Gallup Poll: Virtual Tie, Obama 44% – McCain 42% … Where be the Bounce?


According to the Gallup Poll, its a virtual tie between Obama and McCain for the Fall election. One thing is for certain, there was no bounce for Obama after he locked up the Democratic nomination. The fact that there continues to be no bounce in the polls is a bad sign for Obama when all had predicted at least a 10 point lead following rapping up the nomination. So why is it that such a charismatic candidate and the media darling has no momentum? Maybe because voters realize he is all talk.

PRINCETON, NJ — Voters are closely divided between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, with 44% of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42% backing McCain.

Gallup states that there appears to be the large number of undecided voters,15% not favoring either major-party candidate. This includes 7% of voters who say they are undecided and 8% who say they will not vote for either candidate. No Quarter seems to think one of the reasons for the lack of support for Obama was the way in which they have failed to reach out to Hillary supporters. 

According to a recent Rasmussen and CNN poll is was a tie as well.

UPDATE I: NEW R-J NEVADA POLL: McCain 44%, Obama 42%

With five months until Election Day, a lot can and will happen, Coker noted. But the poll shows that the two candidates begin the general election season evenly matched in Nevada, a state that has voted for the winner of every presidential race with the exception of 1976.

UPDATE II: 3 likely candidates express little interest in VP

What is most interesting is that no one in the Democratic Party on the VP A-list appears to want to be Obama’s VP on the ticket. Mark Warner of VA is the latest to take his name out of the running for VP.

UPDATE III: Hmm … Comments from the Left … I guess Red State got the non-Obama bounce wrong as well and did not read the link either, NOT! Wait until the true Independents and Conservative Democrats cross over to McCain and the Left loses their collective minds. Obama is too liberal for America and talk is cheap.

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    8 Responses to “Gallup Poll: Virtual Tie, Obama 44% – McCain 42% … Where be the Bounce?”

    1. caesu on June 15th, 2008 8:35 pm

      Rasmussen poll done on the same day and Obama is leading 7%.

      SM: FYI, in the future with long url’s … go to


    2. Tabula Rasa | Comments from Left Field on June 15th, 2008 11:52 pm

      [...] at Memeorandum:  Scared Monkeys (Highly disingenuous here.  One wonders if the author actually even bothered to click on the link [...]

      Awe … when liberals do not like what the message … they attack the messenger … Wait until the campaign gets closer to the election and they begin to lose their collective minds.

      What kind of comment would we expect from Kool-Aide drinking liberals. Attacking those for their opinion while what they say is made of gold. SHOCKER, film at 11. Check out past nomination cycles and read all the pundits that claimed Obama was to be up 10 after gaining the presumptive nominee.

      Instead of accusing others of some thing, maybe you should join what we like to call the real world. Obama got no credible bounce and what little one he did get is gone.

      Obama is nothing more than a paper candidate propped up by the media and left wing sites. Nothing more. I pretend to be no Democrat; however, it is obvious that Hillary Clinton was the better candidate.

    3. Scared Monkeys on June 16th, 2008 5:28 am


      That is not a bounce. With all the hoopla and the free MSM advertizing that Obama got as the Hilalry-Obama race sucked up all the media oxygen … Obama at this point should be ahead by double digits.

      Hell … Dukakis had a greater bounce and lead back in the day.

    4. richard on June 16th, 2008 8:29 am

      Meanwhile, it seems that Hillary Clinton has vanished from the face of the earth. Before her concession, there would be more stories about her than anyone would want to read.

      Now she gets ZERO space in the media.

      Poetic justice?

    5. JusticeforNatalee on June 16th, 2008 10:58 am

      Hey, if you want to know the real Obama, go to YouTube and type in the search: Dirty Barack Obama.

      This turns up a CNN investigative report.

      Barack Obama is a dirty politician who made sure that even his mentor got kicked off the Illinois Senate ballot so that he could run unopposed.

      BO is just politics as usual and dirty Chicago politics at that.

      The CNN report will convince you.

      Change? Not on your life!

    6. A New Girl on June 17th, 2008 2:57 am

      Question is…..which candidate will be able to capture the swing voters….Independents or Dem’s who were voting for HRC?

      While the majority of these polls are all really just a benchmark indicators….the Political Historians are predicting Obama will win by a landslide. Obama clearly is more in touch with the 18-25 y.o. age groups who all want him in b/c they are Anti-War. Will they show up at the polls?

      What scares me, is many in the 40-65 age group are so disgusted with the campaign and candidates this year, that the consenus is they are not even going to vote at all. This would be a huge mistake, obviously.

