Bon Dia: Public Prosecutor has to decide if it will prosecute suspects in the case of Natalee Holloway


Bon Dia; March 15, 2006

This Monday the verbal proceedings will close
Public Prosecutor has to decide if it will prosecute suspects in the case of Natalee Holloway

What on earth is going on in Aruba? Since when does a civil case take precedent over a criminal one? Paulus Van der Sloot suing the government for damages created by his own son’s lies some how gets to dictate to the prosecutors and the criminal investigation what they should do? A judge in a civil proceedings superseding a criminal investigation; an investigation we have been told all a long from the outset that could last two years. Once again, Paul Van der Sloot is gaming the system because of his knowledge of Dutch law. Aruba, who do you think is going to pay for these actions? You do realize that most Americans are looking at these events and are questioning a legal system that defies logic?

ORANJESTAD — There is a strong indication that the Public Prosecutor will close the investigation in the Holloway case. This can be concluded by the interim decision of the Curaà §ao judge in the case of damages for prejudice that the van der Sloot family brought against the government.

In an interview with Bon Dia Aruba, the attorney for the van der Sloot family, Mr. A. Swaen, revealed that the Curaà §ao judge said that he wants to obtain more information before he can take a decision about the van der Sloot family lawsuit.

The judge showed that the Public Prosecutor informed that this month the verbal proceedings [procesverbaal] of the investigation will come to an end and afterwards, in a short period of time, they will have to decide if they will prosecute the suspects.

This clearly shows that the Public Prosecutor has to end the investigations and that now they will have to decide, on the basis of the investigation results, if they will prosecute the suspects.

(Read the rest of the translation at Aruba, Get a Grip)

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