Snakes “Boas” in Aruba are Impossible to Control … Metaphor


When describing a predatory snake, they all begin to sound the same. “They are not shy and they can hide themselves”. What or who is actually being discussed in this article, the comparisons are uncanny. Talk about your symbolism.

“We know that boas eat birds, but we didn’t know that they also attach birds of prey.”  Even though the final report on the big boa-research is still pending, all the information is meanwhile in.  From this information it appears that the boas in Aruba are very difficult to control.  Not only are they shy, they can also hide themselves very well.  What we do know is that snakes “in Aruba are very difficult to control”.

Aruba 3 suspects

“But a boa also knows instinctively how to hide, which makes catching her very difficult, almost impossible”, says Curiel.

Amigoe; November 9, 2007: Impossible to control boas – Boa eats warawara  

The hanging boa in this tree is savoring a warawara.Aruba_Boa

ORANJESTAD – Family Beijaard from Hoedekenskerke in the Dutch province Zeeland took this unique picture when they were on vacation in Aruba.  They ran across this amazing sight at Seroe Colorado on October 27.  Hanging of a tree branch, a strapping boa threw herself on a warawara (as this bird is called in Papiamento, or a kuifcaracara, the official name of this bird of prey) and ate it.

Ambrosio Curiel of Parke Nacional Arikok admits that this is a unique picture.  “We know that boas eat birds, but we didn’t know that they also attach birds of prey.”  Even though the final report on the big boa-research is still pending, all the information is meanwhile in.  From this information it appears that the boas in Aruba are very difficult to control.  Not only are they shy, they can also hide themselves very well.  “We even had a lot of trouble finding the ones we have chipped.  From the clear signal you receive, you would think that you ought to be almost on top of the snake, but you can still not see her.  This is partly due to the perfect camouflage.  But a boa also knows instinctively how to hide, which makes catching her very difficult, almost impossible’, says Curiel.

“The big ones are easier to catch and what are left are the smaller ones that are more difficult to find.”  There is no way to find then when they are pregnant.  They won’t leave their hiding place until one week after the baby snakes are born.  That complicates a possible further extirpation.    

Boas and also rattlesnakes belong to the species that give birth to life young.  Only the santanero lays eggs.  Boas with a length of 1.50 to 1.60 meters give birth to about 35 to 40 young each time.  These young are already 35 centimeters long when they are born and can already take care of themselves when they are one week old.  About 70 percent of these young grow to maturity.  “Just consider the fact that female snakes have a kind of reservoir with which they can fertilize themselves up to three times and the fact that the boa has no natural enemies in Aruba; it then becomes very obvious how much of an infestation the boa can grow into”, said Curiel.   

A long period of drought will help push back the number of boas.  “They won’t have sufficient nourishment, because the birds won’t come and the number of other animal species will also drop.”  The boa is not the biggest threat for the raptors in Aruba.  Cats are a much bigger threat.  “Boas eat once a week, while cats eat every day.”  Cats can walk eight kilometers from their homes to go hunting and they can also hunt in small groups (2 to 3); that makes it easier for them to catch their prey. 

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    48 Responses to “Snakes “Boas” in Aruba are Impossible to Control … Metaphor”

    1. EURobert on November 9th, 2007 10:14 am

      Kuif-caracara… That’s dutch for Crested Caracara!

    2. minnesota dad on November 9th, 2007 10:51 am

      So, when is the KLPD going to wash their hands of this.

      It is somewhat comical. There appears to be a Mexican standoff.

      Everyone appears to be waiting to see what happens with the Kalpoe case. If the case gets thrown out because they don’t present the documents, watch for everyone, including the KLPD, to put the final touches on the cover-up and call the case “cold”.

      If the Kalpoe case goes on and evidence is produced which makes it pretty obvious that a cover-up took place, then the KLPD is in a world of hurt as they have to be honest about what happened.

      What will it be? Hopefully, the Kalpoes will provide all evidence for their trial so that Paulus (the perp) will be finally hung.

      BTW KLPD….how come you haven’t requested a retraction of Karin Janssen’s letter? Where is the reversal of the ‘conflicted’ judicial orders that were done to make it virtually impossible to go after the true perp (Paulus)? We all know that an Aruban court has stated as fact that Paulus should have been a suspect in the case.

