CBS 48 Hours Exclusive Interview with Gerold Dompig & Pictures of Natalee Holloway


CBS News and 48 Hours, “Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise,”will be airingNatalee C&C Saturday, March 25, 2006 and exclusive interview with Gerold Dompig. They will also be showing what may be the last photos ever taken of Natalee Holloway at Carlos N’ Charlie’s.

The 48 Hours interview will contain the following information regarding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and Gerold Dompig breaking his silence on the missing persons case.


Authorities Believe Holloway’s Body is on the Island; They Suspect It Was Moved to Avoid Detection and Then Re-buried

Investigation is in “Critical Last Phase”

Gerald Dompig, deputy chief of police in Aruba and the man leading the NH 2investigation into the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, is breaking his silence on the case in an exclusive interview with 48 HOURS MYSTERY.

Dompig tells correspondent Troy Roberts that investigators believe Holloway’s body is on the island, but suspect it was moved to avoid detection and then re-buried. Dompig says the probe to determine what happened to the 18-year-old is in the “critical last phase.” Dompig’s remarks will be broadcast on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: “Natalee Holloway: New Clues in Paradise,” Saturday, March 25 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

NH Dompig

“He [the witness] wanted to talk about the fact that he knew more about the whereabouts of Natalee….concerning a specific burial location…. The information that this person gave was too specific to just be a story that was just made up by someone.” Dompig (CBS)

It is important to remember that this interview was filmed on location in Aruba at the end of February, 2006. The information discussed of a new witness coming forward is the same one that had been previously discussed by Gerold Dompig. This gave rise to the search of the sand dunes that everyone has been waiting for quite some time.


Dompig tells 48 HOURS that investigators have credible information on a possible location of the body and will be employing ground radar and cadaver dogs in their search. Dompig says a critical new witness has surfaced: “He [the witness] wanted to talk about the fact that he knew SM Dunesmore about the whereabouts of Natalee….concerning a specific burial location….The information that this person gave was too specific to just be a story that was just made up by someone.”

Based on the new information, investigators will begin a new search on the northern tip of the island in the sand dunes near the lighthouse. The authorities’ new theory is that someone took the time to carefully hide Holloway’s body, perhaps twice.

SM Dunes and Aru-bay rocks  2

Dompig’s premise that the body of Natalee Holloway may have been moved to avoid detection and then reburied gives doubt to the accounts that Joran Van der Sloot Fishhut1claims he left Natalee Holloway on the beach. The correct question to Joran may have been, not did you leave her on the beach, but did you leave her alive on the beach?

The only thing that is suspect in all of this is the lack of speed in acting on a tip that Gerold Dompig seems to find so very credible. There is “island time” and then there is a point where there is no sense of urgency what-so-ever. We have been hearing about this tip for months. What has taken so long to make this search come to fruition? Watch 48 Hours and hopefully we will get some insight.

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