Natalee Holloway Missing in Aruba: Renée Gielen … You Sad Pathetic, Misguided Attention Seeker, Blame the Victims


Why Natalee Holloway will haunt the island of Aruba forever, until there is “Justice for Natalee.”

If anyone in Aruba, including the many that email Scared Monkeys stating that we only post negative comments about Aruba, want to know why your island has such a negative perception … you only need look at the words of Renee Gielen.

The lies in the book and the many other doubtful claims and occurrences in the past 2.5 years made me think: Has Beth really wanted Natalee to be found?”  

Over 2 1/2 years after Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba while on a vacation with her teenage classmates, we still get this kind of dribble and insanity from people who would wish to throw mud at a missing person and the mother of a missing child. How pathetic could one possibly be to make these accusations? I suppose Dave Holloway and the rest of the family members did not wish to find Natalee either?

If this “so-called” documentary maker had a real clue, then they would know that Natalee’s case in Aruba is no different than many missing person cases in the United States like Taylor Behl, Julie Popovich, Imette St. Guillen, Michelle Gardner Quinn and the list goes on and on and on. The Natalee Holloway case was not unique or a mystery in what occurred. What was unique was how authorities handled the case. The only difference is, for some reason in Aruba when all signs, evidence and logic point toward the suspects who were last seen with Natalee Holloway and lied about their whereabouts, that makes them innocent. Like a person who abducts and murders a victim ever first admits their guilt. All of the above missing person cases that turned to murder cases all have the same MO. Except in Aruba, people like Renee Gielen wish to blame the victim and the family for a tragedy.

The defend Aruba to protect its precious tourism and the three suspects at all cost as Gielen continues to do for the attention and Aruba’s tourism will never go back to what it once was. No one needs to hear the insane rants and the blaming of a family of a missing child when they have already suffered the worse thing that life has to offer, a parent burying a child. In this case that could not even occur.

Mother wanted to hide Natalee Holloway’s rehabilitation past, Amigoe

The recently published book of Beth Twitty.

WILLEMSTAD/ORANJESTAD – Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway that disappeared 2.5 years ago in Aruba, has done everything to hide the drug addiction past of her daughter.

Documentary maker Renée Gielen came to this conclusion.   As a result of Beth Twitty’s  recently published book, ‘Loving Natalee, the true story of Aruban kidnapping and its aftermath’, she threw herself even more empathetically into the case.  She bases herself on declarations of Jug Twitty’s search in and around cholhouses in Aruba at that time.  By now, Jug Twitty is the ex-husband of Beth.  When Jug was asked why he was doing that, he said: “Because Natalee was recently in drug rehab in the US.”

Beth Twitty while leaving the police station in Bubaly in 2005.


“After I read the book, I got the feeling that there is something wrong here.  The lies in the book and the many other doubtful claims and occurrences in the past 2.5 years made me think: Has Beth really wanted Natalee to be found?”  For Gielen, who already has dozens of hours of visual material and is working on a documentary, this is reason for her to soon travel to the United States and go further into the Holloway-case.  

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    33 Responses to “Natalee Holloway Missing in Aruba: Renée Gielen … You Sad Pathetic, Misguided Attention Seeker, Blame the Victims”

    1. Miss-Underestimated on November 21st, 2007 10:18 am

      These idiots, when will they understand that blaming the victim only inflames people.

      Gielen should look around. We are hearing it was the victims fault so much that it actually boomerangs back and hits the blamers square in the face. Let’s see, Scott Peterson, OJ Simpson, when these idiots decided to blame the victims the general public wanted to make sure that justice was served against these creeps.

      Gielen fails to note that the choller houses is where Aruba LE sent Natalee’s family to look for her, another ruse to sway the family from looking in the right places.

      You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool everybody else. FOOL

    2. nurturer on November 21st, 2007 11:23 am

      I’m currently reading ‘Into the Deep’, by Andrew G. Hodges, MD. According to this guy, he got access to an email that Deepak Kalpoe wrote to an American friend of Deepak’s concerning the accusations against Deepak and his playmates. According to Hodges, the email was actually a confession. As Hodges explains it, the conscious letter writing provides subconscious clues based on wording, punctuation and spacing.

