Hey Obama & Democrats, 56% of Americans Say They Will Not Pay More Taxes To Fight Global Warming


Why is Barack Obama and the Democrats not doing the will of “We the People”?

Obama and his poll numbers are coming to realize that it’s not easy being green, nor isObama_green it what the majority of the people want as compared to creating jobs and reducing taxes.

Hey Barack Obama, Democrats and 8 Turncoat Republicans, here are some poll numbers you can believe in. 56% of Americans are not willing to pay higher taxes and utility costs (ie. cap and trade) to fight so-called global warming.  America is starting to get informed and have wizened up to the tax and spend liberal socialism of the Obama Administration. Is it any wonder why The One’s poll numbers continue to slide. America gave Obama the benefit of the doubt and wanted this President to succeed; however, Socialism and high taxes in the teeth of a recession is not what they bargained for.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of Americans say they are not willing to pay more in taxes and utility costs to generate cleaner energy and fight global warming.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, taken since the climate change bill was passed on Friday, finds that 21% of Americans are willing to pay $100 more per year for cleaner energy and to counter global warming. Only 14% are willing to pay more than that amount.

As US unemployment rates rise to 9.5% and headed to over 10%, Obama continues his taxing ways in the teeth of a recession as 467,000 lost jobs in June 2009. Also, consumer confidence is also down as Americans see no viable change with this President. 42% of Americans had already stated that “Cap & Trade” would harm the economy while only 15% said it would have no impact, yet he continues down the green, black hole.

Here are some more poll numbers from a recent Rasmussen Report that were conducted after passage of the “cap and trade” tax bill that Democrats might want to ponder for the upcoming 2010 midterm elections

  • Fifty-two percent (52%) of all adults say it is more important to keep the cost of energy as low as possible than it is to develop clean, environmentally friendly sources of energy.
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) rate creating jobs as more important than taking steps to stop global warming.

How out of touch is this White House with the plight of the American people? Obama has one agenda and one only, to create a Nanny, socialist government that people are dependent on at all cost. He claims to create jobs, that are simply not there. How else can one explain ignoring the will of the people, nationalizing private industry and continually raising taxes during a recession as more and more Americans become unemployed.

It is safe to say that the only thing green with Obama is … his economic policies.

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    11 Responses to “Hey Obama & Democrats, 56% of Americans Say They Will Not Pay More Taxes To Fight Global Warming”

    1. Richard Matthews on July 3rd, 2009 11:14 am

      As a small business consultant I have followed the Waxman-Markey Bill from its inception. I am truly amazed at the amount of misinformation that passes for fact regarding the bill. Although the American public is not currently behind cap-and-trade legislation, this can be remdied by better communications.

      Please see my refutation of your post against cap-and-trade.


      I welcome your comments and/or disagreement.

    2. USS Yorktown on July 3rd, 2009 5:13 pm

      Global Warming is a fraud. Earth’s climate changes all the time. We can’t change it.

    3. Scared Monkeys on July 3rd, 2009 8:19 pm

      #1. Are you going to tell us that it is not going to raise energy prices for American families? Cuz that would be BS?

      #2. I must have missed the part where China and India passed “crap & trade”.

      #3. Do you actually think it right that Congress is passing bills and inflicting it on Americans when they never even read the friggin bill?

      #4. Oh contraire mon frere, the more people find out about this bill, the more they will be pissed off. Going to be hard to explain away the energy increases.

      This Green BS is going to come to an end real quick. I am the first to agree that people should be environmentally conscious and conserve. However, i do not believe in putting us back to the Stone Age while other developing countries play by a different set of rules.

      We need look no further than the EPA withholding emails of global warming to see that this is nothing more than a Democratic power grab.


    4. Dawg1948 on July 3rd, 2009 10:31 pm

      Mr. Matthews, your full of sh**. My electric bills were up to $400 one month about 15 years ago, so we installed additional insulation and did what was financially feasible to reduce the electric bills and energize my house for years our bills were lower, then they started to climb and now they are at least $300 plus per month. With the additional cost to the energy companies from Cap and Trade we will see our electic bills go up.

