Amigoe: KLPD assists Holloway-team


Amigoe; March 25, 2006

ARUBA/RIJSWIJK — The Corps Federal Police Service (KLPD) in the Netherlands is going to assist the investigation team in Aruba with her search for Natalee Holloway. A spokesperson of the KLPD confirmed before the ANP today that the help of the police service comes upon request of the Aruban authorities.

The spokesperson didn’t want to say how the KLPD is going to assist the investigation team. “We are not in charge of the investigation, so we do not comment on the nature of our work.” He also didn’t want to say whether officials have already gone to Aruba.

According to chief of police Gerold Dompig, Natalee would have possibly died due to excessive alcohol and drugs. This appeared in a preview of the interview with Dompig that will be transmitted tomorrow evening on CBS. “The investigation is in its last critical phase’, said Dompig. In the interview Dompig says that it seems like Holloway had drunk a lot of alcohol and possibly used drugs, and died from that. According to Dompig, there was panic and cover up after that. Joran van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are still the most important suspects. It is certain that Holloway had drugs with her. It was already mentioned earlier that Dompig has a new witness that apparently knows where Holloway’s body is (re)buried; supposedly in the sand hills near the lighthouse. The interview with CBS took place at the end of February; reason for the question ‘why the sand hills were searched just once up till now’. The interview with Dompig can be seen on CBS tomorrow night at 23:00.

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    One Response to “Amigoe: KLPD assists Holloway-team”

    1. Anneke on March 12th, 2007 10:21 am

      Its been about a whole year now that the Royal National Police Service (KLPD) has tried,tracked and probably has eavesdropped into phonecalls of all concerned. Nothing emerged. This is probably going into cold storage with the rest of the cold cases if it has not gone there allready. The system has worked and did not deliver despite best efforts, after the ill equiped Aruban police made their attempt. Its all so useless now. For a protected naieve 19 year-old not to break cover after all this time is highly unlikely unless there is nothing to cover up.

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