      I’m only half way through it, but Hodges concludes that Natalee had ecstasy slipped into her drink (to lower her inhibitions), that she thought she was leaving Carlos ‘n Charlie’s in a taxi, and was later gang-raped in the back of Deepak’s Honda. Natalee was conscious during the attack, and that the attack was violent.

      According to the Deepak’s ‘messages’ interpreted by Hodges, Joran held Natalee in a choke hold from behind as she tried to resist, while Deepak was raping her. It was at around that moment that Natalee asphixiated on her own vomit, unable to breathe due to Joran’s choke hold.

      Some might say it’s a stretch to assume so much detail from so little that was actually written. Then again, good old-fashioned common sense would indicate the Doctor is on the right track, anyway.

      Three male locals drive away with a female American tourist never to return, and we’re supposed to think there were noble intentions involved?

      To me it is a clear cut case of foul play. And if what Dr. Hodges says is true, then a death penalty sentence carried out would be more than long overdue for all three.

      I believe, that had this happened in America, these three creatures would be in jail, and getting a taste of some gangrape of their own.

      However, as we all now know, Aruba protects it’s murderers.

    3. JusticeforNatalee on November 21st, 2007 11:30 am

      Blame the victim tripe.

      Falsehoods with no real proof.

      Even if true, irrelevant.

      The main points still are:
      Joran and the Kalpoes took Natalee in a car and she did not return.
      They fabricated stories and blamed one another.
      Paulus advised them: “No body/no case” right after Natalee went missing.

      Three pics that paint the horror that went on in Aruba:
      Beth crying
      Dave digging in dump
      Joran smirking


    4. Patti on November 21st, 2007 11:33 am

      A book of untruths can only result in one thing… a liable suit. One would think that there wouldn’t be a publisher that would entertain such non-sense as to publish a book that says that a 4.0 honor student who was on her way to Medical School to become a doctor and a leader in her community would be addicted to drugs. The two just don’t walk hand in hand, I’m sorry.

      Renee Gielen, you must be a pathetic person to try to make money by butchering a victim’s reputation, in an attempt to save a corrupt island from the inevitable. To insinuate that someone, who would dig through garbage in search of his daughter with his ex-wife at his side, didn’t really want to find her is unbelievable! Actions speak LOUDER than words… and your actions show us how, truly, desperate Aruba has become to blame others, even the victim and her family, if necessary, in an attempt to cover for their inept, criminal corruption. And, just like Aruba, The Arawak Nation will fall on your teepee, as well, and you and your family will suffer enormous pain as a result of your story-making nonsense and your inablility to admit the truth that will result in Justice.


      Boycott Aruba

      Where Justice is Blind,
      only because Croes pluck
      the eyes of the money seekers.

    5. WhoRU on November 21st, 2007 12:46 pm

      I am fed up with the lies, lies, and more lies coming out of the mouth of Julia Renfro from Aruba about Natalee Holloway and her friends and family.

      And it’s pathetically obvious that Julia was Renee’s source. Think about it. Haven’t we heard of another infamous “taxi driver”? Wasn’t this where Julia tried to sprout the Blue eyed Dutch boy theory?

      For anyone who thought the Amigoe was a reputable newspaper, think again.

      Would a reputable newspaper print such outrageous lies about a crime victim and her family without checking sources first? Probably not.

      Here is the connection between Julia Renfro and the Amigoe Newspaper.

      Heleen Bongers came to live on Aruba in 1977. After having taught English at La Salle College for a few years, she started working at Amigoe, Algemeen Dagblad and The News. Nowadays, she is a freelancer, writing articles for magazines and for charity projects. She travels a lot to buy the latest jewelry for her five stores (Beauty and the Beast).

