John Kerry, Lover Of the Military


I grew up in the Northeast and saw the disdain that John Kerry shows for the military in this clip first hand in many faces around me. Now I live in the south and see the proud military tradition that encompasses this region, it makes me proud of our men and women in the service.

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

And kids, don’t listen to this moron who wanted to be President of the United States. If you do not study in school, you have a much better chance of being a New England Liberal than a soldier in Iraq. That is because the military has the higher standards.  

“Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who’ve given their lives in this,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said. “This is an absolute insult.”
John Kerry’s full response from or go to “i said it before I wished I didn’”

 Of course Senator John Kerry being the man that he is responded with the following:

 ”This is the classic GOP playbook,” Kerry said in a harshly worded statement. “I’m sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did. I’m not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium.”
UPDATE II: However, Kerry finds himself in a world of trouble. His big mouth and pandering the the far left of the Democratic party has now come back to bite him and the Democrats with less than two weeks before the midterm elections. Its not just the White House that wants an apology Kerry, seems your pal Senator John Mc Cain wants and apology as well.
Senator Kerry owes an apology to the many thousands of Americans serving in Iraq, who answered their country’s call because they are patriots and not because of any deficiencies in their education. Americans from all backgrounds, well off and less fortunate, with high school diplomas and graduate degrees, take seriously their duty to our country, and risk their lives today to defend the rest of us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.
They all deserve our respect and deepest gratitude for their service. The suggestion that only the least educated Americans would agree to serve in the military and fight in Iraq, is an insult to every soldier serving in combat, and should deeply offend any American with an ounce of appreciation for what they suffer and risk so that the rest of us can sleep more comfortably at night. Without them, we wouldn’t live in a country where people securely possess all their God-given rights, including the right to express insensitive, ill-considered and uninformed remarks. (Drudge Report)
And to borrow a favorite  line most commonly used for John Kerry and Howard Dean … Insapundit nails it … Kerry is the Gift that keeps on giving
What struck me about this comment beyond the obvious fact that it is insulting to our troops, is just how politically incompetent John Kerry is. Here we are, a week before Election Day, Democrats are favored to win back control of the House and possibly the Senate, so you’d think it would make sense for the party’s leaders to play it safe. Republicans have tried very hard to convince voters that Democrats don’t support our troops, a charge that Democrats have been countering by saying that they do support the troops, only that they oppose the war and want to bring the troops home.
Update IV:
John F Kerry even has the Democrats running scared now.
A Democratic congressman told ABC News Tuesday, “I guess Kerry wasn’t content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too.”
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    26 Responses to “John Kerry, Lover Of the Military”

    1. hammer on October 31st, 2006 12:16 pm


      NFL star defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals. Gave up a multi-$million NFL contract to volunteer for the US Army after the events of 9/11.

      US Army Ranger Tillman was killed in action in Afghanistan.

      It’s not just high school and college dropouts who choose to serve in the armed services.


    2. Brenda T. on October 31st, 2006 12:50 pm

      The facial similarities between John Kerry and Herman Munster are amazing! If only Johnny K. were as smart and brave as Mr. Munster….

      Brenda T.

    3. Brenda T. on October 31st, 2006 1:13 pm

      I am unable to get over Kerry’s comment…and he wants to be Commander-and-Chief over these amazing and wonderful service men/women he just slammed as stupid?

      My God!!!!!! Well Mr. Johnny-boy…what was YOUR excuse for joining???????


    4. Brenda T. on October 31st, 2006 1:24 pm

      Mr. Hammer,

      Apparently, John Kerry’s idea of “educated” has nothing to do with intelligence and common sense. Nor does it have anything to do with willingness to sacrifice one’s comfort.

      Tillman example is perfect….educated, good man, willing to sacrifice his LIFE….I guess that last one does put Tillman in the “stupid” category in Mr. Kerry’s opinion.

      I really don’t like that ugly man…OR her husband John!!! (Ms. Heinz would be worse than Hillary, trust me!)


    5. robots on October 31st, 2006 2:17 pm

      kerry will never win the presidency

      thank goodness

      KEEP TALKING KERRY you fool

    6. molly on October 31st, 2006 2:31 pm

      Brenda you are correct, Ms Ketchup was the reason
      I could never vote for Kerry. His Military service
      was a scam. He never was a hero. That truth is one
      of the reasons the voters rejected him as president.

    7. Scared Monkeys on October 31st, 2006 2:37 pm

      Cuz we all know that John Kerry is so intelligent

      Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student

      His 4-year average on par with Bush’s

      (actually Kerry’s grades were slightly lower.)


    8. Freebrid on October 31st, 2006 5:39 pm

      I would never vote for John Kerry he has made a fool out of his self! He and his dumass bubby Al Gore has screwed up any chance they had!

    9. Miss-Underestimated on October 31st, 2006 7:06 pm

      I cannot believe what this man said and he wants the respect of the country…

      Lets see the back pedaling he is gonna do now. What an imbicile

      Can I ask anyone who wants to support our troops to go to,? This fine group is in desperate need of support for our troops. I urge you to show your appreciation to our military. Even if you can help a little, our troops at the least deserve a letter now and then. SM PLEASE don’t edit me…they are in desperate need of supporters.

