Colin Powell Suddenly has Doubts on Obama Agenda … Americans Like Taxes … Can’t Afford Taxes


What, the medias greatest Republican moderate has doubts with Obama’s agenda … will this get air time on the networks?

Colin Powell suddenly is concerned and realizes that the country has not changed, but his support for Obama’s agenda has. You mean Americans don’t want to pay more taxes? How clueless could one be and what worse advice was every offered? And no, you are not a Republican.


Colin Powell proves to be the voice of reason not to listen to. Talk about your waffling on an important issue. First he supports Barack Obama and taxing Americans stating that Americans want to pay taxes for services, now suddenly, not so much.  Hey Colin, can I have some syrup and butter on those waffles with a side of hash browns! So what has happened to make Colin Powell change his mind?

Maybe it’s the ground swell of American outrage bubbling below the surface, the consumer confidence going down, the growing number of unemployed people and the fact that Obama’s policies are accomplishing nothing but putting us in debt. Maybe it is actually because Americans do not want to pay higher taxes for services!

Colin Powell stated in May 2009 that Americans wanted to pay more taxes. I guess the moderate Republican believed VP Biden’s BS that paying taxes is patriotic.

Now, suddenly Powell doubts Obama’s agenda as it will increase the size of the federal government and debt too much. Really Mr. Wizard?

Colin Powell, one of President Obama’s most prominent Republican supporters, expressed concern Friday that the president’s ambitious blitz of costly initiatives may be enlarging the size of government and the federal debt too much.

“I’m concerned at the number of programs that are being presented, the bills associated with these programs and the additional government that will be needed to execute them,” Mr. Powell said in an excerpt of an interview with CNN’s John King, released by the network Friday morning.

As The Gateway Pundit aptly states to Powell’s comments regarding the US not being able to afford Obama’s out of control spending, “Gee, ya think? Obama’s only quadrupled the national deficit in one year.”

The rats are jumping off the S.S. Obama.

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    22 Responses to “Colin Powell Suddenly has Doubts on Obama Agenda … Americans Like Taxes … Can’t Afford Taxes”

    1. DePlume on July 4th, 2009 11:37 am

      Colin Powell was blinded by the light, put his sunglasses on and discovered it was . . . glitter to dazzle and distract.

    2. Tamikosmom on July 4th, 2009 12:40 pm

      Colin Powell has supported a conservative ideology from way back. That is the reason he is a politician that represents the Republican Party.

      Powell’s support of Barack Obama who embrace an extreme left-wing ideology … was based on a racist agenda and had nothing to do with his political ideology.

      Powell forgot that the color of a man/woman’s skin is not the factor when casting that precious vote … the political ideology of the candidate is where it is at.

    3. St Stephen on July 4th, 2009 1:05 pm

      Colin Powell IS a Republican and a damn good one to boot.

      Those who wish the party to be an exclusionary one should just snap out of it IF they want the party to achieve success in 2010 and 2012.

      I admire his service to the country which many criticizing him do not share nor have been in. He had the intestinal fortitude and patriotic frame of mind to maintain his military career with pride and honor and I salute him for his service to OUR country.

      So you can knock this American military General all you want as it IS a free country because of the efforts of this soldier AND millions of men and women like him.

      I want this man in the Republican fold. He is a free thinker and can benefit the party immensely, just as soon to be ex-Gov. Sarah Palin and Governor Mitt Romney will.

    4. St Stephen on July 4th, 2009 1:09 pm

      …and to refer to a patriot of Gen Colin Powell’s stature as a “rat” only displays the ignorance of the one who writes the diatribe.

      To one and all, a happy July 4th holiday.

      May we never forget the sacrifices that led to our freedoms and may we be ever vigilant in preserving them!

    5. Colin Powell Suddenly has Doubts on Obama Agenda … Americans Like Taxes … Can’t Afford Taxes | Presidency News - News, articles and blog posts about The Presidency on July 4th, 2009 2:38 pm

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    6. Scared Monkeys on July 4th, 2009 2:42 pm


      I agree with you on many things, not this.

      I do not consider anyone a Republican who voted for Barack Obama. Anyone with a clue knew what Obama was. Also, if you can’t understand a metaphor of a rat jumping off the ship thnn maybe you might look in the ignorance mirror.

      If you think the posts are so igorant, than why are you here?

      There is nothing worse than a fair weathered individual trying to make political hay.

      Powell needs to make up his mind just what he is. Barack Obama has always been a socialist, Powell, where do you stand?

    7. Scared Monkeys on July 4th, 2009 3:39 pm

      Colin Powell should know better.

      He knows damn well that he is respected and people hinge on his every word, especially when a GWB Cabinet member suddenly supports, backs, and votes for the liberal opposition party.

      It does not make Powell an Independent to vote for and state that Americans want to pay more taxes, it makes him a fool.

      What I am most disappointed in Powell is that he has always tried to be apolitical. However, Obama gets in office and he feels the need to make such and ignorant comment on taxes.

      The government should only provide services that private enterprise cannot, PERIOD!.

      Not this socialism BS while taxing the people to death.

    8. St Stephen on July 4th, 2009 4:30 pm


      There were Reagan democrats, there were Obama republicans, simple as that, it got him in.