      Heleen Bongers is secretary of the Clown Doctors of Aruba and the Sports for Life Foundation. She is married to Evert Bongers, a retired French teacher at Colegio Arubano

      Julia Renfro….Editor

      Julia Renfro….Photography
      Heleen Bongers…..Editor

      WATERSPORT Co. Owners
      Julia Renfro
      Heleen & Erik Bongers

      Based on the collaboration between Renfro and Renée Gielen in the recent Amigoe articles, it looks like Julia might be trying out her hand at tabloid reporting, in preparation for her reputed new job with The Globe magazine.

      Trash meets trash. How fitting.

      Hopefully The Globe will let her “write” from Aruba – where she belongs.

    6. Miss-Underestimated on November 21st, 2007 12:53 pm

      Check out the web cam at Tara beach.
      There are four ppl in the water, are they trying to swim away?

      LOL Aruba, sitting in your own poop.
      SM: Another busy day at the beach ;)

    7. yoyo muffintop on November 21st, 2007 1:15 pm

      For Nuturer and all those that believe this wack job Dr Andrew Hodges – just remember he believes JOHN & Patsy Ramsey KILLED Jon Benet.
      So you either believe the guy’s a nut job…or you believe he is correct in Natalee’s case(and therefore he’s correct in Benet’s case) and Beth Twitty is dating a Child Murderer.

      From his book “Who Will Speak for JonBenet?”:
      According to a seventy-page analysis that he and two colleagues sent to the Boulder district attorney, killers cannot stop themselves from confessing in some manner and the confession that’s hidden in the ransom note indicates:

      -the killer is a woman
      -the killer is a cancer victim
      -whoever wrote the note participated in the murder
      -her husband participated in the murder and cover-up
      -she expects to be caught
      -her motive was anger and deep pain
      -she offers details about what precipitated the murder
      -she provides a way to catch them
      -the note itself was prompted by psychological motives
      -the ransom amount indicates that this was not really a kidnapping
      -the victim was dead before the note was written
      -the ransom note is a story told by a firsthand witness, and whoever finds it should “listen carefully”—this is repeated four times

      Can’t have it both ways…but I am be willing to bet some will. sad if that’s the case.

    8. nurturer on November 21st, 2007 1:59 pm

      #7 I just report the news. I try not to make it.

      I’m a sceptic also, but I’m willing to give Hodges a shot.

      As for the Bonet case, I always thought it was the brother that killed JonBonet, due to sibling rivalry. I think the parents know that, and as many parents might do, set up the circumstances where the parents would not lose both kids.

    9. Vicki on November 21st, 2007 3:14 pm

      I wonderif Beth could sue this absolute moron…How sick can someone be to even think this muchless put it in writting…These pigs are going to HELL in a handbag…..Disgusting. What EVIL lurks in some ppls minds.

    10. dennisintn on November 21st, 2007 3:36 pm

      there is no way beth and dave, or any other american for that matter, is going to win a lawsuit against an aruban or dutch person on aruba. aruban judges, opaque trial, no jury? it just isn’t going to happen.

    11. scott on November 21st, 2007 4:03 pm

      Why not start a letter writing campaign to the FBI, Senators, ad Representatives to have Renée Gielen visa blocked. Involve Greta van Susteren as well.

    12. nurturer on November 21st, 2007 4:49 pm

      I think the boycott is hurting them where they live. Literally. It’s that simple. Instead of getting up in arms about this we should recognize, despite the ugliness of their intention, their motivation.


      They’re getting hit in the wallet, due to a family’s single-minded tenacity, coupled with an outraged American public. This is nothing more than an infantile strategy in the guise of a biting response.

      It should fall on deaf ears.

      What the Aruban high guard callously doesn’t appreciate is that the Holloway-Twitty family has suffered a far greater loss than can be measured in dollars. It can be appreciated, that is, if you are a compassionate, feeling human being.

      And what the Aruban high command has obviously underestimated is an angry American public. They never had the good sense to ask themselves the question: Who needs whom? They arrogantly assumed that we could never live without Aruba.

      But my impression of the Aruban elite, of which I assume this Gielen and Renfro are a part, are a species of animal bred to revel in each other’s company. And when it is all over, that’s all they’ll have left – each other. Then they will know from whom to feed, and hopefully it won’t be off of another American tourist.