      Why do Joran lovers post with passion…but no one from Aruba ever challenges the fact that Paulus has been covered for??? Me thinks the whole thing has been about deflecting this onto a minor and creating all of the attention there while quietly letting the perp (Paulus) sneak out of this thing (thus, no one challenges as the ‘marching orders’ from AHATA/ATA are to create a Joran smokescreen).

      Rot Aruba. Rot KLPD.


    3. 10061906 on November 9th, 2007 12:06 pm

      brie 106 previous post:
      You will have to search thru flickr and webshots.
      I have downloaded the pix but did not save the urls.
      The two pix are:
      Natalee sitting on Ruth’s lap in the casino the night she disappeared.
      Crazy Steph with Joran’s arm around her around July 2005.
      This is an interesting album if you can access it on WEBSHOT Community….
      Bailey’s Album “2005” where she, Freddy and Crazy Steph are
      in the back seat of Deepak’s car and Joran is in the front passenger seat.
      One of the pix of Joran and Deepak taken by Bailey is on Joran’s Flickr album titled me and Deepak just cruising. The pix is actually the one taken by Bailey in the back seat.
      SM: Maybe this will help. Here is the thread in the forum on Bailey Ann/Alyse/Loco Stef/Joran/Deepak/Freddy:

    4. Vicki on November 9th, 2007 1:27 pm

      There seems to be boohoo snakes on that vile volcanic ashe…Told a friend of mine I was BOYCOTTING that place and she said I have never even heard of that place…I told her thank goodness, she will live.
      On another note WE HAVE LOTS GOING TO KING OF PRUSSIA PA ON THE 17th and 18th. Join them if you can. BE A VOICE FOR NATALEE.

    5. Richard on November 9th, 2007 1:41 pm

      Minnesota Dad, don’t forget that Texas Equusearch is (or was, last I knew) supposed to start the water search for Natalee this month.

      I think the Dutch are really waiting for any results from that. If the search is carried out and remains are found, it might be a trifle embarrassing for the Dutch to have closed the case.

      But if no remains are found (which I think is likely, assuming the search is ever actually carried out), then I think the Dutch will say that nothing can be done, finis.

      But WE won’t say that, I trust.

    6. jenn on November 9th, 2007 1:44 pm

      So is there a new Kalpoe case going on that you are talking about that is separate from Joran?

    7. Richard on November 9th, 2007 2:54 pm

      The Kalpoe brothers are suing the Dr. Phil program for allegedly doctoring the tape of Deepak’s interview, a charge that the show has denied. The California judge who’s hearing the case has demanded that the Kalpoes provide certain documents, something they haven’t done.

      Joran isn’t party to this suit, I believe.

      Incidentally, I believe that it was on this same program (certainly it was on Dr. Phil, but I might be mixing up dates) where photographs of Amy Bradley were unveiled. Proof positive that she is still alive and in a situation of duress.

      Some people think it’s impossible that the same could be true of Natalee Holloway. I don’t.

    8. Carpe Noctem on November 9th, 2007 2:56 pm

      I can’t wait ’til they finally close this
      case so Joran, Deepak, and Satish
      can finally get what they have
      deserved since May 30th, 2005.

    9. Richard on November 9th, 2007 3:26 pm

      By the way, as I posted yesterday on a (much) earlier thread, the body of Joel Gove has been finally found on the island of Saba … part of the Netherlands Antilles, just like Aruba and Curacao.

      Joel Gove vanished in December 2006, as I recall, and I think it was on the last day he planned to be on the island.

      After a few token efforts, just like the one-afternoon search by a handful of government employees that Aruba ballyhooed into a big deal, the local government couldn’t be bothered to continue searching for Joel Gove. As I recall,
      the family weren’t even allowed to post missing-person info on the island of Saba.

      Bad for tourist dollars, you realize.

      Joel Gove’s body was found in a cave, or a mine … the reports seem to differ. He was an avid hiker and outdoorsman, and the last I knew was seen on a mountain hiking path.

      I’m wondering if foul play might be involved?

      Will the island of Saba investigate?

      Will our own government, or the many presidential aspirants, speak out on this case?

