Diario: Geoffrey set free Monday, Another youngster (A.B.) interrogated 6 hours


Diario; April 25, 2006: GEOFFREY A WORDE LIBERA DIALUNA Otro hoben a keda 6 ora den interogacion

Geoffrey set free Monday
Another youngster interrogated 6 hours

ORANJESTAD (AAN): Monday, the prosecutor decided to set the suspect Geoffrey van Cromvoirt free, and the American press was swarming the Beach police station like ants.

Surprisingly, the youngster with deken [blanket?] and pillow. Something that perhaps made many people think: has this youngster really found preferential treatment? Any detainee at the police station knows that they have to sleep on a cement bed. They do not have any deken [blanket?] and no pillow.

DIARIO took note that the American journalists themselves started to question this. A few lawyers explained to DIARIO, that normally, one cannot bring any sort of pillow for a detainee.
(the rest of the translation at Aruba Getagrip)

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