      In addition you use Clafifornia as the standard on CO2 emissions and Cap and Trade. Excuse me, aren’t they bankrupt. Is California not dealing with IOU’s right now. How many jobs small and otherwise have left Claifornia due to their enviromental insanity and fiscal irresponsibility.

      You also mention China and other foreign third world countries as saying we and other industrialized countries use all the energy why should they worry with Global Warming. Excuse me again, but China has over a billion population should they not practice contraception and since they are the rising industrial giant stop or control the same things we are accused of before the fact not after? How often do you hear of coal miners dying in Chinese mines in large numbers never to be heard from again? The Chinese simply accept that as a price of doing business and fill in the holes and move on. We spend millions trying to exticate the dead bodies of our miners and practice far more mine safety that the Chinese ever thought of. Obviously, this is another poor example, the Chinese don’t intend to reduce their asspirations for you and those like you that are hung up on global warming.

      The truth is the Earth is cooling it is a natural process. Because energy seeks its lowest level which means over Geologic time the earth will attain a temperature of 0 degrees kelvin. The tides act like brakes on the earth’s rotation and eventually the earth will cease to rotate if it lasts that long (many millions of years in Geologic Time). When that happnes one side of the earth will be extremely hot because it constantly faces a sun that will most likely be be a red giant by that time and will be closer and hotter. The other side of the earth will be in total darkness and will be cold constantly. CO2 is not a noxious gas, plants need it to perform respiration which manufactures oxygen which we need to live.

      There is no way that we cannot work technologically with the enviroment and control and limit the impurities in the air and water without destroying our economy and quality of life. Cap and Trade does not allow for nuclear energy which is the cleanest and most efficient source of energy. The program that is needed is a Comprehensive Program, Cap and Trade does not allow for that it merely moves totally away from petrofuels and nuclear energy. This is a recipe for disaster, we need to open gas and oil exploration, we need to use nuclear energy as much as possible where it is feasible and safe as well as harnessing waves, wind, solar power, and biofuels. All Cap and Trade does is limit the enrgy sources and tax the energy producers which in turn will charge the consumers more for energy. We will pay dearly for this policy, it is flawed, it is wrong, and it is nothing more than a way to regain all the money the government has stolen from we the people.

      In addition Cap and Trade will not create jobs the Net effect will be a loss of jobs. For every two jobs created by Cap and Trade we will lose 10 existing jobs. For every 20 jobs created by Cap and Trade only 2 will become permanent. My calculations indicate for 20 Cap and Trade jobs we will loose 200 other jobs and only two jobs will become permanent jobs. It doesn’t sound like a bargain to me, it sounds like more bail out BS. Wheres the beef?

    5. Michelle Smith on July 4th, 2009 6:41 pm

      Dawg1948 Great post!

    6. Dolf on July 7th, 2009 5:34 am

      so the biggest users of energy just are going to do nothing?

      we have to do something about the polution (no global warming bs) and the US, China, India are the biggest poluters or do you like living in smog?
      SM: Are you actually going to compare us to China? Did you watch the Olympics? We do have what’s called an EPA in America. We do an lot when it comes to pollution. You do realize this, right?

      Comparing the US with pollution and China is like comparing human rights.

    7. Dolf on July 7th, 2009 7:55 am

      in energy consumption yes.
      polution: no, China is worse, India is worse

    8. Scott on July 7th, 2009 7:56 am

      Dolf’s is an example of a misinformed idiot!

      700 scientists have said, even one of the EPA’s, that man-made “global warming” is not to the extent the left believes. We need a FIX in the immediate not in the future when really all this green stuff will not change anything of significance except the HIGHEST TAX IN U.S. HISTORY!

      People are waking up to this fradualant scheme.

      We don’t live in “smog” over here brainless.

      You must be in your own green smog over there with your moronic and non-informative posts! Wow!

    9. Dolf on July 8th, 2009 5:32 am


      think the smog killed that brain of yours (assuming you had 1 to begin with)

      you do know what smog is right?

    10. Has Global Warming Ended? NYC Coldest July on Record & Record Lows in July in Nashville, TN | Scared Monkeys on July 25th, 2009 10:17 am

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