      Or on Amy Bradley?

      Or on Natalee Holloway?

      What is it about the Netherlands Antilles?

      Remember, Beth originally urged a voluntary boycott of not only Aruba, but ALL the Netherlands Antilles until Natalee’s fate was known.

      The case of Joel Gove proves, yet again, that Beth was right.

      Boycott those islands. As if your life depended on it … and justice, too.

    10. Miss-Underestimated on November 9th, 2007 5:01 pm

      Sooo, I understand that boa’s can kill pigs?
      The snakes would have a feast everyday until eternity on Aruba, with all those rampant pigs.

      I say let them snakes go get em.

      Bar the doors Aruba LE, you got boas.


      Go boa’s…

    11. brie on November 9th, 2007 8:24 pm

      …#8..Carpe..I couldn’t agree with you more…

    12. brie on November 9th, 2007 9:27 pm

      Let’s just get this overwith…people are becoming exhausted…..that doesn’t mean we are giving up..but for God’s sake bring it all to an end…we know Natalee didn’t deserve her fate…and that will always be a problem for Aruba…so give us our answers…..Joran is a psychopath, given..already proclaimed..he injured Natalee, already proclaimed, she was not conscience , already proclaimed, so>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>how much more do you need..Dutch it is beyond time to do justice…He committed a crime and he says you will never find her..what does that say..!!!

    13. brie on November 9th, 2007 9:49 pm


    14. yoyo muffintop on November 9th, 2007 9:58 pm

      “I can’t wait ’til they finally close this
      case so Joran, Deepak, and Satish
      can finally get what they have
      deserved since May 30th, 2005.”

      What exactly do they deserve?

    15. yoyo muffintop on November 9th, 2007 10:04 pm

      brie on November 9th, 2007 9:27 pm :”he injured Natalee, already proclaimed”

      Link please

    16. Patti on November 9th, 2007 10:51 pm

      Yo Yo – #14:

      I know you’re not asking me, but they deserve what ever punishment fits the crime that they committed. They deserve to, finally, let us know what happened that night Natalee went missing and, if they were manipulated into obstructing justice, they deserve the right to be heard under a fair and just system, not a crooked, broken-down “good ol’ boys club” that would end their lives, if a word is spoken.



      I love your comment and am in full agreement. The only hope for justice is for someone to break the silence. I have little to no faith in Joran, but there is a little hope left in the Kalpoe Brothers.

      Like J.Q. Kelly said, it would be nice if they (the Kalpoes) would be cooperative with the court and provide all the documents… there in lies our justice. I have been saying that since the beginning and I hope and pray, everyday, that God give them the courage that they need to, finally, stand up.

      There is no doubt that the KLPD has enough to blow the lid off this thing and expose the corruption, as well as solve the mystery of what happened to Natalee. I believe that if they don’t do the right thing, Holland may be facing investigations themselves. Sooner or later, there will be justice for Natalee.

      Queen Bea is either part of the solution or part of the problem. Just as the Boa about which this story is being written, all she has to do is throw herself upon the birds of prey and strangle the life out of them and the crooked system that they represent and just like in the story of David and Goliath, the giant Arawak Nation will fall in Aruba… one way or the other.


      Justice for Natalee

    17. Ray on November 10th, 2007 4:09 am

      How about a fair trial and a fair hanging. That is what I think they deserve. In the state of Va they used to put these kind of Scum to death. If you dont believe me, lookup the Martinsville Seven.

    18. dave on November 10th, 2007 11:08 am

      I smell the foul odor of TROLL wafting from post 14 & 15

    19. JusticeforNatalee on November 10th, 2007 11:20 am

      Hey, Aruba,

      Get your tourism flunkies off the Internet and start acting in a productive manner.

      No one believes the distractions. There was no “mysterious stranger.”

      Natalee left with J2K and never returned. It IS what it IS.

      Now stop wasting time with distractions and tall tales as that does not help your tourism.

      Justice is the cure for tourism woes. Why don’t you spend your time wisely pushing for THAT!

    20. richard on November 10th, 2007 2:31 pm

      The question may not be what J2K deserve, but what the people of Aruba, who COULD do something about this case and who WON’T do anything about it, deserve. Not to mention the government there.