    13. Crimson on November 21st, 2007 5:26 pm

      Sent this message to the news email provided for the site, but wanted to share with the rest of the Monkeys what I just heard.

      ABC 33/40 in Birmingham just broke in on normal programming to announce that Joran has been arrested by Dutch officials, on suspicion of involvement in Natalee’s case!!! That is all they had at this time.

      Thank you guys for all you do.

    14. Domptiedom on November 21st, 2007 5:27 pm

      Joran is arrested and awaiting extradition to Aruba , and this is due to new evidences

      erdachte aangehouden in onderzoek verdwijning Natalee Holloway
      21 november 2007

      Op verzoek van het Arubaanse Openbaar Ministerie hebben rechercheurs van het Korps Landelijke Politiediensten (KLPD) vandaag in Arnhem een verdachte aangehouden, die vermoedelijk betrokken is bij de verdwijning van Natalee Holloway op Aruba eind mei 2005.
      Het gaat om de 20-jarige J. van der S., die in 2005 ook al is aangehouden. Zijn hechtenis is destijds door het Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie opgeheven wegens gebrek aan voldoende bewijzen.
      De man wordt verdacht van betrokkenheid bij doodslag op het spoorloos verdwenen Amerikaanse meisje, dan wel (zware) mishandeling de dood ten gevolge hebbend. Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) op Aruba heeft opnieuw opdracht gegeven tot aanhouding van de verdachte, omdat nader onderzoek naar de verdwijning nieuwe bewijzen heeft opgeleverd.
      Het OM op Aruba heeft het Landelijk Parket verzocht om de uitlevering van Van der S. aan Aruba.

      Voor informatie: Wim de Bruin

      OM Aruba: tel. 00297 592 8481

    15. nurturer on November 21st, 2007 6:05 pm

      I just heard it too. And the Kalpoe’s have been re-arrested in Aruba.

    16. Mrjr54 on November 21st, 2007 7:02 pm

      Re Natalee H. case – It appears the 3 mopes originally suspected in this case may be running short on luck. Hopefully the Aruban authorities were somewhat schooled via the Good Ol’ American Justice system. While not perfect or always correct, it is by far the best justice system in this universe. Barring a tall oak tree and a short rope – these three clowns appear to be toast. Be interesting to see Daddy Van der slooth’s role in the whole picture – venture to say he had much more involvement than has been presented.


    17. Patti on November 21st, 2007 7:42 pm


      Told ya….

      Happy Thanksgiving to All!


      Truth and Justice for Natalee



      Don’t worry… the Sloots are next.


      Hey Miss Snoot:

      It doesn’t look like your family is going to fare

      too well on this one. What did you do to Natalee

      in the bath tub?

      You are the pig, the kind you burn at the stake.


      Boycott Aruba!

    18. Patti on November 21st, 2007 7:55 pm

      Queen Bea:

      Make a BIG splash!

      Stop the Corruption in Aruba

      and save the lives of millions

      with integrity…

      THAT’s the Dutch I know.


      Justice for Natalee
      and for alll the others
      that went missing in Aruba!

    19. dennisintn on November 21st, 2007 9:31 pm

      perhaps we’re about to see the “throw the kalpoe’s under the bus to save jvds and tourism” move. paulus isn’t through yet. he’s had over 2 and a half years to plan for this.

    20. Richard on November 21st, 2007 11:32 pm

      Let’s add these pathetic comments by this Aruban whore to the huge pile of evidence which dictates the right, moral thing to do … BOYCOTT ARUBA.

      Now and forevermore.

      After seeing garbage like this, I’m no longer willing to go along with the “what about the poor innocent Aruban people” BS! They won’t lift a finger for Natalee … I sure as hell will do everything and anything I can to keep my people away from their shores.

      I honestly no longer care if they do starve.

    21. Ray on November 22nd, 2007 12:21 am

      Renee Gielen’s words can only lower peoples opinion of the people of the caribbean islands in general and Aruba in particular. How low can these people go. Amigo is a thash rag. I will not call it a newspaper.