      To say he isn’t a republican appears delusitory on your part, he is a republican. He made his mind up on that decades ago. Whatever led him to vote for another party is what led other republicans to do the same, and yes, republicans did vote for him(President Obama) and they are still republicans.

      My opinion on certain posts and comments are just that, opinions. They are as valid or invalid as any one elses. That is why I am here, to merely give an opinion, since you asked.

      I forget at times the thin skin that is sometimes donned here by people who can freely dish it out but are unable to withstand the criticism when directed at them.(Although I did like the “ignorance mirror” quip directed at me, thanks. :-)

      The Republican party is not a religion, it is a political party, and wishing someone away, like excommunicating Powell, falls flat, like a lead balloon. It ain’t happening.

      Everbody makes a mistake, and it is good, refreshing and necessary that Colin Powell is reassessing his decisions in the right direction(one can hope).
      SM: All i am saying is that Powell is a respected man and his words means something. Him backing Obama on taxes while being a so-called Republican is as far from Republican principle as it gets. So it makes one wonder why Powell backed Obama.

      Powell has to decide what he is. Republican or Democrat. Either is fine, just say it. Because there is no way in hell one could vote for a socialist and call themself a Rep.

      To be honest with you, John McCain should have been a perfect candidate for Powell, so why did hr back a liberal, socialist like Obama? Hmm, I wonder. It would appear that Powell was not voting for the content of one’s character.

      To compare Reagan Dems to Obama Reps is a misnomer. Obama is a socialist, Reagan was not a Fascists, much to the moonbats dismay.

    9. Justen Robertson on July 4th, 2009 8:27 pm

      I don’t know if that’s fair. The alternative would be that he stubbornly sticks to his support of Obama despite realizing that things aren’t going how he expected. I’d much rather he voices his criticism; if a few people listen to him, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. He’s one of the only Republicans who is not completely discredited at this point. Both parties have completely failed this country continuously and repeatedly this year, so personally I’m happy to see that there are some people who will break with the party line – even when they’re wrong. It shows independent thinking and that’s what we need, not just right now, but always.

    10. dee on July 4th, 2009 10:02 pm

      I am sorry I like the CP, he should have run for Pres I would have voted for him not not silly a$$ Obama and his Ignorant side like…where is the posting of Biden talking mess about Suaddam, you dont insult the dead especially in the own mans prior home…

      dont start bashing me about what Saddam did I am fully aware my husband is a US Army soldier and I work for the GOV…but come on lets not piss on the mans grave…this is about human dignity and we ALL are Gods children good or bad…but a stupid ass comment like this can get many soldiers hurt less we forget there is still supporters out out there for Saddman…

      how about just praising the wonder hard woek the troops have done, and move on who wants to hear hate when youare their to clebrate a wonderful occassion.

      USE you HEAD Ding Dong!

      Lossing fatih and hope quick!

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    12. Max von Feuer on July 5th, 2009 3:15 am

      Colin Powell is a affirmative action general.
      He left Fort Carson, Colorado with a bad efficiency rating. (Powell’s military career was over at that point) He called up Henry Kissinger and asked him for help with saving his career. They had met earlier and Powell Kissed Kissinger’s ASS.

      Henry Kissinger got Colin Powell transferred to the white house. The rest is history.

      Also Powell is responsible for the USA going into 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

    13. Max von Feuer on July 5th, 2009 3:34 am

      Correction a affirmative action general who endorsed a affirmative action President.

      Yes, the rat getting off the sinking affirmative action ship.

    14. rightknight on July 5th, 2009 4:13 pm

      Powell was educated and trained as a Military Person,
      and as such seemed to be a great tactician. In the
      political arena he is at a loss for certain. He may be
      called a “Republican” by some, but, is not a Constitutional
      Conservative. The line is blurred between the current
      two parties right now. Powell is blurred also, and therefore
      not a legitimate political asset! The Constitution comes
      first in the cause of Freedom.

    15. rightknight on July 5th, 2009 4:31 pm

      The Party must realize the Country has
      changed. Tax Payers no longer want to
      pay for the services Government offers
      to Non-Tax Payers. Tax Payers do not
      want the Government splurging taxes
      on each and every whim that surfaces.
      The current Administration, and recent
      Previous Administrations are guilty of
      reckless fiduciary responsibility. Where,
      and on what have they spent our cash?
      Colin Powell is simply out of touch.

      Where’s my double scoop of Certificate
      of Live Birth a la President Supreme?

    16. Ray on July 6th, 2009 4:12 am

      Powell is wrong,people love services,but hate taxes. They want everything free.

    17. Dolf on July 7th, 2009 5:29 am

      think that if a showndown Powell vs Obama had happened, Powell would have won it.

      heck…all us European liberals would have voted for him too.

    18. Michelle Smith on July 7th, 2009 12:23 pm

      Colin Powell has lost all credibility with me.

    19. Scott on July 7th, 2009 2:39 pm

      Colin Powell did NOT want to be labeled an “uncle Tom” by the leftist owned press nor by his race…but he is an uncle Tom who WAS AT THE FOREFRONT of the IRAQ War under GWB.

    20. Scott on July 7th, 2009 2:40 pm

      #17 – who cares who would vote for. you are IRRELEVANT in our country. Thank you!

    21. Dolf on July 8th, 2009 5:24 am

      no scott, you think that

      luckely, I and 99,99999999999999% of the worlds population don’t care what you think.

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