Aruban Prosecutors Will Appeal Paulus Van der Sloot Damages Ruling


It appears that Paulus Van der Sloot will not be spending his compensation money for his wrongful imprisonment judgment any time soon. Prosecutors in Aruba will appeal the award.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) — Aruban prosecutors said Tuesday they will appeal an order to compensate a man detained in the disappearance of missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway. A judge on the Dutch Caribbean island ruled on July 28 that the prosecutors office should pay $30,190 to Paulus van der Sloot, a former justice official in Aruba who was detained in the case for three days, for defamation and legal fees.

Mariaine Croes, spokesperson for the Aruban Prosecutors office stated, “The public prosecutor’s office does not agree with the amount granted, since this is much higher than usual.”

AM Digital PVDS Appeal

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This comes as no surprise to many that have followed this case. Paulus Van der Sloot, an officer of the Aruban court with many ties and friends in high and influential places receiving a higher than usual amount in damages. What a shock. The fact that he received any money should have been appealed. Who really does not think that Paulus Van der Sloot coached his son and the Kalpoe’s as to how the Aruban legal system works and what to say? It has already been admitted that Paulus got the attorneys for the Kalpoe’s.  

J says to D: You declared shit against him. J says to D: My friend, the only thing my father wanted to do was to help you. J says to D: My father only wanted to help you. My father even arranged a lawyer for you.

J says to D: And this is how you pay him back.

It has also been admitted by Joran Van der Sloot that his father did state, “no body, no crime.”

J says to the brothers: You said that he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no corpse there’s no case, or I don’t know what more sorts of shit. J says to the brothers: That’s not true, the only thing he (Joran’s father) said that if there’s no body there don’t have a case. D says to J: That’s true.

Why would anyone ever state such a thing unless they knew no body would ever be found?

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