According to the American press, Attorney confirms that the documents in the Natalee case exist



According to the American press, Attorney confirms that the documents in the Natalee case exist

Diario Fox comment

ORANJESTAD (AAN) – Yesterday during the day, and also Tuesday, some people tried to divert attention from the Natalee case by posting information on the internet that what was published in DIARIO this week were fabricated or falsified documents.

What DIARIO published this week are the documents from the Natalee case that have leaked and where and by whom they were leaked from the investigation is not important because the resolution of the case is more important than any other accusation of who could have leaked the information or not.

The enormous damage that the case of the disappearance of Natalee has done to Aruba and continues to do, has resulted into the need to solve this case as soon as possible and those who now want to nitpick have to wait until the case goes to court.

The American media was looking for a way to get confirmation if the copies of the documents that were published in DIARIO this week were from the official investigation.

From an email received from the US, it was noted that an attorney in Aruba confirm that these documents exist.

It wasn’t a statement that he signed, it was something that the police said that he declared during a conversation, that he said, yes, something must have gone wrong with the girl. And then when they asked him, What do you think, and he says, Well, I think maybe after I got — because that was at a time when he was stating that Deepak came and picked him up here and dropped him at home, which was also impossible because of the records afterwards, but at that time, he did not know that.

So he came up with that story that Deepak picked him up, dropped him at home, and he assumed that something went wrong, so that maybe, Deepak, knowing that the girl was here lying on the beach, came back and then did something to the girl and then bury her, no? But yes, I don’t know if that was a story told, you know, as a joke, if it was maybe speaking as in a third person type of situation. I mean, but what we know is that afterwards, his statements have changed, so, you know? We don’t have to only focus on that one.

(FoxOn the Record,”  August 23, 2005, transcript).

Same as DIARIO has put forth on various occasions that Joran was changing his story of what could have happened to Natalee every time, the lawyer also confirmed that Joran was changing his declarations.

The documents that were published in DIARIO were published ‘as is’ and like they dropped in our mailbox.

If there’s a difference between the original documents that are in authorities’ hands and those that are now circulating around the world, it is up to the competent authorities to clarify this.

That there are grammatical errors in these documents, any person who has some basic schooling can see, but the contents of the documents are more important than any grammatical or graphic error and at the end of the case, it it’s the resolution of the case that is more important than any nitpicking.

It cannot be forgotten that this is not only a criminal case where some people could be or are involved, because it is Aruba and her image that are at play, that the community in general did not ask for this and cannot carry the responsibility for this either, while those who can say the truth remain quiet and Aruba continues to suffer the enormous damage abroad.

Those who say they are innocent can sleep in peace if they really are innocent, but the community in general cannot continue to live in turmoil due to one or more persons.

(Hat Tip: Get a Grip)

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