Joran Van der Sloot says, “Planned to Have Sex with Holloway”


According to the interview with ABC News “Prime Time” and Chris Cuomo, Joran Van der Sloot stated he planned to have sex with Natalee Holloway. Many people have wanted to hear what Joran Van der Sloot had to say as they felt the story was one sided. Such a statement as to having sex leaves a bit of doubt for several reasons. One, where is Natalee Holloway to defend herself and provide her version of the story? Two, during the Prime Time interview even Joran made the comment, “that he wouldn’t believe himself.”

ABC Video

Exclusive: ‘I Lied Because I Was Scared’

NEW YORK (AP) — A Dutch teenager questioned in the disappearance of a young Alabama woman in Aruba says he had planned to take her to his house to have sex the night she was last seen, but instead left her alone on a beach.

In an interview with ABC News’ “Primetime” to air Thursday, Joran van der Sloot, 18, says he did not have sex with Natalee Holloway because they didn’t have a condom. He says they “cuddled for a while” and he last saw her “sitting on the sand by the ocean.”

Joran Van der Sloot also went on to say that his regret was not taking her back to the Holiday Inn. Of course that was after he stated he had and implicated others with his lie.

“I should have brought her back to her hotel or I should have made sure I left her with someone, one of her friends, but I just should have gotten her back to where she should have been,” he told ABC.
(First Coast News)

There are some issues and time line discrepancies that even Chris Cuomo when interviewed on Greta Van Susteren last night did not agree with. I would like to ask Joran and the ALE for that matter two simple questions.

1. Joran Van der Sloot was advised by his attorney and by his parents not to come to the United States and do this interview with ABC. It could have easily been negotiated for ABC to go to Aruba and have it done their. It is not like this was a live interview. That being said if Joran does not take “no” for an answer from his attorney or parents; would he respect the term “no” from anyone else? Say Natalee Holloway?

2. We will assume for the sake of this question that Joran is telling the truth and is acting like any other 17 year old high school kid caught up in a media crazed event as he states.

Joran Van der Sloot claims now to have left Natalee Holloway on the beach at 1:30-2:00 am Monday morning. So Joran Van der Sloot would have left the beach, went home, went to school the next day and went on with the rest of his normal life as he has always done. As far as Joran knew as he left her on the beach, Natalee Holloway was to get on a plane the next day, fly back to the United States and go on with her life an attend the University of Alabama.

Question: Why would Joran Van der Sloot make up a story as to where he left Natalee Holloway prior to her being reported missing? How is it that you and the Kalpoes can not get on the same page as to what occured that evening?

The chaperones and classmates realized it the next morning and Natalee’s parents arrived on Aruba that night. It was reported to the Aruban police but who knew that Joran Van der Sloot was with Natalee Holloway the night before at that point? Last night when Chis Cuomo was being interviewed by Greta he stated, that Joran said it was the Kalpoe’s who said they should blame the black security guards. If this is true then that would mean that Joran, Satish and Deepak would have discussed their lie. Why does one need to come up with a lie and an alibi if they did not know someone was missing?

Dennis Jacobs really wasn’t doing much of anything and as he said to Dave Holloway, “just go to the bar and have a beer and she will show up.” So how does Joran Van der Sloot find out that Natalee Holloway is missing and when? With all the teenagers that are vacationing on Aruba how was it known that the one that was missing was with Joran Van der Sloot?

How is it that Joran Van der Sloot shows up at Carlos N’ Charlies one half hour prior to closing and with a girl he has barley spoken to and whom he happened to like one of the other Mountain Brook girls manages to get Natalee Holloway in to his car? Was she too drunk to make a coherent decision? Was she slipped something? Did she go willingly thinking that Joran Van der Sloot was a student like herself staying at the Holiday Inn and getting into a cab?

One wonders why Joran Van der Sloot would show up at a club with 1/2 hour to go before closing time and find a girl that he had little to no conversation with and leave with them to have sex. Sound like this routine may have been done before?

The question will always remain why even after the initial lie was told by Joran Van der Sloot did he continue to do so? As of now, Joran’s and the Kalpoe’s versions of events that night differ. He claims in the interview that it is time to tell the truth. Wouldn’t that time really have been to the ALE or the prosecution? Not on TV.

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