    22. Natalee Holloway: Renée Gielen, You May Just want to Stay in Aruba to Complete your so-called Dockumentary | Scared Monkeys on November 27th, 2007 12:28 pm

      [...] Gielen announced last week in the Amigoe that she was working on a documentary on the Natalee Holloway case and that she will also go to the [...]

    23. DennisAOK on November 27th, 2007 2:38 pm

      yoyo muffintop,

      The FBI also believes that JonBenet Ramsay was murdered by her mother, but not her father. There is a great deal of evience to support this. So Beth Holloway does not have to be dating a murderer for his ideas to have merit.

    24. Carlos Severino Tromp on July 25th, 2008 3:11 pm

      The minister of justice of ARUBA HYACINTHO RUDOLFO CROES (Rudy Croes)is CORRUPT & CORRUPT and he is the minister of INJUSTICE.


    25. Carlos Severino Tromp on July 31st, 2008 4:07 pm

      Queen Beatrix PM Balkenende Netherland do you have integrity, yes, why do you close your eyes for corruption & violation of human rigths on Aruba. You know good that Nelson Orlando Oduber Prime Minister is the father & mother of corruption. You are well aware of the corruption and all crimes committed against me by the organisations and institutions of the government of the insular territory Aruba and by your civil servants who have taken the oath, like the public prosecutors general (PG’s), who should have known better, especially that public prosecutor general (PG) Mr Drs Teresa Diana Croes Fernandes Pedra, because I have already been informing you for years by means of correspondence, after your representatives had remained deaf and dumb to all my complaints and you too have remained totally passive to all the crimes. The legal consequences are that you, the Prime Minister Balkenende and all secretaries have in a penal law sense (and not a constitutional one), by not acting, all committed crimes against human rigthson ARUBA

      With personal regards
      Carlos Severino Tromp

    26. Carlos Severino Tromp on July 31st, 2008 4:31 pm

      Beatrix head of the Dutch state:
      Human Rights are not for sale, they cannot also be bought.
      Why justice within the kingdom is nowhere to be found?
      I urgently wish to ask you as the head of state: do human rights concerning me exist in the kingdom? This because I am also born with human dignity and also have the right of human rights, justice, peace and freedom concerning me being respected and yet I cannot emigrate to my country of birth owing to the fact that the government of Aruba, the public prosecuting agency of Aruba, and members of the common court of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba cannot be trusted! They are dangerous for Human Rights, document and they are totally corrupt . Beatrix come-on wakeup Integrity is asking for you, he is calling Beatrix Beatrix where you are, and he say Beatrix don’t close your ears I know you hear me
      The father & mother of corruption on Aruba Nelson Orlando Oduber Prime Minister and the corrupt Minister of Injustice RUDY GATE better know as Rudy the corrupt ONE the shame to have a Dutch Passport said say hallo to Beatrix for us and keep your ears closed.

      Carlos Severino Tromp

    27. Carlos Severino Tromp on July 31st, 2008 4:52 pm

      Beatrix you and your Prime Minister Mr Drs Prof. J.P. Balkenende act as if there is nothing the matter, while the two of you both willingly and knowingly close your eyes to the truth of injustice, corruption, violation of Human Rights and the unfairness of the semi dictatorial way from the corrupt Prime Minister Nelson Orlando Oduber & Rudy Croes Minister of Injustice & corruption in Aruba.
      That is why I do not address you with Majesty, because you are not worth being addressed with the term Majesty, because your representatives do not respect you and they have in your name in front of your state portrait horribly trampled upon my human rights and you keep a hermetic silence while you are well informed; because of that you apply a double standard!
      Seen from a legal point of view I can only draw the conclusion that you support corruption den of thieves robbers and protect hardened white collar criminals, together with Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende.