      Whatever the answer, they do NOT deserve …

      OUR people.

      OUR patronage.

      OUR money.

      Boycott Aruba (and the rest of the Netherlands Antilles). As if your life depended on it.

    21. Vicki on November 10th, 2007 2:46 pm

      Urine the snake in the grass, said it all when he pounded his chest at Beth, and said “What do you want me to do”??? It was already to late. Had he been innocent, he would have said..OMG are you kidding? I left her on the beach in back of her hotel….what do you mean she is missing…what a true snake…with the dog in his mid-section he is saying what dog????His mother is a lying SNAKE and his papa is a LYING he is a LYING SNAKE. Most ppl shoot snakes….HELLLLO!

    22. brie on November 10th, 2007 8:27 pm

      “Good evening and God Bless”…see you soon! Natalee is always in my prayers!

    23. dennisintn on November 10th, 2007 10:57 pm

      amigoe today has an article saying oduber is pushing for maybe 3 new hotels in the colorado beach area. no telling how many bodies will be dug up while the do the excavating for them. all the have to do is convince some of the money laundering clients to put up the cash for construction. might be interesting.

    24. 10061906 on November 10th, 2007 11:48 pm

      dennisintn: don’t you mean “Punta” houses.
      Colorado Beach is south of the refinery and San Nicolas, one of the poorest sections on Aruba and and close to the pet cemetery. According to Joran, that is where the colored live. Prostitution is legal there. The whole area is honeycombed with caves from mining phospherous.
      Interesting move. Did anyone tell the the owner of Charlies Bar about that move?

    25. 10061906 on November 10th, 2007 11:51 pm

      Just finished Beth’s book.
      Interesting that some of what may have happened was recorded in her writings but perhaps did not make sense two years ago; grief being so powerful that one can be blinded by it.
      Almost everything that Dennis Jacobs said to Beth shows that he may have been the reference to “Dirty Hand”. Some of the criminal acts he explains in detail to Beth. He also is very persistent in wanting to know about where Natalee’s ATM card is. Why?
      Read her book; it is common practice for drug users to retain someone to pay for drugs and when the money is gone they steal the victims ATM card. Natalee did not have one with her. Joran had a black eye. Could DJ think that Joran was holding out on him and kept Natalee’s debit card for himself. Think about it. Joran has done this twenty times before. I sure he and Deepak have teamed up that many times and used the same ploy on other unsuspecting “last night on the island” victims.
      I think it is very necessary to question Bailey and the girl Judy. They both had contact with Joran, Freddy and Deepak only a few weeks before Natalee disappeared.
      How does Joran win over the girls?
      Skimming the casino with Guido and winning back some of their losses. All of a sudden he is a “lucky charm”. You get the picture. That’s why Micheal Dompig hangs around the hotels trying to get girls to C and C’s and that is why his father said the three suspects were guilty as hell until he found out his son was doing the same thing.
      Bring drugged females to a location where they are raped, photographed and robbed is what they do best on Aruba.
      How is money laundered on Aruba.
      You get a bunch of old and young punks to gamble at the casino. The dealers make let them win. The players take their percentage and deposit the remaining in the bank.
      How do the Lion’s make their money?
      Drugs and Sex and Porn films.
      They have their “PUNTAS” but they only have dark hair and skin.
      A white blonde drugged female would bring top dollar to the pimp lords.
      The motas operandi is;
      Hang around the hotels, take videos of the unsuspecting victims, lure them to C and C’s where they are fed a concoction, offer them a ride back to their hotel in Deepak’s taxi; take them to the den where they are drugged and used as “Puntas” to high paying “Johns”
      And then discarded on the beach or their rooms after they are robbed and when the pimps and Lions are finished with them.
      I can see why Dennis a narcotic agent was placed in charge of a homicide investigation. He walks in all circles, not Van der Straaten; and knew what had to happen should something bad occur to a victim.
      I don’t feel a bit sorry for the people on Aruba. Just how high and how many are involved in these deceit and criminal practices?

    26. dennisintn on November 11th, 2007 12:57 am

      #24, i reread the article, it’s seroe colorado and boca grandi areas. hotels, new houses and golf courses planned. it’s today’s amigoe, aruba section.

