Moonbats on Parade at Pepsi Center in Denver, CO … Protesting Democratic Convention


“No cops, no KKK, no fascist USA,” is one chant the marchers used to propel themselves to the Pepsi Center.

The Moonbats on parade. The moonbats were out in force today in an anti-war march in Denver, CO that would lead them to The Pepsi Center, the site of Monday’s Democratic National Convention. So what prominent moonbats present, Cindy Sheehan and Ward Churchill.

Over a thousand protesters marched to the gates of the Pepsi Center today, temporarily closing down access to the site of the Democratic National Convention. Protesters from the Recreate 68 anti-war rally and march briefly sat down, but dispersed peacefully when police asked them to disband. There were no arrests.

Watch the Moonbats for yourself and hear them in their own words as Moonbats say the darnedest things.


As Michelle Malkin writes, the Lefties big triumph of the day was yelling at a Fox News crew. Those Lefties are so famous for their freedoms of speech and disregarding others.

In Denver, Police and Protesters Try to Prepare for Each Other

More than 50,000 visitors will descend on the Mile High City this week, and Denver has spent the past year plotting ways to avoid public embarrassment. The city studied previous convention disturbances and negotiated with several groups that are planning to protest. With an international audience of media members, delegates and the Democratic Party elite expected to arrive this weekend, Denver hopes to capitalize on a chance to re-image itself as “more than a second-tier town,” Hickenlooper said.

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