      Carlos Severino Tromp

    28. Carlos Severino Tromp on August 4th, 2008 5:38 pm

      Head of state and Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix

      Re: human rights and justice

      The Hague, 5th of August 2008

      Dear head of state,

      Because the security of justice is lacking on the insular territory of Aruba, where you are also head of state and queen, I already for nine years cannot emigrate to my country of birth Aruba. That is why, I, Carlos Severino Tromp, want to inform you that on the 8th of may 2008 I have placed on Youtube an open letter with fourteen videos as protest for my human rights and right for justice, addressed to you with the code word: tromp13carlos & carlos13tromp.

      Only now do I inform you, because I eagerly wanted 3500 visits to be first made.

      I very much want to know of you as the head of state of the Netherlands and the ultimate responsible for the rights of man within the kingdom, with what security of justice can I return to my country of birth?

      This because the government, the public prosecuting agency Havenstraat # 2, O’stad Aruba, especially your civil servants public prosecutors general Mr Drs Teresa Diana Croes Fernandes Pedra, mr Elivia Elvira Lugo, mr Willem Ruud Rosingh and mr. Frits C.V. de Groot together with seventeen judges from the communal court of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, where your state portrait is hanging on the wall, are not to be trusted and they are desperate. They forge several plots with police officers and have hostaged me four times and kept me prisoner with 257 days in solitary confinement and twenty hours without me having committed a crime. This because they want to close my mouth!

      And with falsified documents, forgery, manipulation of the law, foundation of after-care of discharged prisoners, lawyers, my under aged children, and they have written false psychiatric reports of a doctor psychiatrist to place me in a psychiatric centre to ruin my mental health, so that their crimes and a lot more garbage that they have committed cannot come to the daylight.

      What shall they do now while they know that the government who represent you, are very corrupt and with power and crown so that nobody can call them to account, which has already been shown.

      Nobody in the kingdom wants to take his responsibility against corruption and violations of my human rights on Aruba and everybody within the kingdom knows what’s going on, only you Minister of justice Ernest Hirsch Ballin, do not know it. I have had enough of being sent from pillar to post!!! By Google Carlos Severino Tromp

      The sad thing of all this is that you and your PM mr drs Jan Peter Balkenende have already been informed various times with documents and you and your PM Balkenende do as if there is nothing the matter and are playing blind, deaf and mute.
      I can’t understand how you and your government can know that in Russia, Argentine, China, Afghanistan and worldwide human rights are being violated till you and your prime minister have dared to call president Vladimir Poetin and various countries to account to stop corruption and violations of human rights and within the kingdom you do not know that corruption goes first, than justice, and human rights were violated left and right.

      But for Jorge Zorreguieta, the father of your princess Maxima, you and your government have indeed made a struggle to clean him; I, however, have no daughter for your sons, but I do have the right to receive justice.

      And besides I repeat abundantly: please do not send me through to the governor of Aruba, Fredis Refunjol, because he also is blind, deaf and mute. I have had enough of that.

      Hoping to have informed you,

      Carlos Severino Tromp
      P.S. I herewith send you one of the videos that have been place don Youtube

      C.c. Staatssecretaris van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties A. Bijleveld-Schouten. C.c. Tweede Kamer Staten-Generaal Vzttr. Mw. Gerdi A. Verbeet. C.c. Raad van State de Secretaris S.C. Verkade-van den Berg.
      C.c. Gerechtshof te Den Haag Paleis van Justitie de Procureur-generaal

    29. Carlos Severino Tromp on August 15th, 2008 5:20 pm

      I, Carlos Severino Tromp, am one hundred procent capable and know exactly what I am doing and everything I am writing on all sites, is the truth, and nothing but the truth and I stand one hundred procent behind my statements.

      Who believes that I am lying or am humiliating, may go to court from me to clear his honour and good name.

      The money that the head of state queen Beatrix earns every months to play deaf, blind and mute, can better be used to combat corruption and not therefore to uphold corruption!

      Carlos Severino Tromp

    30. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 8th, 2008 11:16 am

      The Hague, The Netherlands, 8th September 2008

      Dear people,

      I, Carlos Severino Tromp, have made fourteen videos: tromp13carlos & carlos13tromp on You Tube to postulate the view of injustice within the kingdom of the Netherlands, because the truth has been crucified, and lies, corruption, and the violations of human rights now rule in the whole kingdom!

