Geoffrey van Cromvoirt’s father Former Policeman in Breda (Netherlands) ‘Vader GVC is oud-politieman’

BREDA/WILLEMSTAD (19-04-06) – Geoffrey van Cromvoirt is the son of a former policeman. His father, Willem, was eighteen years policeman in the Dutch town Breda when he decided (end 1997) to start his own business, according to the Dutch newspaper BN/De Stem.

On 1 January 1998 he started Video Camera Beveiliging (beveiliging means security), a firm which aimed at the security of companies with video systems.

In 1999, his father decided to move to the Dutch Antilles. According to an ex-colleague, he started at first on Bonaire by the name VCB Security.

Meanwhile the company operates at several places on the Antilles. On Aruba it’s one of the larger security companies. The Holiday Inn is one of their customers, the hotel Natalee Holloway disappeared on 30 May 2005.

BN DeStem

On 6-27 the NETHERLANDS newspaper “Brabants Dagblad” wrote:
“…Paul van der Sloot fought twenty years long (from 1973 until 1993) with local residents against the construction of a southern motorway, that had to go partly over the estate of the Van der Sloot family. Paul van der Sloot stood his ground and fought civil servants and politicians that had proposed and produced the faulty plans for the new motorway in the Counsil of State….”

According to maps of the Netherlandsl, Boxtel is about 25 miles from Breda. I wonder if the two men ever had contact or knew of each other in the NL?

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