Dave Holloway … With Greta Van Susteren, Corruption in Paradise.


Dave Holloway went ‘On The Record’ April 10, 2006 with Greta Van Susteren to discuss his new book due out shortly, “Aruba, the Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise.” Much of what Dave Holloway and the family has endured can be summed up rather brief and to the point.

VAN SUSTEREN: I think the last time I saw you was at a landfill at about 110 degrees in Aruba. Dave holloway gma

HOLLOWAY: That’s right, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: I mean it’s like it was pure hell down there.

HOLLOWAY: Tough conditions. We went through a lot in Aruba and still going through it, very difficult times.

Ten months later and the heat from the Aruban landfills is now replaced by the heat from those in Aruba that would speak ill of the family, blame the family and according to Dave Holloway … cover up what happened to his daughter Natalee Holloway.

HOLLOWAY: Corruption, yes. There’s a lot of things that occurred on the island before Natalee got there and we addressed some of those issues. But, you know, you have a 17-year-old kid that basically runs the island. He’s 17 years old. The legal age of gambling is 18. The legal age of drinking is 18. The legal age of driving is 18. And here he does all three.

You know and then this happens with Natalee and then you get a low level police officer trying to make a decision, “Do I arrest these boys or do I turn my head and look the other way?” And we think that they’ve turned their head and looked the other way.

Full transcript: On The Record; April 10, 2006

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