    27. Allan on November 11th, 2007 12:12 pm

      Its an whole island full of snakes.

    28. Carpe Noctem on November 11th, 2007 2:27 pm

      Does anyone know why Diario Aruba is currently offline?


      Justice 4 Natalee.

    29. Patti on November 11th, 2007 8:03 pm

      Richard – #20:

      Your life, very well, could depend on it. The mascarade of crime, the amount of violent deaths that are, clearly not self-inflicted, pronounced as suicides; the missing Americans who’s bodies are never recovered, all reflect a system that is not only corrupt but dangerous. The island of Aruba and it’s subjects (citizens) are engulfed in a war between admitting problems or saving their tourism… and the result is an Anti-American attitude among it’s people and a justice system that insists on being in a state of denial. Go to Aruba and you, very well, may get caught up right in the middle of that war and who is to help you or possibly save your life, a crooked Police Department that operates on illegal favors that usually result in looking the other way? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that Aruba is like any other third-world country where you can buy your justice and freedom… there are much bigger players there than you and I who would just as soon slit your throat and leave you along side of the road, than to throw one of their own in jail.

      Again, here it is November 11, and still no word from the Dutch about the investigation that they performed into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Are they, truly, waiting it out to see how much they can sweep under the rug; and, if so, what does that tell us about the depth of the corruption that has, up to this point, been allowed to thrive, detected, but not disclosed or prosecuted?


      Queen Bea:

      The innocent children that have gone missing in Aruba are crying out to you. The women that are trafficked on the streets that, mysteriously, disappear are begging to be free. And the people of Aruba are all watching to see what you will do to liberate them from a system that has left their streets full of drug infested crack houses, the wandering homeless and the unspeakable terror of a crooked justice system under the power of a “secret” Arawak Nation who leave their messages loud and clear for all to see… Remember Pitbull? What was it that he knew that was a threat to the Nation. He was the bouncer at the club that J2K stopped at on their way out of the city. What of his family, as well as all the others who grieve in silence, afraid to cry out?

      There are human bones and human carcasses popping up everywhere. The secret that is Arawak can only stay silent for so long. It is time for you to make your stand on the side of humanity and stop the madness that IS Aruba.


      Justice for Natalee

    30. Patti on November 12th, 2007 3:05 am

      SM: You are fixed! ;) (klaasend)

    31. Maggie on November 12th, 2007 4:32 pm

      What do these 3 deserve? They deserve whatever they thought Natalee deserved only triple. That should cover it.

    32. kayjay on November 13th, 2007 11:15 am

      So the snakes can eat pigs….hmm…I must say I am having some rather interesting of which is to think of a way to make sure the yard (and the house) at No 19 is crawling with the largest specimens that can be found, and that they are very hungry!

    33. Jim Hanson on November 15th, 2007 3:03 am

      Just think … this case will be null and void in 5 1/2 months and you can all finally let it go …

      It’s pointless talking about it now .. it will be even more pointless to continue it after the end of May next year …

      Finally …

    34. Jim Hanson on November 15th, 2007 3:09 am

      One last word of advice .. If you’re an 18 year old female, don’t drive off with three strange young men from a bar in your own town … If you’re an 18 year old female, you DEFINITELY do not drive off into the sunset with 3 strange young men in a foreign country … DUH
      SM: No the last word of advice would be … be very careful blaming victims of crimes committed against them. You never know when you will have to be defending some one you know and care about and eat your words.

      Victims do not cause crimes … criminals and those with evil intent do … DUH!!!


    35. curacao on November 15th, 2007 10:57 pm

      Hey richard for your information the netherlands antilles does not depend of the usa tourism.
      Almost 80 percent are from europe.
      So if you want to boycot Curacao Be my guest.
      We does not feel it anyway.
      We have nothing to do with the hole Natalee halloway thing. It is treu that Amy bradley has desapered on a ship that was docking, remember docking curacao. But al of those people on that ship was americans not people from the antilles or in this case curacao. And about the hole natalee halloway case, We from the antilles believe that beth hidden her. she is a life somewhere hidden in another country. Next year 2008 aruba must become independence from the Netherlands (what have been signed in 1985 Aruba Status apart)But Aruba thus not want and is not yet ready to be independence. But the us governement can not accept that so they needed a plan to warn aruba if aruba will not be a part of the usa like the bahamma’s and puerto rico is, Aruba will be boycot by the usa and the Aruban economy Of ONLY TOURISM will fale. And this is all the natalee halloway case is all about believe me .

