Dompig Says No To Texas EquuSearch’s Plan to Search Dunes


According to sources Texas EquuSearch has been trying to get permission to searchSand dunes the area of the sand dunes prior to any costly deep water search. Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch a long with Tim Whittaker have already been given Aruba’s blessing to conduct a search of the water. However, one would assume that searches would be done of the sand dunes first where there was supposed information from a credible witness.

A search of the water is much more costly and common sense would say that since there was a lead to search the dunes, they should be done first. Originally the FBI was going to help search them with radar equipment and cadaver dogs. However, that ended when Aruba would not divulged where the tip came from.

According to sources, Tim Miller has offered to search the dunes bringing in their own highly sophisticated ground penetration units at no cost to the Aruban people or government. Aruba has cited in the past that much of its budget has gone toward the Natalee Holloway investigation.

“The Arubans assured us the case is going forward with 14 investigators presently assigned. They also advised us that 40 percent of their annual law enforcement budget has been spent on this case.

There was a supposed credible witness with a tip to search the sand dunes, TES is offering to get the job done immediately and either find Natalee or rule out the area and do the search of the water if still necessary. All at no cost to Aruba. Sources say, their offer denied.

Why? With the Aruban PR nightmare that is the Natalee Holloway investigation, who turns down free help and the appearance of the US and Aruba working together for a common goal? Especially when there is a credible lead.

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