John “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Kerry Says … I Would Have Been A Good President, Maybe Even A Great One”


John Kerry thinks he was a good President, maybe even a great one … before he was, well he was never going to be elected President.

What delusional pill are they putting in the water in the Democrat party? In an interview with Don Imus, US Senator John Kerry (D-MA) said that he thought he would have been a “good President.” In fact, he added, “a great President.(VIDEO)” What’s next, Kerry saying that he thinks his likeness should be carved into Mount Rushmore? Hmm, so does Kerry think or just say that he would be a better President than Obama?

Thurston Howell III John Kerry Says he would have made a great President

IMUS: “Well, you would’ve been a much better President.”

KERRY: “I would have been a good President. Maybe even a great one. How about that?”

Um, how many great President do you know that call the voters ignorant? Heck, we begged that Kerry be Obama’s VP.

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    3 Responses to “John “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Kerry Says … I Would Have Been A Good President, Maybe Even A Great One””

    1. southernsue on June 30th, 2011 8:11 am

      good grief! he’s so repulsive. please just go away!

    2. flippy on June 30th, 2011 8:53 am

      He was asked a leading question and he answered it…what you expect, for him to say “Yeah, I would have sucked at that job, its a good thing I lost”.

      Yes, he was never going to be president. Aside from Gore (who I also didn’t vote for) I can’t really think of a recent presidential “loser” that really had much of a chance unless you count Bush Sr.

    3. SUPER DAVE on July 1st, 2011 10:03 am

      he could have said ” yes, my head is the size of a donkey and looks like one “

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