    36. 10061906 on November 15th, 2007 11:28 pm

      Trying to ge a better picture of rave parties.
      If you are a Puritan this site is not for you.
      Here are some excerpts:
      Not only the youth but even grown-ups showed active participation for the enlistment of rave culture in the U.S. This has made rave culture extremely popular in the US . Raves were often regarded as free party, squat party and gay revelry. However rave is very much a youth-motivated movement .

      [(This was very disturbibg in relation to Natalee.) Seems that elders just like picking-up younger chicks at the rave parties.]

      Tips for Party-Goers
      Posted by: admin in Partying
      To avoid getting the blues of bad party experience I suggest some useful tips that will be very much beneficial in enabling you to grab the real party or rave experience.
      · Drink plenty of water
      Yeah! We know you’ve already heard this many a times. Do it! Even though you may not feel thirsty. This is because Psychoactive drugs like “E” exploits the moisture level in your body and would dehydrate you quickly.
      · Stay cool
      There is a direct correlation between body temperature and the neurodegenerative effects of ecstasy. So it is advisable to distance yourself from heat. Try to move out of the middle of the dance floor once in a while.
      · Don’t push it too hard
      Yeah! It is always true that drugs give you different highs depending on the ambience and also the company you are with. So, instead of being frustrated, try to realize and listen to your own voice.
      · Carry your own party gear
      Your bag-pack must contain a first-aid pouch, your wallet, toiletries, a torch light, glow-strings and mineral water.
      · Be at your Best etiquette
      Wear as per the theme of the party or else be in your funkiest outfit. It is advisable to carry your own stuff, please stay away from the dealers in parties. They can give you stuff at low bucks which may result in indecent stuff unless you know them well. Never try any new drug at a party. Chill out within your group.
      · Be the friendly guy (girl)
      Yeah! You should mingle with other ravers but never get over-friendly, especially when you are parting at a new place.
      So with this knowledge we hope you’ll be loading-up for the next rave, on a more confident and informed note. Go for it!

    37. 10061906 on November 16th, 2007 11:32 am

      Was Joran paid to take Natalee Here??? {{edit – sorry we don’t allow any direct links to porn sites}}

      Search Aruba yellow pages titled ESCORT SERVICES.
      SM: Please no direct clickable links to porn sites (klaasend)

    38. 10061906 on November 16th, 2007 11:41 am

      klaasend: I know the rules. That is not a porn site. Click on it. It is an ad for escort services on Aruba and I was trying to make a point about where Joran may have taken Natalee.
      One of them advertise “The best petite “look and feel” girls in Aruba.
      It was just a thought and possible link: Sorry..

    39. kayjay on November 16th, 2007 12:55 pm

      No 35: Oh yes Curacao has another creep of a judge that leant his support to that pervert Paulus Vander—-! Watch out for that one if you are ever hauled into court.
      This case will be solved when someone with some integrity and honor has the decency to step forward with honest information on the case, but I,m not holding my breath because those that know what happened obviously have no decency or integrity.

    40. Maggie on November 16th, 2007 4:03 pm

      One last word of advice, if your name is Jim Hansom(I seriously doubt it) don’t be so quick to judge what Natalee did and didn’t do on her own free will. Have you talked to the victim in this story? Do you know if she was drugged? No, you’ve never heard her side of the story. I promise you, she wouldn’t change her story 100 times like Joran and K2. We know who has the motive to lie. 3 guys and a girl go out and all the guys make it back and the girl don’t. We’ve heard Joran, the Kalpoes and Paulus’s 1,000 lies and conflicting time lines and stories over and over. It was Joran who showed up where Natalee and her friends was underage drinking and gambling at the casino and it was Joran and the Kalpoes who showed up where Natalee and her friends was at Carlos n Charlies.

