Alan Greenspan … SHUT UP ALREADY … DOW Down Again … Just Stop Talking


Dear Mr. Greenspan, you are no longer the Federal Reserve Chairman. You had a Greenspanvery long run as Fed Chair now its time to go away. Just shut up and stop undermining new Fed Chair Ben S. Bernanke and our economy.

Greenspan’s comments made on February 26 contributed greatly to a global stock market plunge following day. He just had to mention the “R” word.

He told an audience in Hong Kong three days ago that he couldn’t rule out a recession this year in part because slowing growth in profit margins suggests the expansion might be winding down, the Associated Press reported.

Stock Market Down Tuesday – List of Worst Days In Stock Exchange History – Dow Jones Lost 3.29 Percent Of Its Value. Stock market down by 416.
It was the worst day since trading resumed after 9/11. In walks in present Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to calm the situation.

Bernanke’s Outlook: Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke told Congress yesterday that the central bank still expects the economy to pick up later this year. Greenspan acknowledged earlier in the week that most economists don’t foresee a recession. (Bloomberg)

Greenspan had to open his trap again and try to explain his already misinterpreted comments, Greenspan Says U.S. Recession Possible, Not Probable. The result, the Dow Jones opens considerably down 200 points again this morning in trading.

To show just how strong the US markets are and our economy, by mid morning the markets have erased the low and are now trading back close to even. Please Alan Greenspan … go away and just stop talking. You cause too much trouble when you do. Everyone should start to understand you are not the all-knowing economy god that people think you are. Give the present Fed Chair the same respect that you were afforded. STOP TALKING!!!


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    3 Responses to “Alan Greenspan … SHUT UP ALREADY … DOW Down Again … Just Stop Talking”

    1. txchic on March 2nd, 2007 12:06 pm

      hmmmmm… isn’t greenspan one of the old time clinton cronies? great way to get billary elected, cause citizens to crave the good economy bill took credit for during his administration.

    2. Mortella on March 3rd, 2007 11:17 am

      Of course Greenspan and his liberal wife Andrea Mitchell, media shill for the DNC, want the economy to tank before the 2008 election.

      Lose the War in Iraq and tank the economy is the only way the Democrats can gain the POWER for which they are so greedy. Hillary’s thesis just released based on Saul Alansky’s methods to gain power over large masses of people is a fine example of the way the Liberal mind works in this country.

      The end justifies any and every method available to them including the Scam of Global Proportion, Global Warming, refuted by the world’s top climatologists but sure to enhance Al Gore’s retirement fund only!

    3. Tabitha on September 19th, 2007 1:01 am

      I’ve spoken with numerous financial professionals in NYC, I’m hearing the same thing “this guy needs to shut up!” Although I’m only an intern for one of the major firms, I couldn’t agree more!!! My guess is that he had short sold some of his securities the day before he made the announcement that made the market tank!

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