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And yet another translated article from Today’s Diario.

Appeals Case On Behalf of the Suspects In Natalee Holloway Case Diario (page 3, 11 august 2005)

Oranjestad (AAN): Yesterday morning at court the umpteenth case took place, relating to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. After the Judge of Instructions rejected the petition of of the lawyers of the suspects to prohibit the FBI get documents and tapes of the interrogations made in this case, the lawyers appealed the decision and the case took place yesterday.

After the case was over, press had the opportunity to talk with the different lawyers in this case.

The first lawyer who came was Antony Carlo, who represents Joran van der Sloot. Carlo said that on behalf of his client he dealt with two appeal cases, where the first dealt with giving documents to the FBI, where the judge heard his arguments and the arguments of the Attorney-General.

According to Carlo, it is not known yet which day the decision will be made. For what deals with the second case of appeal, this is about the rejection of the Judge of Instruction of Carlo’s petition to stop interrogating his client.
It seems that van der Sloot indicated that he has nothing else to say, so he and his lawyer feel that it is not necessary to take him to the police station every time, to keep questioning him.

When DIARIO asked the lawyer if it is true that his client is talking, the lawyer said that he did not want to give a comment and left.

When Mr. Oomen, who represents Deepak Kalpoe came out of court, was not very interested in talking to the press, especially American press. He started to walk away, however he answered questions of local press, while the American press became frustrated, reason being that he said nothing in English.
According to DIARIO that this was because Beth Twitty went to the workplace of Deepak and had a hidden microphone and camera.

The mother did this in cooperation with NBC, thus American press. Maybe the lawyer is angry with American press for this reason, and he refused to speak with them at that moment.

When Oomen came outside, DIARIO asked him his opinion on the fact that Beth Twitty taped his client in his workplace. Oomen explained that the complaint that his client entered against Beth includes this fact as well, and that it is now in the hands of the police.

DIARIO also talked with lawyer Kock who represents Satish Kalpoe, who said that he and his client did not agree with the rejection [of the petition to forbid FBI access to the documents and tapes of the case] of the Judge of Instructions and that he hoped that this Monday he will have a positive result.

One of the aspects that he regretted was that also one of the reasons why he does not want FBI to have certain information is because recently Beth Twitty traveled to the U.S. and now she returns with a lot of confidential information.
According to Kock this cannot be and this is why it is not good for the FBI to have all documents and tape.

According to Kock, what Beth did, meaning that she taped Deepak with a hidden camera is something that can not happen [not allowed] in the U.S. He says that he understand that the mother is desperate and that she is trying everything so that the case will not die out. Kock does not think that there is information or indication, as shown in the press, that his client will be detained again, seeing that since the day that the Kalpoes came out [of jail], they did not receive an invitation of the police or any legal agency, to answer questions again.

[Note: For 'case' read 'court case'. The article says 'case', but they mean 'court case'. Also, the Attorney General appears on behalf of the government in appeal cases. There is nothing special about this. Just so that there isn't any confusion. ]

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