AM Digital: One Littered Island, Or is it a Metaphor?


From the 7/20/06 AM Digital article, AHATA Concerned about litter in Aruba:

AM Digital Litter

(AM Digital, Click on article to enlarge)

Seems the second concern of the AHATA is the litter that has accumulated in Aruba and the 120 illegal garbage dumping sites in Aruba. Aruba is only so big, how could there be so many illegal sites and more to the point overlooked until now? Aruba is all about tourism. Why would they let it get to the point that it became an eyesore for tourists? This is the lasting image they wish to leave with tourists? One wonders whether AHATA has any form of tourism marketing plan that makes sense at all.

Does it seem like Aruba’s garbage problem is a metaphor for pretty much everything that goes on there? Overlook, hide and keep quiet about any issue until it becomes so noticeable that one cannot keep quiet any longer.

Although AHATA is concerned about litter, we are guessing they are concerned about much greater things. At least they better be.


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