      The issue is no longer about justice and prosperity for everybody; now it is only about the white collar criminals in the kingdom, who supported by Balkenende and Beatrix, can enrich themselves without stopping!!!

      The queen is a national symbol of decency and honesty; just forget it, in fact it is only a smoke curtain and the father of the queen, Prince Bernhard, is the person who started with the very devious affairs within the Bilderberg Conference, and the queen still has ties with the Bilderberg conference!!!

      The Bilderberg Conference carries a very nasty smell;

      Did you know that the members of the Bilderberg Conference have the same ideas of the Nazis?

      The Nazis wanted to exterminate the yews in their concentration camps ( no more yews left!!)

      The members of the Bilderberg Conference want to reduce the population of our earth to one billion people; so: partial extermination!!!

      Do you know well who rules you?

      Do you still feel ‘Orange for ever’?

      Carlos Severino Tromp

      On you Tube: carlos13tromp & tromp13carlos

      Google: Carlos Severino Tromp

    31. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 4:34 pm

      The Hague, The Netherlands, 29th September 2008

      Dear people,

      I am, Carlos Severino Tromp, the naked truth and the pure truth! Born in the Dutch kingdom of corruption and white collar delinquent and am one hundred % (100%) capable & know exactly what I am doing and I stand one 100% behind my statements.

      Who thinks of himself as credible, & feels insulted: remedy….drag me (Carlos Severino Tromp) to the court to clear his good name!

      This because the truth has been crucified, and lies, corruption, and the violations of human rights now rule in the whole kingdom!

      GOOGLE: Carlos Severino Tromp
      You Tube: tromp13carlos & carlos13tromp

    32. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 6:52 pm


      News Spaña News News Spaña News News Spaña News News News Spaña News News Spaña News

      The Hague, 29th of September 2008

      Hello to everyone!,

      I invite all of you to visit “My open letter to mrs. Beth Twitty” and “My open letter to the queen Beatrix on You Tube: carlos13tromp & tromp13carlos because Justice of the Dutch kingdom cannot function well; the Public Prosecuting Agency of Aruba Havenstraat #2 O’stad and the Communal Court of Aruba/Netherlands Antilles are corrupt and falsify documents, violate human rights comet forgery under the auspices of the high court of Dutch Kingdom and in the name of the Queen: Beatrix, the head of state and BEATRIX close her eyes for corruption and crimes against human rights! HELP HELP HELP

      Carlos Severino Tromp, wish to communicate to you that in the middle of October coming, maybe for a week I will appear in a television program News (Noticia Spaña and Spaña Directo) in SPAIN and talk by satellite to the Dutch Queen on the subject of violation of human rights and general corruption in Aruba, in the public prosecuting agency there, and how Nathalee Holloway did not receive justice by the Aruba police system. The program will also be translated in English. Start to take a look at 10 October 2008

      With kindest personal regards:Google: Carlos Severino Tromp
      If you still want to know more:

    33. Carlos Severino Tromp on September 29th, 2008 7:24 pm




      The Hague, 29th of September 2008

      Hello to everyone!,

      Carlos Severino Tromp, wish to communicate to you that in the middle of October coming, maybe for a week I will appear in a television program News (Noticia Spaña and Spaña Directo) in SPAIN and talk by satellite to the Dutch Queen on the subject of violation of human rights and general corruption in Aruba, in the public prosecuting agency there, and how Nathalee Holloway did not receive justice by the Aruba police system. The program will also be translated in English. Start to take a look at 10 October 2008

      This because Justice of the Dutch kingdom cannot function well; the Public Prosecuting Agency of Aruba Havenstraat #2 O’stad and the Communal Court of Aruba/Netherlands Antilles are corrupt and falsify documents, violate human rights comet forgery under the auspices of the high court of Dutch Kingdom and in the name of the Queen: Beatrix, the head of state and she (BEATRIX) close her eyes for corruption and crimes against human rights! HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

      With kindest personal regards:
      If you still want to know more: Google: Carlos Severino Tromp

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