon shoppers at a mall.
As Michelle Malkin states, ACORN just cant stand real grass-roots competition.

As The Underground Conservative says, ACORN goes NUTS!!! This segways perfectly to a Tea Party rally attended early this year in Tennessee. Check out the Phil Valentine, syndicated Talk Show host, video below from Nashville, TN Tea Party regarding ACORN

 I understand we have some ACORN folks in the crowd, they truly are NUTS!

Moe Lane at Red State has the perfect set of rules in how to ruin a professional agitation group’s day. Works for me.

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    2 Responses to “Acorn, Some Times they Feel Like a Nut and Some times They are Just NUTS!!! ACORN Defeated by Tea Party Patriots”

    1. SUPER DAVE on July 27th, 2009 8:02 am

      some crooks don’t like to called out in public. seems acorn is one of those crooks.

    2. Dolf on August 3rd, 2009 8:34 am

      didn’t they fire the ones who were responsible for the fraud?

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