      Apparently, you have never had a missing loved one if you think you hit a deadline and then just forget them and go on. If we followed your ideas, we would lock up victims and turn the criminals loose. Everyone is a potential victim of a criminal. If you think you aren’t, you are living in a dream world. Your ideas is like blaming the victims in the twin towers for being there.

      As for Curaco, lay down the crack pipe if you think Beth is hiding Natalee in another country or stop reading JR’s “news”clips. Beth was not in Aruba when Natalee disappeared and Natalee’s passport was in her room. Natalee didn’t have her phone on her. She had no clothes with her, no transportation. Beth had lots of people with her in Aruba including Fox News. These 3 have remained the number one suspects in Natalee’s disappearance since they framed 2 black security guards for kidnapping and murder. Why no outrage about that? If you have info that Natalee is being hid, contact the KLPD and let them know, better yet call the FBI. First ask what Lead investigating cop meant the first week when he said he believes Natalee is dead, he seen the evidence or that they had good solid evidence for kidnapping and murder against the 2 guards and that the other 3 were just witnesses. Ask him what happened to that evidence. Don’t forget he was good friends with the lead suspect and his family too. In the past 2 and a half years, none of Natalee’s friends or family has been named a suspect by anyone.

    41. waterboy (Jerry) on November 16th, 2007 9:49 pm


      34, I’m not buying it!

      I’ve done a lot of prison ministries in the form of (Kairos), and have seen the “blame the victim mentality” as a common thread in most of the men I’ve witnessed to over the years. They just can’t let it go, that somehow their kids, wives, girlfriends, father’s, mother’s etc deserved what they got. In some cases they killed them, raped them etc but somehow feel they deserved it or made them do it. Like I said, it is a common thread.

      I for one, have no say in when and how these incarcerated men are released; but if I did, not one would be released (even if they had served their full time) until they quite blaming their victims and take responsibility for their actions.

      These sociopaths are very dangerous, and the blame the victim mentality is their primary vice. They even go so far as to blame law enforcement, the government, President Bush for their misdeeds.


    42. Patti on November 18th, 2007 2:31 pm


      Leave it up to a Curacan to try to come to the rescue of Aruba, without a clue.

      For your information Aruba has already admitted that they are not capable of being independent. Get this: They want The Netherlands to pay all the bills for running the island, while they stay in charge of the casinos, hotels, drug, money laundering and human trafficking part of running the island. Such a deal. I wonder why the Dutch haven’t jumped right on that one… all the risk and responsibility for what? A bunch of wild Indians that haven’t learnt to live in the twentieth century?

      Oduber says he’s proud to be an Arawak. Yeah, I bet he is, right along with the Brethren, the Free Masons and the other secret societies that reak havoc on it’s own people through the trafficking of drugs; reak havok on neighboring nations through the trafficking of men and women used for sexual purposes, and reak havoc on the world economy by laundering the money received from illegal activities.

      It will be interesting to see how Queen Bea is going to react to allowing money laundering, which has been proven to have ties to supporting Terrorists, while she has sent her boys to Iraq to fight a war against terrorism.

      It will be interesting to see how she reacts to the trafficking of drugs, hard drugs, that end up on her streets as well as all over the world and results in addiction, crime and death.

      But… the zinger of them all is how the Queen Bea of human trafficking, herself, is going to react to being responsible, not only for the heinous crimes committed against children who are not even old enough to walk in her country, but the heinous practices of prostitution, human sacrifice and cannibalism in Aruba.

      I’m just dying to know if she is, truly, a queen or just another w**** with her hand in the pot. Surely, supporting Aruba under their terms is nothing more than being their scape goat because when they go down, whos head is going to be on the plate… certainly not theirs.

      How smart of the Arawak King to leave Queen Bea with her hand in the pot for the whole world to see. As far as there not being alot of travelers from the U.S. to Holland, there is no wonder. Our children have been extradited to that country for decades for the production of child pornography. But, we have Scared Monkeys all over the world and it won’t be long, once the word is out, that even the tourism from neighboring countries will die down.

      Everybody loves their Children.


      Queen Bea:

      It is November 18, where are you? Certainly, you’re not dumb enough to play games with Mr.Oduber – Now you see it… Now you don’t.

      Bring Natalee Home.

