The abduction of Reigh Rockefeller (Reigh Storrow Boss) by her Father Clark Rockefeller … Sailing to Caribbean?


First there was an AMBER ALERT issued for 7 year old Reigh Rockefeller in Boston, MA. It appeared that this was another common case of a father acting in the emotion of the moment abducting his daughter during a supervised visitation. Amber Alert has been call off; however, the little girl is still missing.


The couple was divorced last December and Boss legally changed her daughter’s name from Reigh Storrow Rockefeller to Reigh Storrow Mills Boss last year

However, it has turned into a much more methodically and orchestrated plan by Clark Rockefeller over the past several months to abduct and kidnap his daughter, Reigh Rockefeller (Reigh Storrow Boss). His plan to kidnap his daughter involving multiple vehicles, accomplices and a yacht

Police said they now believe the man who called himself Clark Rockefeller, aided by at least one accomplice and two escape vehicles, was headed for the 72-foot yacht The Serenity, which he recently purchased and moored somewhere on Long Island, N.Y.

The Coast Guard yesterday sent up a Falcon patrol jet to scour the ocean for the boat, Rockefeller and his daughter, Reigh “Snooks” Storrow Mills Boss.

According to reports, Clark Rockefeller lost custody of Reigh amid concerns that he might attempt to abduct the girl. I guess their concerns were justified, although one would think that if abduction and kidnapping was such a concern, there would have been greater restrictions made for visitation.

Police said Rockefeller goes by the aliases J.P. Clark Rockefeller, James Frederick, Clark Mill Rockefeller and Michael Brown. Although investigators located records listing his date of birth as Feb. 29, 1960, a source said he does not appear to have a valid Social Security number.

Cops fear kidnap suspect Clark Rockefeller is sailing for the Caribbean with his kidnapped daughter

But she said getting a child back home depends on whether the countries involved have signed the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, a treaty designed to provide a smooth and speedy resolution to returning a child taken from one member nation to another.

Millionaire father Clark Rockefeller abducts his daughter Reigh Boss

UPDATE I: BREAKING NEWS - Reigh Boss (Rockefeller) Found Safe … Clark Rockefeller Arrested and in Custody

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    13 Responses to “The abduction of Reigh Rockefeller (Reigh Storrow Boss) by her Father Clark Rockefeller … Sailing to Caribbean?”

    1. AMBER ALERT Issued in Boston, MA for 7 Year Old Missing Reigh Rockefeller … Kidnapped … Arrest Warrant for Clark Rockefeller | Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Site on July 29th, 2008 5:49 am

      [...] UPDATE III: The abduction of Reigh Rockefeller (Reigh Storrow Boss) by her Father Clark Rockefeller [...]

    2. richard on July 29th, 2008 6:42 am

      The insanity spreads … how can it be that so many parents seem to think their child is nothing but a pawn in their own disputes? I presume that this guy is fairly well off, and that his bank accounts, etc., are under scrutiny.

      It appears that child abduction is easy enough to pull off. With the right money, perhaps, the perpetrator can defeat law enforcement.

      It would be just too horrid altogether if this person headed for Aruba. At least Cuba recently returned to America a pervert who abused children.

    3. rockefeller kidnapping on July 29th, 2008 8:12 am

      [...] Reigh Storrow rockefeller to Reigh Storrow Mills Boss last year However, it has turned into a much…criss crosscriss cross In runs scored. It has ever criss cross baseball game and against exercise [...]

    4. brie. on July 29th, 2008 10:57 am

      How do you explain to a child where there mother is? When you know good and well know she is alive and wanting her daughter..that must of been a really ugly divorce…I guess if you have enough money you can do what you want…!

      Perhaps even a parent thinking there could be an abduction wasn’t enough for the courts to warrant and monitor the child visitation…!!

    5. MissKatie on July 29th, 2008 12:18 pm

      Hi there!
      the sad thing when children are abducted like that most often times they are told that their mother either died or that she ran off with someone or possibly that she didnt want them anymore.. can you imagine a child being taken from the care of a mother… how it traumatizes them… they leave their comfort surroundings to a totaly different life… that is such a cruel thing to do to the mother or father … in different cases!!

