Aruba … “ONE CORRUPT ISLAND”: Paulus Van der Sloot Wins Court Case Against Aruba


I really hope the Judge in NYC is paying attention, if not … WAKE UP!!!

Does anyone really think that an American could receive a fair trial in Aruba? Not a chance. If she does then we have a “Natural Bridge” to sell her.

Aruba, do you want to know why your tourism is sinking out of sight and will continue to do so? Maybe because the powers that be in Aruba see fit to reward Paulus Van der Sloot for his law suit while the family of Natalee Holloway is told nothing regarding the disappearance of their daughter.

According to Bondia, Paulus Van der Sloot has won his legal case against Aruba in that he was unjustly detained by Aruban authorities. Paulus Van der Sloot was awarded Afls 50.000 or approximately US$28,000 by the Courts. This $28,000 settlement to Paulus Van der Sloot will cost Aruba millions of dollars in tourism due to the backlash.

Bondia PVDS lawsuit 1

(Bondia, click on article to enlarge)

The cronyism that has taken place during this entire investigation and following court proceedings has been nothing short of disgusting. The fact that judges were flown in to give the appearance of impartiality or preferential treatment is a joke to all thinking people. Paulus Van der Sloot was part of the legal system, knows the system and gamed the system. The two words “impartial” and “Aruba” can never be used in the same sentence.

I guess Paulus Van der Sloot did pull in the favors.  Initially he went to court to get his name off the suspect list. Interesting how the two black security guards who were framed have not been afforded that option. Then again, they are not Dutch.

Paulas VDS Favors

(click on pic to enlarge)

The Court, however, did not yet rule in the case of the family. That is still pending. For what? How can anyone say that Joran Van der Sloot was improperly detained when at the very least his lies lead to his incarceration? In interviews Joran has even admitted he understood why he spent time in jail.

Bondia PVDS lawsuit 2

(Bondia; click on article to enlarge)

The Court system in Aruba continues to be a mockery. The extent that they are willing to go to protect and pay off their own is truly pathetic. The Aruban people have no one to blame for their sicking economy and tourism than those in power who see fit that the Natalee Holloway case is covered up. To the Aruban people, do you remember when your own Gerold Dompig made this statement?Dompig BD

Dompig says he believes Paulus van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance.

The exact quote from the interview was as follows:

Troy Roberts (CBS): Do you believe Paulus Van Der Sloot knows more than he has been telling?
Gerold Dompig: Yes I Do…

But then again, Dompig resign from the police. Voluntarily of course.

Aruba, so your economy is down the tubes because of these people and now they are being rewarded for bad behavior? Joran and Paulas

The people of Aruba really need to take a good look at what is happening here and where their tax dollars are about to be spent. Who created the swarm of controversy and the legal problem that Joran Van der Sloot presently finds himself in as he is still a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Also, who created the environment that in turn implicated Paulus Van der Sloot in to the disappearance as well?

How this case can be decided prior to the larger case is questionable at best. What damage did Paulus Van der Sloot receive? He is working in Aruba. It would seem from the lax attitude that exists there that he is a hero, not a villain. From the way Joran Van der Sloot sports around Aruba as well, it would appear the same. Damages? Did we miss something? Did they lose a family member that we are unaware of?

Joran VDS and Paulas

Paulus Van der Sloot improperly detained, huh? I guess the Judge decided to pretend that the police tape of the three suspects in the back of the police car never happened?JVDS 5

J says to D: You declared shit against him.
J says to D: My friend, the only thing my father wanted to do was to help you.
J says to D: My father only wanted to help you. My father even arranged a lawyer for you.

J says to D: And this is how you pay him back.

And I guess missed this as well. Remember that Paulus denies ever saying “no body, no crime”, yet Joran states he did.

D says to J: You’re like your father, incredible.Aruba 3 suspects
J says to D: What about my father, it’s your fault he was detained. I didn’t declare anything against my father, it was you who spoke against my father.
S says to J: I didn’t declare anything.
J says to the brothers: Of course you did.
S says to J: What did I say / against your father?
J says to the brothers: You said that he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no corpse there’s no case, or I don’t know what more sorts of shit.
J says to the brothers: That’s not true, the only thing he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no body there don’t have a case.
D says to J: That’s true.

Let us also not forget the Diario article summarizes the events of the police tape.

From the transcript, we know from Joran’s mouth that his father is the one who arranged for lawyers for the Kalpoes; from Deepak we heard that he warned Joran that if they find the girl’s body or any of her remains, Joran is going to be locked up 15 years; from Joran we heard that he threatened that if the Kalpoe brothers spoke with the police, he would tell the latter that Satish hit a girl with a car; all in all, accusations and counter-accusations, but all based on a categorical knowledge that all three had of what happened with Natalee. Of this, there is no doubt. This came out clearly in the audio-tape recording transcript.

With all things considered and the fact that there is doubt as to whether Paulus knew more, it seems highly unlikely that Paulus would not have been considered a suspect, even if it was after the fact. Ok, so Paulus helps his son get out of real trouble. Why did he go out of his way for Deepak and Satish? Being rewarded with money hardly seems the answer.

The end result of Paulus Van der Sloot winning a lawsuit … Aruban tourism will suffer more as people will continue to be disgusted by the repeated slaps in the face to the Holloway’s and Twitty’s. This will never be forgotton or lost in the memories of American travelers partially because the Van der Sloots do not let it go.

Guess what the MSM will be discussing next? The outrage of Paulus Van der Sloot winning money.



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    2 Responses to “Aruba … “ONE CORRUPT ISLAND”: Paulus Van der Sloot Wins Court Case Against Aruba”

    1. scott on December 5th, 2006 9:02 pm

      Clearly Joran & Paulus van der Sloot, & Deepak & Satish Kalpoe ALL know what happened to Natalee Holloway. Why else did Paulus get them all attorneys? A young woman does not magically disappear, or run from her friends, family, a college sholarship & a life she loved without FOUL PLAY. The fact that none of the guys had her use their cellphone to contact her friends is signifigant. It reeks of foul play, deception & irresponsibility on the 3 guys part. I feel they refused to let her call anyone, as they wanted sex. The lies, contradictions, special treatment due to who Paulus van der Sloot knew inside the judicial & police systems, helped detract from & hid the facts. Natalee was not a “fast” girl, like the 3 guys in Aruba. She was in far over her head with them. She had no idea their true character, or lack thereof, when she got into Deepak’s car. These guys are cads. Natalee thought she was in the car with a soccor player, Joran, who said he was vacationing from Holland, staying at the Holiday Inn. His lies indicate his ulterior motives, along with Kalpoe’s. She was too tipsy to have her complete wits about her, or she wouldn’t have ignored her friends & stepped into the car. It’s tragic that a few bad decisions cost her & her family & friends so much emotional grief. This is a real tragedy that we all can learn from, & take steps to prevent predators from preying on young women. The buddy system was not in effeect with her & her friends; an obvious flaw in the “chaperones” planning, & in implementing safety precautions. Not having a prearranged van & chaperones out with this large group was a disaster waiting to happen. They’re lucky nothing else went wrong, as clearly the kids had no idea of the true dangers. Otherwise someone would have followed Natalee in a taxi & called the chaperones. This tragedy was preventable, which is why it is especially sad.

    2. OFIR on February 15th, 2008 9:37 am


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