    43. Patti on November 18th, 2007 2:48 pm


      Curacao is nothing. Not worth seeing and if you think it’s the European dream, Boy, are you ever wrong. There are too many choices with which Curacao and Aruba can’t compete.

      And why you think that Richard is calling for the boycott is beyond me. Beth Holloway called for the boycott of all that Antilles – I assume that includes you.

      Get with the program…

    44. Patti on November 18th, 2007 3:17 pm

      Jim Hanson – #33:

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about, in fact, I am not sure that YOU even know what you’re talking about. Novemeber is the month in which the Dutch are supposed to release the information on all the testing and searching they did in Aruba this summer. They have just recently said that they are taking extra time to complete some difficult DNA tests.

      If there is no justice for Natalee, there are a huge amount of people that are in it for the long haul… the boycott will continue and we will continue to keep our eyes on all the islands of the Dutch Antilles and where possible working with the State Department in keeping them informed and requesting that there be travel advisories, where necessary.

      If that is the only justice that Natalee gets from Aruba, the Antilles and the Netherlands, themselves, then she shall have the legacy of saving the lives of countless other unsuspecting tourists that venture into that part of the world.

      Scared Monkeys is not going away. In fact, we are growing in numbers and have been instrumental in helping other families of missing persons. If you are interested in knowing the truth about Natalee, do some reading. Both parents of Natalee have written books on their experience with Aruba and corruption that kept them from saving their daughter.

      But if this is not something that you are interested in, please save us the time and trouble of having to comment on your self-righteous comments. This site is not about blaming victims and their families, it’s about helping them.


    45. Patti on November 18th, 2007 3:32 pm


      That final word in your comment, “finally” is not meant for you to say. It is up to the parents of Natalee Holloway to be able to use that word in a sign of relief.

      It’s their daughter, their loss and their fight and I’m sure that you are not going to hear that word spoken until Natalee is found. Please have some empathy, have a heart and stop acting like a grumpy old man that is irritated by the grief of other people. They lost their daughter, I think they have every right to grieve without you criticising them or anyone that supports them.

      Look in the mirror, and be your own judge.

    46. 10061906 on November 18th, 2007 6:04 pm

      Do those words sound familiar Aruba?
      You read them on our banner at The Valley Forge Convention Center. Why did you have turncoats at your booth that were definitly anti Natalee and looked worried for lack of interest in your crapy island. Even your bikini clad feathered dancers looked worried.
      If the absence of people at the Aruban booth is any indication of how your tourist trade is fairing; I would say it is almost non existent.
      Listen to Dana tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    47. 10061906 on November 18th, 2007 6:09 pm

      I hate wireless keyboards
      I should proof read more;
      sorry NATALEE

    48. Amy on November 23rd, 2007 3:32 am

      It amazes me that nothing has changed since May 2005, people’s opinions are still the same.
      And boycotting Aruba still seems the right thing to do.(??)
      It is a shame, people here are really closed minded and choose not to see the case from any other perspective
      but their own. You are all entitled to your own opinion, fine. (and I do too)
      But most of you never went to Aruba and judging us this way (all of Aruba) for cowards, snakes and pigs (wild indians??) because
      of the Natalee Holloway case is unnecessary.
      I agree the Natalee Holloway case is long overdue and errors (big ones!!) had been made.(we are only human, like you; imperfect)
      That Aruba needed help from the beginning (duh!), first major mistake; (wanting to solve this case on our own), yet letting the FBI do the whole
      investigation would also be wrong (Dutch jurisdiction). We are an island, a very small one and handling a big case like this has proved impossible,
      the Netherlands had to be brought way sooner into the investigation. (it might have not gone so out of hand)

      In 2007 I still perceive Aruba as a safe island (no human trafficking!), since Natalee Holloway there has not been any kidnapping, or
      missing people (thank God) and I live in Aruba so I would know. I still jog every evening (sometimes late into the night) without worrying about anything but snakes (real
      boas anyway!) and loose dogs.

      Yet is sad that she has not been found and that her case has not been solved (yet). I still wonder about her and I hope her case does not go cold
      and that the ones guilty of her crime, are given their sentence. We all want this resolved, so her family can try to find peace and we can move on. (all of us)
      I hope the recent arrests bring the case to a close or give some clarity, at least. But personally I doubt it.

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