      From the gossip I just heard at the Salon the other day-it is going to be a tight race. A 20-something year old told me she is voting for Obama because she just wants a change and all of her College friends are doing the same. When I asked her if she has read any of Obama’s books, she said they were assigned in one of her classes, but she never read it. (Duh) She also mentioned her parents were going to vote for Obama as Dem’s… up until the time the Rev. Wright controversy came about, and they now will vote for McCain. When I asked her how she felt about a Bi-racial Man being a racist, Anti-American himself and all his devisive comments- she said it “kind of bothers” her, but that she still will vote for him b/c McCain is “just too old” and he can’t relate to her generation. She said, “Obama gets us.” Interesting.

      I’m a tad bit frightened. …..Not so convinced now that Obama cannot win the general election as in a room full of about 10-15 people, the crowd favorite seemed to be Obama. Lord, help us.

    7. brenda on June 17th, 2008 12:25 pm

      Oh New Girl! Obama does get the younger crowd 100%….but not in a way that is good for them or us. He panders to them with empty promises that cannot be kept, nor should ever be offered! He understands completely that the “young crowd” has no interest in researching what his background is, nor are they interested in what these changes are going to be. Sadly, they are like lemmings following him over the edge of a cliff.

      Obama will divide our nation all the more.

      Angers me he rides the “I’m black” crap. HE IS 1/2 AS WHITE AS I AM!! Why does he disown his WHITE background and pretend it doesn’t exist? If he were running as a WHITE candidate although being 1/2 black, can you imagine the uproar? But no, he is 1/2 black and can call himself black. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. He is equally white as black, but sweeps that under the political rug. He is only interested in those he can control because they will not or cannot think for themselves outside of XBox or ITunes.

      As for some democrats not liking Obama, I have heard that too. Was at our local farmer’s market this past Sat and spoke to a lady (probably in her 60′s) who told me she has always voted Democrat across the board, but sees Obama as a liar and both she and her husband are voting for McCain. She also disagrees that America needs “change”. It needs to go back to what it was founded on. Otherwise, God may not help us since he is not going to do much for a Godless nation…..just look to the Old Testament to confirm that one :>(

      I hate to type it out, but I fear we are seeing the last days of Rome for America…and I mean right now!

    8. A New Girl on June 18th, 2008 5:05 am

      #7- Brenda…you are so right and I truly feel every word of your post. ((((sigh))) Very sad, isn’t it? I cannot agree with you more. It’s not that as a human being I dislike Obama. I just can see him for what he is.

      He will bring our Nation more harm than good. Our youth cannot see that, because they are refreshed and excited again about being involved in the political process for the first time in a very,long time. If that is one compliment I can give Barrack, it would be that—he has definetly renewed a general interest and excitement in the young generation to become involved and he has kind of “given them their voice” to speak up about a lot of things that are wrong with our Country again. He is the media darling, he’s handsome, charasmatic, brilliant orator….very motivational speaker to say the least. Intelligent, yadda yadda,,,,I have to admit- first time I saw him on Oprah Winfrey …I even did the double-take and my first impression (since I had never even heard his name before that in my life and didn’t know who he was…was–”WOW, WHO IS THIS MAN??” )Where did he come from?? (I remember thinking, wow- he seemed to literally come out of nowhere-then he was EVERYWHERE)//// So, after months of reading and research to further educate myself, and in part by being a regular blogger on here—I did exactly that. Educate myself because I was clueless as to who he was and what he stood for. Guess that’s when the TRUTH became obvious and I became a lil’ bit “frightened” so-to-speak. He’s exciting to watch and listen to, he photographs extremely well and when you think of it—since we don’t know him personally-that is all we have to go by- the images locked in our minds from Mass Media, the sound-bytes….how we see him on our TV screens, how I read about him EVERY WEEK in my Time/Newsweek mag, etc. etc…I mean we have been so permeated—we just cannot get away from everything Obama. Well, stronger minds will prevail. We know the facts, and even right before the Rev. Wright scandal- all these facts began leaking out…..we have also had his own actions and words speak for themselves. To those of us who can look behind the smoke and mirrors and those of us who have steadfastly refused to drink the Kool-Aide of HOPE AND CHANGE—we KNOW THE TRUTH.

      What can we do now (too late) to slow down this frieght train which is Barrack Obama? I’m afraid not too much. I’m not an overly religious person, but I do believe in our Divine Master and the Lord very much. All I can say is, I have been praying to him that he will guide and protect us as is his will. No matter who gets elected, there is a reason which everything happens in history- and we all will be a part of it.

      Thanks for letting me type all of my musings as well. But, Brenda- I really am on the same page with you…’s scary.

      * GO CELTS * SWEET #17 !!! YAY !!!

      New Girl from BOSTON =) (No sleep, too much coffee….) lol

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