    10. Miss-Underestimated on October 31st, 2006 7:14 pm

      the link should be

    11. Johnny marshall on October 31st, 2006 7:24 pm

      John Kerry we are very, very tired of you. How dare you disrespect the brave men and woman in our armed forces. I am so angry right now i cannot even see straight. My nephew served in iraq and was wounded, recieved the purplr heart. More than i can say for you, turn and run. Kerry you just need to go away far away. you cannot back peddle fast enough.

    12. Johnny marshall on October 31st, 2006 7:30 pm

      Kerry we are tired of you and your big mouth. just shut it before you make anymore stupid comments.

    13. tuyvnsurvivor on October 31st, 2006 7:55 pm

      Kerry is a disgrace to this vet, and has been since I first heard of him years back. I do not think he was ever brave, a good serviceman, a leader at all. Can anyone imagine having a son or daughter in a combat zone and have kerry in charge over them? Scarry. Piped for himself, still speeks for himself, could not stay loyal to a commitment and comrades…ingredients of a loser.

    14. Johnny23 on October 31st, 2006 8:42 pm

      We must not forget the statement Kerry has made about our men and women in the armed forces. Democrats do not support our troops any how. Kerry just magnified the stance the democrats take on our troops.Vote them all out.

    15. Houston on October 31st, 2006 9:04 pm

      I am fairly smart, an Engineer. I have always had regret that I did not serve. My hats off to all those people who serve, you have my support no matter what. no matter if it is Iwo Jima or Iraq you service people are special….I wish I had been one of you…no matter what John Kerry says… are the best of the best.

    16. UrbanGrounds » Blog Archive » John Kerry Calls US Troops Stupid on October 31st, 2006 10:27 pm

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    17. jojo on October 31st, 2006 10:58 pm

      This is a non story. He mis spoke and left out a word- us. Get US stuck in Iraq. He meant that entire part of his speech as a put down to the president. If you actually read the transcript it is clear. He did not mean to impune the intelligence of our troops, he has come out and said so. The only person he wished to question the intelligence of was our president. Even the MSM is pointing this out now- this story will be over in a day or two, and the attack by the Allen campaign workers will take it’s place. My entire family is military and we are not offended. He just should stop trying to make jokes. He obviously can’t.

    18. Wayne on October 31st, 2006 11:14 pm

      #17 You can buy that crap if you want to. Kerry said what he said and meant every word of it. He is an arrogant piss ant. He was commonly called “The Prick” by his fellow Viet Nam veterans. As a person that lost two good buddies in Nam I despise the man and would not piss on him to put out the flames if he were on fire beside the road. The man is not fit to serve as President, period.

    19. Mortella on November 1st, 2006 12:48 am

      No, Kerry knows full well that the President holds degrees from both Yale and Harvard and no way was he ever speaking about Bush. He was saying the military is only for the ones who do not get an education and that it is a last resort for losers. Kerry is unfit to hold public office let alone aspire to be Commander-in-Chief of our military.

      But it isn’t as though this is the first war in which Kerry has given aid and comfort to the enemy, is it? He has a long tradition of that and some of us are still hoping one day to see him brought up on charges for those lies he told about the troops in VietNam. Remember when he lied before congress and claimed to have personal knowledge of atrocities that never happened? Kerry seems to have some sort of personal vendetta against the military. Sort of like Hillary in that regard, isn’t he?

      This is one of the most incredibly stupid things I have seen a politician do lately. And I don’t mean to be critical but maybe the folks in Massachusetts need to think long and hard about whom they chose to represent them. We have Kerry and Ted Kennedy from the same state. Please! Do us all a favor and find somebody else! Anyone would be an improvement over those two. Why are you doing this to the rest of us?

      This proves, if nothing else, that Kerry is just too dense to hold public office at a national level. He is up to his old tricks again and yes, he did mis-speak and said exactly what he really thinks again. He is just not the caliber person who should command a national forum to voice his shallow, anti-military and anti-American rants. Was he in fact dishonorably discharged from the Naval Reserve or did they, too, become so sick of him and his lying in the 1970′s that no body cared if he didn’t show up any more? Wish that is what he would do at the Senate as well.

      His career in politics should have been over when he told those last lies under oath before congress. Please stop electing this kind of person to high offices in our country. And if the DNC is stupid enough to run him as the candidate again, it will be nothing short of concession.

    20. Houston on November 1st, 2006 6:28 am

      Kerry’s “dumb as a box of Rocks.”

    21. blah on November 1st, 2006 6:57 am

      John Kerry would fit right in as a leader in Aruba…

    22. Brenda T. on November 1st, 2006 7:50 am

      My husband says that “this time, Kerry did not put his foot in his mouth, he’s swallowed himself up to the waist!


    23. SB on November 1st, 2006 10:39 am

      He doesnt owe anyone an apology because what he said is
      TRUE. Get over it.

    24. Houston on November 1st, 2006 10:50 am

      When you are rich you do not have to worry about college money, when you are poor the Army offers you a way to pay for college….Kerry is just an uncaring person for the poor….

    25. Brenda T. on November 1st, 2006 3:10 pm

      Houston…yeah…and the “poor” are those of us who aren’t multimillionaires running in his wife’s social group!


    26. dennisintn on November 1st, 2006 6:49 pm

      #22, brenda, hold on to that husband, he’s a very smart and humorous man. roflmai, that’s a vision i’ll see for months.

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