Clark Rockefeller Positively ID’s by FBI as German National Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter


It started out as what appeared to be an all too common parental abduction of their child. Clark Rockefeller had snatched Reigh Rockefeller (Reigh Storrow Boss) and was presumed headed to the Caribbean. However, Clark Rockefeller was located and arrested by police in Baltimore, MD and Reigh was safely returned to her mother. One would have thought that this story was over. However, it had just begun as no one truly knew who Clark Rockefeller really was.

Clark Rockefeller_1978

The question remained … WHO WAS CLARK ROCKEFELLER?

It now appears that the FBI has positively determined that actual identity of Clark Rockefeller. He is 47 year old German National Karl Gerhartsreiter, born in West Germany in 1961. The FBI says that Rockefeller is definitely Gerhartsreiter. Gerhartsreiter emigrated to the Unites States in 1981. Clark Rockefeller was matched to Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter through finger printing.

The FBI has exposed one of Boston’s “longest cons,” using fingerprints lifted off a wine glass and a 27-year-old immigration document to prove accused kidnapper Clark Rockefeller is really a serial fraud from West Germany.

FBI and Boston law enforcement officials announced yesterday that the bespectacled 47-year-old’s “true” identity is Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, born in West Germany in 1961.

“The FBI’s fingerprint technicians brought science to bear where mere suspicion had prevailed,” said Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, joining the phalanx of top brass at yesterday’s announcement at FBI headquarters in Boston.

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller, is also a person of interest in the 1985 disappearance of a couple in San Marino, CA and a possible  homicide. Fingerprints have also linked Clark Rockefeller to Chris Chichester, an alleged con man from California.

According to the sources, the application was filed in the name of Chris Chichester, an alleged con man California police consider a suspect in the murders of a Los Angeles couple in 1985.

That fingerprint, which sources have told ABC News matches Rockefeller’s fingerprints, was also traced to a German man named Christian Gerhart Streiter, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

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