Chris Cuomo and GMA to Interview Joran Van der Sloot and Joe Tacopina Tomorrow morning


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Need to stay tune to watch as to how dated this interview is. If done when Joran Van der Sloot was last in Aruba living it up, it would be before the announcement that the Dutch police, KLPD, were requested and coming to Aruba to investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Just a reminder Joran … You are still a suspect and the KLPD are on their way.

Back to the Beach

Joran Van der Sloot continues his media charade


UPDATE: GMA interview with Joran Van der Sloot, “Van der Sloot Revisits Aruba Beach, Says Nightmare Doesn’t End”

By the way GMA, before you do a dated interview maybe you would like to include the more recent events that have taken place like the fact that the KLPD are on their way to Aruba. Also GMS … Joran Van der Sloot is no “EX” SUSPECT. HE IS THE PRIMARY SUSPECT IN THE DISAPPEARANCE OF NATALEE HOLLOWAY.

Also Chris Cuomo, check out the following you may learn something. Instead of listening and replaying in an interview the words of a self-professed and known liar. Don’t believe us? Read his own words and the words of many others.

The GMA interview is dated in that it took place prior to the request and acceptance of Dutch police, KLPL, to take over the investigation. One wonders what Joran Van der Sloot has to be thinking to continue to bring the media focus upon himself. Joran thinks he is a star. He just cannot stay away from the camera. Complaining to the media that the media is hounding and speculating. Anyone else see a problem with this? 

One wonders what Aruba, its citizens, the ATA and officials must think about Joran Van der Sloot continually playing to the American media. Wonder why your tourism is where it is at? If he is looking for sympathy, it is not going to happen. If he thinks he will convince people he is innocent, that is not going to happen either. One thing is for certain; every time Joran Van der Sloot goes on TV, the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway comes to the surface again in the MSM. Think Aruba and its tourism officials are happy about that? Joran, who is talking to the media?

That explanation hasn’t stopped the media scrutiny.

“It’s goes too far, definitely in the American media,” van der Sloot said.

JVDS mystery girl

(Joran Van der Sloot appearing to be thinking about Natalee Holloway disappearance … “All the time, all the time it’s going around my head,” he told Cuomo.)


So Joran Van der Sloot wishes it could have been different. I am sure he does. Isn’t it amazing for all his complaining of being a victim and all the searches that were done for Natalee Holloway that not once did Joran Van der Sloot participate in a search. He must have been really concerned what he did. Instead of helping he made sure he not only obstructed the investigation, but also told others in explicit detail the lies of what transpired that night. Teenage boys describing in every detail to their friends what happened that night so that they would know the lie. Who does that? Except one trying to create an alibi. Why would an innocent person need an alibi?

Joran poolside

(Joran further appearing devastated by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway)

GMA, did Joran Van der Sloot no favors with this interview. The pictures of Joran back in Aruba frolicking on the beach, at the Marriott and in town at the local bars far from show a tortured individual. One would have to have a conscience to actually be concerned.

While he is no longer being detained, van der Sloot is still a prisoner of the speculation surrounding the student’s disappearance.

“I think for a lot of parts I’ve been unfairly treated, because I had nothing to do with this, and a lot of people seem to think I do,” he said.

GMA, get your facts straight and report the truth. Otherwise call this interview what it really is … a Van der Sloot rehabilitation infomercial. Prisoner of speculation? Joran Van der Sloot is one of three primary suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. THAT IS THE TRUTH. Suspect, Suspect Suspect … get used to saying it.

  • Last person seen with Natalee Holloway
  • Lied about leaving her off at the Holiday Inn
  • Created a false alibi and repeated to friends
  • Lied in witness and suspect statements
  • Left a girl on a beach who had previously stated they would bring her back to the hotel and was never seen from again.

So either the three suspects are guilty or Aruba is a very dangerous island that tourists cannot Oj_simpson_mugshotfeel safe on the beaches. Its your call Aruba … which is it?

Then Joran Van der Sloot makes the mistake of all mistakes in doing an interview. He successfully put himself into the same category as OJ Simpson and Robert Blake. Joran, people don’t just disappear when one leaves them on a beach in what is supposed to be a safe island. We know what you did last summer. Aruba knows as well. If you want to find the killer, there is always a mirror that can provide the answers.

His concern now is for his future, and van der Sloot says he wants the killer to be caught so he can close that chapter of his life for good.




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