Gerold Dompig Removed from Natalee Holloway Investigation


Only a couple of weeks after Gerold Dompig appeared on CSB 48 Hours stating that the Natalee Holloway investigation was in its final critical stage; Deputy Chief Dompig finds himself off the case. Gerold Dompig was removed from the case and replaced by Adolph Richardson.

NBC13 News spoke to Natalee Holloway’s father, Dave, on Wednesday, and he confirmed that Aruba’s deputy chief of police, Gerold Dompig, has been released from the search. Neither Holloway nor other Aruban investigators are saying specifically why Dompig has been removed.

From Dompig’s comments during the Vanity Fair article to the 48 Hours interview; he stated some rather inappropriate comments in all but saying that Natalee Holloway was responsible for her own death with a drug overdose. As Gerold Dompig stated, “NATALEE HOLLOWAY WAS NOT MURDERED.”

Dompig’s actions according to Natalee’s dad, Dave Holloway have been suspect at best.

“I think it’s been his actions. Even from the beginning, they’ve been, you know, just awkward. He was the one who refused to allow the FBI on the island, you know. Just some of his characteristics, if he’s involved in what I feel like is a cover-up and, you know, maybe he was trying to help someone else out. I’m not sure, but there’s something strange going on there, maybe some others who are involved in it,” Dave Holloway said.
(NBC 13)

Who knew that when Gerold Dompig was referring to the “Critical Last Phase,” he actually meant his job and involvement in the Natalee Holloway investigation? Lately Dompig has been a PR liability, more so than usual. Dompig had refused to meet with Natalee’s families attorney John Q. Kelly recently when Kelly had been there for five days. His abrasive relationship with Texas EquuSearch cost valuable time in searching the dunes.The inappropriate comments blaming a victim for her own death as well as the less that prompt approach in searching the dunes after what he deemed credible information from a credible witness, is it any wonder he was given the boot. Lately, even Dutch criminal law scholars and criminal law expert have been extremely critical of Dompig and the ALE’s handling of the Natalee Holloway investigation.

Jossy Mansur was asked what he knew regarding Dompig being relieved of his duties. Jossy’s reply was as follows:

Because he’s given out too many declarations that are contradictory, to begin with. They’ve had a lot of problems with him on other aspects in—in the investigation. He says, on the one side, that this girl is under this and this and that, that these people never—the suspects never admitted to anything. On the other side, he says that they admitted very clearly to having had sexual activity with the girl.

So all these contradictions have given the case and him and the police investigators a bad light, so much so that in Holland, the criminal experts, criminology experts in Holland have severely criticized as unprofessional the people who have been investigating this case, and they were especially harsh with Dompig.

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