This is What Passes for Responsible Journalism in reporting the Natalee Holloway case?


Well now for all those that have been clamoring that the main steam media and the 24-7 shows such as Nancy Grace have been misleading the public, telling lies and inciting the situation that is the Natalee Holloway investigation comes the Aruban newspaper publication ‘Solo di Pueblo’, November 11, 2005. What on earth are these people thinking? Before someone starts saying that this paper is not read on Aruba or that they do not reflect the majority of opinion on Aruba, which I hope is the case. This publication has enough of a readership and businesses who buy ad space to make the paper exist. This means that a certain amount of people do read it otherwise it would not exist as a newspaper.

Beth Twitty is a murderer

STA. CRUZ — . In her haste to create a mess in America and with her set of lies, without giving the people of Aruba an opportunity to bring forth the truth, she wants to call for a boycott to kill the country of Aruba.

You can’t hope for more from a person who has lied that Karen Jansen does not want to speak to her, while all of Aruba has been witness how they met at the Police station in Noord.

It is a lie that Karen Jansen didn’t want to give her information about the case, when at all times Beth’s lawyer, Mrs. Lejuez has all information and details about the case.

Furthermore, it is a lie that when Beth Twitty lies in the US that there was no FBI cooperation, given that Nel Oduber and Rudy Croes signed a document to give the FBI all documents of the case.

With this deceit, Beth Twitty wants to call a boycott along with Bob Riley. Both of them, Bob Riley and Beth Twitty are murderers, killer! They want to kill the country of Aruba. They want to take bread away from our mouths. They want to sink our country.

The people of Aruba cannot bear the guilt of one missing person in Aruba. Aruba is not the first nor the last where people has gone missing! We can understand the pain in the mother’s heart, but the mother does not have to turn into a murderer of the country of Aruba.

Hat Tip: Get a Grip/translation

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