GVC’s Attorney, Lotter-Homan, Tries to Set the Record straight in Aruban Newspapers as to Allegations and Speculation


After days of accusations and speculation from the media and Joran Van der Sloots attorney; Geoffrey van Cromvoirt attorney tries to set the record straight as to GVC atty Lotter-Homanseparate fact from fiction. At least their version of the facts. The van Cromvoirt family also is trying to disprove statements that were put forth as to VCB Securities involvement in to contracts with local hotels.

Interestingly enough Joran Van der Sloots attorney, Joe Tacopina, made the following comments regarding GVC on Good Morning America in an effort to point the finger away from his client.

Van Cromvoirt’s family runs the security company, according to Tacopina. The company provides security for the Aruban government and private companies, including the Holiday Inn, where Holloway was staying, he said. The company installed the security camera and patrols the beach. Van Cromvoirt was part of the team that patrolled the Holiday Inn’s beach in the early hours of the morning.

Attorney Lotter-Homan made the following comments to express the van Cromvoirt’s position in the matter of GVC being arrested by the ALE and to counteract the comments made by other legal council with their own agenda. One thing is for certain, someone is stretching the truth.

Its was reported that GVC was employed as a member of the Visibility Team in Aruba at the time of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance May 30, 2005. However, according to GVC’s attorney this was not the case. Geoffrey was not employed for the Visibility Team (i.e. VCB) in the period of May – June 2005“. (Bon Dia)

1. Geoffrey was not employed for the Visibility Team or VCB (Video Camera Beveiligingssystemen & Consultancy N.V.) in the period of May – June 2005, nor did he have access to a uniform from the Visibility Team or VCB.

2. At no moment was the van Cromvoirt family previously heard related to the investigation of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

(Full article – GetaGrip)

It had also been speculated that VCB Securities had done security would for the Holiday Inn as well as installing the cameras there. That statement was also denied. Tacopina made the following comment during an interview on Fox & friends on April 18, 2005.

“You may be hitting the nail on the head. The ALE is looking into that, combing over those tapes wondering if they have the complete versions. His father runs the beach patrol, the High Visibility Team. If you listen to what Joran says about leaving Natalee on the beach, it’s the Beach Patrol that might come upon her”.

Of course it would have appeared a bit more believable if VCB Security had not disconnected the link to their projects page on their web site, but Attorney Lotter-Homan also denies these allegations as well.

4. VCB was not procured for the security of the Holiday Inn Hotel in the period of May and June of 2005.

5. VCB, in the period of May and June 2005 until today, did not install security cameras or operate them in the hotel strip, nor at the Holiday Inn or any other hotel.

6. VCB, in the period of May and June of 2005 until today, did not have access to the hotel strip, nor the Holiday Inn or any other hotel that had security cameras, and did nothing to be guilty of any eventual manipulation thereof.


It was further been speculated that Geoffrey van Cromvoirt had possibly known or was friends either either Joran Van der Sloot or the Kalpoe brothers. That statement is being denied by all three suspects as neither GVC nor the other three suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway admit to knowing each other. G.V.C.’s Attorney states her client has no connection to Natalee Holloway.

“The family van Cromvoirt distances itself completely from all expressions or statements which bring Geoffrey van Cromvoirt in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and any statements in which any role is attributed to him in this case.”

Also from Amigoe, The families Van Cromvoirt and Van der Sloot not friends’.

Furthermore GVC’s attorney reacts to the Diario article in that it speculated that Geoffrey van Cromvoirt seemed to be getting preferential treatment in the manner in how he was presented in front of a judge commissioner. According to attorney Lotter-Homan, Geoffrey van Cromvoirt is not getting preferential treatment.

Van Cromvoirt’s attorney, mr. Lotter-Homan, told DIARIO that it’s not so that her client is getting preferential treatment.

According to the lawyer, the judge commissioner went to the Noord police station because his flight was delayed from Curaà §ao.

At the time when he was able to meet with van Cromvoirt and his lawyer, the court was closed.

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