      I am so sure the little girl misses her mother desperately . and feels lost..that was selfish and cruel on the fatheres part!!. what a life ..SHE will endure . in a different country where the cultures and ways of life are totaly foreign to a small child…

      I hope she found and returned to her mother… if not.. there will become a day when the child becomes old enough to understand what happened and decide for herself .. what was done was not right…

    6. richard on July 29th, 2008 12:59 pm

      Can’t say that I know anyone with any kind of a yacht, much less a 72-foot one. You’d think it would be easy enough to locate, or I would ….

      Isn’t this interesting, a guy with a boat puts a girl on it and vanishes from sight.

      Well, we know that such a thing couldn’t happen with a (slightly older) girl in Aruba, even though private yachts have sailed from the Caribbean clear to Europe, and even though the South American continent is so close.

      Nope, it couldn’t happen.

      How do we know? Dompig said so … or, at least, said that it didn’t happen on the night that Natalee Holloway vanished.

      And if you don’t believe Dompig, who are you going to believe?

    7. brie. on July 29th, 2008 4:26 pm

      #5…MissKatie…such a shame…for someone to take your precious child….it must of been a ugly divorce… with all of his millions why did the mother end up with a social worker watching her child…..there’s more to this story….as usual!!!

    8. Paul on July 29th, 2008 8:29 pm

      What about the mother abducting the child to London. The child had not seen the father for 7 months I heard someone say. How is that legal? Oh yeah thats right Mothers should always get the money and the children because they are better parents and are too weak to provide for their children without the man’s money…..

    9. brie. on July 30th, 2008 11:40 am

      #8…Paul…the mother didn’t abduct the child to London, that is where they were living and at the time of the divorce he wasn’t granted any visitation for fear of abduction….finally he found a way to get a social worker involved so he could see Reigh and then he abducted her, just like the mother feared …a man with numerous alias’s and now we have a mother without her child…he paid someone big bucks….!!!!

    10. MissKatie on July 31st, 2008 4:49 pm

      I havent seen the news media talking to the mother.. maybe she is in seclusion devasted and worried sick.. this man is not stable… we know nothing of the family dynamics other than they were divorcing and he tried to represent as someone from the rockerfeller family….

      poor lil girl must be sad and confused… and theres no telling what the father is saying to her… possibly like I said that the mommy is dead…

      he is sick… from what the news portrays…I just hope he doesnt hurt her.. possibly he took her to hurt the mother….
      what makes him think he can raise her better…
      anyways when he is caught .. he will loose his parental rights forever… lets pray he is caught…

    11. Richard on August 1st, 2008 10:23 pm

      Unless there is clear and overwhelming evidence of violence or potential misconduct, custody AND visition should be awarded equally to mothers and fathers at the moment of divorce. Father’s should not have to “earn” the right to be with their own children. See if this case is not the result of a court favoring the mother over the father to the point of creating desperation with the sad result now apparent to all.

    12. Tony on August 2nd, 2008 4:48 pm

      Everybody is worried about the poor mother losing her daughter and claiming the man must be unstable. That’s bull. Why wasn’t anyone worried when the courts abducted his daughter and told him he couldn’t see her anymore? Everyone assumes that mommy knows best. Where is your proof that he is unstable? Do you assume he is unstable just because he took her? What would you do if some bureaucrat took your child and said you couldn’t see her anymore? Wouldn’t you get mad? Maybe even come up with a plan to get her back?
      I know he lied about his ties to a rich family. Does that make him unstable? Or does it make him just like thousands of other men across the country that lie to get a woman’s attention?

      Number 10 said, “he is sick… from what the news portrays…I just hope he doesnt hurt her..”

      Well gee, if the liberal news said it, it must be true… And why would you think he would hurt his own daughter? The courts took all of his custody rights and said that he couldn’t see his daughter anymore, so he took her. That doesn’t sound like a sick person bound to hurt a child to me, it sounds like a father who misses his child and was afraid that he’d never see her again.

      The courts kidnapped his child from him. Just because a bunch of fat bureaucrats says it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

    13. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, a.k.a. Clark Rockefeller, Found Guilty of Kidnapping 7 Year-old daughter Reigh “Snooks” Boss | Scared Monkeys on June 13th, 2009 10:18 am

      [...] Reigh “Snooks” Boss. Clark Rockefeller was sentenced to 4 to 5 years in prison for abducting his daughter after having lost custody during a court supervised visitation in downtown Boston [...]

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